Life or Something Like It

Redeem Me, Lord

Redeem Me, Lord

Redeem Me, Lord


What started out as excitement

Lent its way to anxiety

Everyone fighting with resentment

I, wanting nothing more than privacy


Privacy comes at a price

It comes with the monster in the night

I just want to be alone and play nice

But the monster is a fright


It taunts me and haunts me

All the days of my life

The monster hides inside me

He is ready to destroy all of sources of my life


Please leave me be and take your fighting

Mind please settle down and be calm

I can’t take much more hiding

Its time to settle this qualm


I sit in silence and cry

Over the losses of the past

I can’t seem to shake the past off, but I try

Losing comes to fast


Redeem me Lord, with your promises

Here my earnest plea

Save me from this monster

Save me from me


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