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Show Me the Father by the Kendricks Brothers

Show Me the Father by the Kendricks Brothers

Show Me the Father by the Kendricks Brothers

SHOW ME THE FATHER is the first documentary from the Kendrick Brothers (Overcomer, War
Room, Fireproof).  SHOW ME THE FATHER shares powerful true stories and wisdom from fathers like Jim Daly (Focus on the Family), Sherman Smith, Stephen Kendrick, and Dr. Tony Evans.

This documentary is highlighting the fatherhood of God, it is an inspiring film that EVERYONE needs to see to remember to lean into God’s goodness.  This film is releasing in theaters on September 10th – go see it with your whole family!

Everyone has a Unique Father Story

Whether positive or painful, it’s always personal and can deeply affect the core of our identity and direction of our lives. SHOW ME THE FATHER is the first documentary film from the creators of WAR ROOM, OVERCOMER, FIREPROOF, and COURAGEOUS Legacy.

Featuring a variety of amazing true stories, this captivating movie takes audiences of all ages on an inspiring and emotional cinematic journey. Providing a fresh perspective on the roles of fathers in today’s society, it invites you to think differently about how you view your earthly father, and how you personally relate to God.

Let Me Just Tell You

I watched the trailer of this documentary and I was in tears.  Luckily, I have a father that I know loves me though he wasn’t around much while I was growing up.  He worked.  He had to provide for his family.  Then, I didn’t get it.  Now, I do and I can respect what he sacrificed for us.

On the other hand, I have personally seen the complete opposite.  Either someone didn’t have that father figure, or there was abuse involved, orphans (orphaned young and older), or just straight up dysfunctional relationships.

Regardless, this documentary points you to the Father and gently reminds you that you were never forsaken and always unconditionally loved.  I have goose bumps just thinking about it.  The Kendricks Brothers did another amazing job.  I look forward to seeing the full documentary.


– Dr. Gary Chapman

“SHOW ME THE FATHER is the film our nation needs to see. We have become a society that
devalues and mocks fathers, but God created the role of fatherhood for a very specific
purpose. Many of our children feel unwanted and unworthy because half of their identity is
absent. Fathers are necessary for the next generation to heal.”
– Nona Jones, Author, Pastor, Speaker, and Executive

Giveaway Coming Your Way

SHOW ME THE FATHER is a film your whole family needs to see together. There is
something for everyone. Get your tickets today at and
join me and my family at the theater beginning September 10th!

I will be doing a giveaway soon, so be on the look out!  Those who “like” or comment on any of my social media platforms will be eligible to win.  This is limited to those in the United States.  You will have to respond to my email to gather your information in a timely fashion.  If you do not, I will proceed to the next person.

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