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Sticky Boobs, Flushed Face, Mood Swings Galore

Sticky Boobs, Flushed Face, Mood Swings Galore

Sticky Boobs, Flushed Face, Mood Swings Galore

Oh my word, who can relate to the Sticky Boobs, Flushed Face, Mood Swings Galore?  Men who read this blog, I apologize in advance.  Skip over this post.  Women?  Who can say menopause?  Men.  O.  Pause.  Honestly, men SHOULD pause when getting near a woman who is going through this stage of life.  Perimenopause is what goes on before menopause sinks its teeth into you.

Angry Ovaries

Now, I will say, that I have had a hysterectomy.  Well, a partial one.  Everything is gone except my ovaries.  When I went to the Amish Iridologist (links below), Mr. Reuben, he said “ma’am, you have angry ovaries.”  I about spit my water all over him giggling.  Yes, sir, my ovaries are angry.

Honestly, I thought it would be better, in the long run, to keep my ovaries.  Now, I wish I had had them removed.  My goal was to NOT be on hormones.  Guess what I am on?  Hormones.  I started about a month ago.  The symptoms have lessened, some, but not much.

Sucky Signs

These are the symptoms that I have currently.  Pray for my husband, children, Lola, and my cats.  Bless them.  Just bless their hearts for having to deal with all that I am bringing to the table.

*Hot Flashes

*Face Flushing (worst thing possible)

*Mood swings (depression/anxiety is 1000 times worse)

*Inability to sleep or I sit down and fall asleep wherever


*Eating better weighing more

*Weird muscle zaps

*Loss of memory

*Concentration of a gnat

*I feel ALL the feelings ALL the time (frankly, it is freaking my kids out)

*Dizziness or light-headedness

*Farting.  I fart all the time.  Not just a dainty little toot.  These are either rip-roaring tuba-sounding farts or silent but violent farts.  They all smell like sulfur, rotten eggs, and moss.  I kid you not.

*Acne.  It is like a zit parade marching across my face.


*Vaginal dryness

*Drop in libido


*Just not feeling well

*Feelings of dread, doom, and apprehension


*Dry skin

*Itchy skin/skin crawling


Thank Goodness

These are more symptoms, but I haven’t had these yet.  Let’s all have a moment of prayer for the women who have ALL the symptoms.

Everything aches

Brittle fingernails

Thinning hair


Irregular periods

Rapid heartbeats

Night sweats

Cold flashes

If You or Someone You Love

Is currently going through perimenopause or menopause, just love them.  Pray for them.  Offer to cook dinner, watch their kids when they are tired.  Throw chocolate and coke at them from the driveway.  Don’t be offended if they bite your head off or cry for no reason.

Seriously, if someone is struggling mentally, please give them THIS NUMBER so they can get help.  The Suicide Hotline is open 24/7 with a willing ear to just listen.

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