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A Day in My Life

A Day in My Life

Here is a day in my life.  Now, I am slightly medicated, right now, but I felt it necessary to write this at 10:57 pm.  Here are my main points of topics to be somewhat addressed.

  1.  Tomorrow is Friday.
  2. Just discovered my husband will be home.  Not “working from home” but home home.  I don’t know how I feel about that.
  3.  Decorating is not as easy as my mom and sisters make it.  I have been doing the “Mama Ne’ Ne’ all day and now my neck hurts.
  4.  I realized that I need to order a piece to match my other 2 canvases on the wall but it still won’t look right.  Now, I need immediate intervention.  If my mother can’t come, my sister will.  If my sister can’t come, I can video call my other sister.  I can go get my other mother and have her look as perplexed as I do, I could cry.  If all else fails I will bring in the big gun…my daddy.  He is no help either.
  5.  I now realize that I have to go out into public tomorrow.  More specifically in public with  my husband who took the day off. Reference back to #2.
  6. I hung pictures in my living room today.  I am taking Flylady by the wings and I am firmly in Zone 5 of the living room.  Yet, my living room is sparse (due to the move).  I did as she instructed but I rebelled a bit because I was sans shoes.  I mean what is she going to do?  Fine me?
  7.  I decided my front living room would be grays/blacks/antique whites.  I wanted to honor that by hanging up my black/white pieces.  Success except for the brown piece that I had above my furniture.  It bothered me so bad, that I removed it.
  8. I did that.
  9. But then the coffufle happens.  This has to be addressed by going out in public and finding something that will fit that certain situation.
  10. Went to grab a picture, knowing exactly where it was, brought it to the kitchen to get the hardware going and found a dying stinkbug.  Excellent.
  11. Went back to get the smaller picture.  That’s when I saw it.  A sight I had never seen before in my life and, quite frankly, I hope to never to see again.  On said picture that I needed to hang up, there were 2 stink bugs getting down to business.  There was a quick quandry in my mind.
  12. I could watch them, awkwardly, have sex.
  13. I could pick them up and release them into the wild.
  14. I could shush them off of my picture and tell them to use protection.
  15. Or, I could squish them in a compromising position.
  16. I shall let you guess on that one.
  17. It was a little much on a Thursday afternoon to deal with such decisions.
  18. I presented to sister #1 a question that was weighing on me.  “Is it necessary to have curtains, for social acception by others, by the age of 49.  I’m digging the light coming through my window.  Yet, if I have to, I will.
  19. Mental note:  check to see if we have an HOA and then apologize profusely for refusing to abide by man made rules.
  20. What does that say about me?
  21. Daddy gave me an aloe plant.  I will kill it, so I took it anyway as a sign of him accepting me and loving me.  Now, I have to keep it alive.  The struggle is real.
  22. **Pray it lives.** Maybe I should get it out of the styrofoam cup it was given to me in.
  23. Went to make soup out of my crockpot.  Guess boys forgot to wash it and it had been outside due to lack of storage room (aka none).  They didn’t.  There really wasn’t much of a smell.  It was more of the fact that the bits of “rice” were sprouting legs and moving fast.
  24. Burned crockpot.
  25. Good times.
  26. I won’t even go into the upstairs flood that compromised our downstairs ceiling.
  27. Oh, wait, the flood from my downstairs, that had nothing to do with the flood from upstairs.
  28. Then there is Co-vid.
  29. Oh, lest we forget my brother walking on my deck and then finding himself under from the rotten wood.
  30. Hunter wanting to take his testicles to show and tell.  I tried to explain why that was not a good decision.  He disagreed and said they were awesome.  We compromised on his beads of courage.  I know…I won that…for now.
  31. Oh and for those that are vested in the mystery slice of pizza in my van….the culprit came forth and explained what happened.  What I thought was a human’s pee or a stray animal or a criminal who stopped to pee inside my van.

Oh, and thank you for listening (reading this far)…..I am past go!

There is so much  more.  So.  Much.  More.

For now, I’m tired.

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