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Saturday Happenings in a Nutshell

Saturday Happenings in a Nutshell

Saturday Happenings in a Nutshell

Good grief, Batman.  A) My brain is on overload 99% of the time  B) I can go from relaxed to on it in 0.09 seconds C)  I conjur up the worst case scenarios given any opportunity.  Here are the Saturday Happenings in a Nutshell.

Scheduling Changes

Saturdays are the days I can sleep in.  Bart does not do it.  If he is up, he is up.  I take advantage of that since I struggle with sleep.  This was not one of those days.  Bart had to work.  He left at 8 am to go make sure the people who have made bad decisions are doing what they are supposed too and leaving kids alone on this Halloween weekend.

Changes to my schedule are never met with acceptance.  I trudge through them.  Routine is welcome and wrenches in my plan or routine is not what I enjoy.  I mean, in the history of ever, change always sucks.

My Boy Child

Noah had called and had had an accident.  My brain went to OH CRAP, I HAVE TO GET TO HIM NOW.  He reassured me that he was okay, it was his fault, the other person was okay, and I could wait to see him tomorrow.

My next thought was “wait, what?”  What do you mean tomorrow?  He reminded me that it was date day and we had planned this several weeks ago.


That’s me.

Forgetting a date with my boy child.

Damage Control 101

I had to think to myself.  So, I said “self, how are we going to be in 100 places at one time?”  Then, of course, I answered myself.  I played through the scene in my head.

  1. Get up
  2. Get D to work by 1030
  3. Text Martha to come to my house at 2
  4. Call Alyssa to see if she can watch H while N and I go to lunch
  5. Get J to HS by 11
  6. Get to Murray
  7. Prepare myself for the crumpled car
  8. Have a mental breakdown
  9. Hug N for 2 hours
  10. Take H to A
  11. Take N to lunch
  12. Pick H up from A
  13. Snuggle with N for 1 hr and 45 minutes
  14. Braid each others hair
  15. Talk
  16. Paint his toenails
  17. Cry more
  18. Go home
  19. Cry when I get home
  20. Go to bed.
  21. Cry again.

That’s Not How it Happened

I mean, I was mentally preparing myself for all the things.  Yet, that is totally not what happened.  This is how it panned out.

  1. Got up
  2. Put makeup on and actually got dressed (yes *bowing* I did that)
  3. Loaded up boys
  4. Got D to work by 1030
  5. Got J to school by 11
  6. Got to N by 1145
  7. SOS to mom to meet me at my house at 2 to look at the decor
  8. Called A to see if she could watch H
  9. Noticed his car was more “bumped” than crushed
  10. He came out presenting his perfectly fine self.
  11. We hugged until he forced me to stop
  12. I called a friend and then her husband who agreed to stop by and take a look at it.
  13. Dropped H off at A’s house
  14. Got to lunch
  15. J called and said can I take him from the HS to the middle school.  I am an hour away
  16. Called my mama, she wiped off her paint and did my running
  17. Ordered lunch
  18. J called and said that that was the wrong thing to do and he needed to go back to the HS.  I told him to call Jojo where he reminded me that he was grounded from his phone until Sunday.
  19. N called jojo because I didn’t want to bother her again
  20. Had EXCELLENT and open convo with N
  21. Arranged for E to meet us at N’s apartment to examine the damage
  22. Got N home
  23. Met E
  24. Went to pick up H
  25. Visited my girl child
  26. Got message about Heartland Baptist having a fall festival and special needs could come an hour before it opened to the public.
  27. Got home at 330
  28. Walked into 4 piles of diarrhea everywhere.
  29. Could not figure out if I wanted to call mama to come and clean it up (this is not in my job requirement).  Then realized this is not my mom’s area of expertise either.  She would do it but dry heave/puke while she was doing.  I am a sympathy puker so I would go behind her puking as well.
  30. Decided to be an adult and have my 7 yr old hold the garbage bag while I cleaned and dry heaved.
  31. Took him to what I thought was just bouncy houses and food trucks.  More on that in a minute.
  32. Came home to brother on my deck revamping his creation
  33. Went.  To.  Bed.


I do not like crowds.  It was not in the cards for me to go earlier because of the damage control that I had to attend to an hour away from where I live.  I am SO thankful Noah is okay.  Cars are temporary, his life is so much more important.  As is the life of the other person who was so gracious and understanding.

E was able to fix N’s car with no issues which gives us breathing room as to if we need to do anything more to his car.  All doors open, it is structurally safe and N is thrilled, as am I.  We are blessed to have people in our lives with many talents and Jesus firmly in their hearts.

Great visit with A and A.  Got to take “baby” some fried apples and mac and cheese.  Apparently, my forming grandchild needed it, therefore Lolli makes it happen!  My girls have married some good boys.


Brother and bestie have worked hard on my deck, gates, and fences.  They can envision things that are beyond my scope.  Things are safe, water issues are solved, deck is sound.  This time has allowed me to see my brother on a different playing field.  It has also allowed him to see me on a different playing field.

We are 10 years apart and never been anywhere near to close.  Love is always there, as is, protection of each other.  Kindness…not always.  Friendliness…not always.  We are just too far apart and too different.

This deck thing has allowed both of us to start building a bridge.  We each know the status of our salvation.  I have asked forgiveness for things he does not even know about.  He chose to extend grace.  Maybe he is seeing me as a 50 year old (next year) woman and not a 10 year old child.  Maybe I am seeing him through the eyes of grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

Either way, God is good.

Fall Festival

Wow.  Again, I thought he could dress up, bounce around, eat and then we leave.  I didn’t realize there were going to be around 3000 people there (literally).  #PanicCentral.  We pulled up and I realized that it was a fall festival AND a trunk or treat.

I was not prepared.

Clearly, I still had the waft of diarrhea mounds in my nose.

Hunter did not have a bag.  The one time, in the history of ever, Bart cleaned out my car.  There were no bags anywhere.  So, what does a mom of a 7 yr old who NEVER does things for people his age do?

Well, I will tell you what she did.

She popped the cute little insert out of her leather, mustard yellow $400 Frye bag and that is what he used.

Was my little red ninja thrilled?

Heck yes he was.

Did he strap that purse on like a beast and wear it with pride?

Heck yes he did.

Was I behind him shaking my head at the sight before me?

Heck yes I was.

Did the sweet lady at the entrance see a 7 yr old ninja boy with a leather handbag offer to help and give him a regular bag?

Why yes she did.

What did my ninja do?

He put that plastic bag IN the leather purse and carried it anyway.

This is My Life

We did all the things.  He had one moment of disobedience.  That was quickly corrected.  He had one moment of fear with the bouncy houses.  This is normal for a kid who tremors and struggles with stability.  He was scared.

I told him that it was okay to be scared and I would be right there.  I explained I would stand there and cheer or I would crawl in and get him.  We talked about how fear should never stop us from trying anything.

He went in, like a champ, had the MOST fun…I stood out there, watched and cried at seeing my medically fragile kid just being a kid.  It was overwhelming.

Saving Grace

Bart brought Jude to come help with clean-up. When I saw him, I tapped out.  Left them there for another hour and came home.  My mama called and said I never called her to tell her we got home.  I ran through the saga of my day.

At the end of the conversation where I stated that I had adulted all day long.

She said she was proud of me.

Cue tears

Who doesn’t want their parents to outwardly state they are proud of you?

I know I do.

Tonight (Halloween), we will conquer another feat.  We will take H trick or treating.

Then, I will go to bed LOL.


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