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Blogmas Begins

Blogmas Begins

Blogmas Begins

I don’t think Blogmas Begins is a thing.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it isn’t.  Edited to say it IS A THING!  I know vlogmas is a thing for people who do YouTube.  YouTube is not my thing but writing is my thing.  I’ve not written much lately.  It has been super busy around here, so let’s add to the busyness.

What I Will Do

Honestly, not sure.  I may post some of my favorite Christmas recipes.  There will also be some “healing” posts that I am going to write.  I am hoping to have some guest bloggers.  There will probably be no reviews or giveaways this month.  We shall see.

For Today

I am just introducing the “series” and eating some parmesan crisps my husband made.  Honestly, I am not hungry at all but the urge to munch on something always happens late at night.  Maybe that is where my fluffyness comes from.

I have some goals that I have set for myself.  There is a tendency to get reflective at the end of the year.  Decisions have been made, all shits have been given, passiveness is a thing of the past, and living my best life the last 1/2 of my life.  I hope to share most of that with you.

For now, I shall munch, watch an aimless stupid movie, and finish writing my first “cleansing post” that may not make sense to my readers but will certainly make sense to the person that has affected for me for way too long.  It’s good I know who reads and does not read my stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Begins”

  1. It’s interesting the ideas you get once you commit to a posting schedule, and Blogmas is the perfect time for that to happen. You’ll know what to do when the time comes, planned or not. Wishing you all the best!

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