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Clearing Things Up – Amish Iridology

Clearing Things Up - Amish Iridology

Clearing Things Up – Amish Iridology

I’m just wanting to Clearing Things Up – Amish Iridology.


I (and my family) are clients of his.

We live almost 5 hours from him.

I wish I could make appointments and intercede for those who reach out to me, but I simply can’t.  My goal is to share our experience in order to possibly help others.  He may not work for you, but he did for us.  Everyone is different.  He should NEVER replace your regular doctor!

Reuben is retired.  Ironicially, he had an eye injury that he took time off to allow to heal.  While he was healing, sadly, his wife passed away.  That is when he decided to retire.

He has trained Jake Shirk for many many years.  We actually met Jake the last time we were there.  My boys saw him.  He is young (young to me) and very kind.  He definitely has a passion for what he does.  Realize they (Reuben and now Jake) are NOT medical doctors.  This practice was passed down through the family.

The visit is free unless you want to make a donation to Jake.

The herbs/supplements are NOT FREE.  I would bring anywhere from $100-$200 depending on what you want to buy.  Bring cash only!  Credit cards (no electronics) and checks (they do not use banks) are not accepted.

Keep your bottles because they will refill those for you if you choose to go back.  Some people do and some people do not.  It is up to you.

Address and Information

1205 Radure Rd

Hestand, KY  42151

Remember, they ARE AMISH.

They have no access to computers, emails, phone, or electricity, for that matter.

You will need to WRITE A LETTER in order to get an appointment.

A reply letter can take anywhere from 7-10 days.  You can request a better day/time for you, otherwise, they give you the first available.

You can walk-in.  They will always give preference to those with appointments over walk-ins.  They do stay busy, so keep that in mind.

Hours and Days of Operation Have Changed


Monday and Friday 7:30-3:00

Saturday 7:30-11:00

Mountain Air Herb

Reuben’s (now Jake’s) office does NOT have all that may be recommended for you.  That is where Mountain Air Herbs comes into play.  They are down the hill from Reuben (now Jake) and are phenomenal humans.

Mountain Air Herbs DOES take cash, credit cards, and possibly checks. That may have changed over the years.  They will have the remainder of what you need.  They will also tell you what might do the same thing and what is completely necessary and what isn’t.  They are NOT medical doctors.

This time, I spoke to the long time manager Carrie Beason.  She, and the owners, are a wealth of information.  They have the supplements/oils that Reuben (now Jake Shirk) do not carry.  If you would like to contact them, you can click here and it will lead you to their website.

They are ENGLISH and not AMISH.  Mountain Air Herbs has a phone number and a website that  you can see through the link I posted above.

They work closely with the Amish because of their deep love for their Vernon community.  They CANNOT make appointments for Jake (formerly Reuben).

Hours of Operation for Mountain Air Herbs

Monday and Friday from 8-4 pm

Saturday from 8-12

For Me

I welcome any and all questions, but again, I do not make the appointments.  If you have any stories to share positive or negative, you can leave them on any post.  It is good to have a well-rounded view of holistic care, which this is.

Reuben is a good man, as is Jake.  I got the pleasure of meeting him the last time I brought my children.  Reuben looked at half of us and Jake looked at the other half.  Both men are very kind.  Also remember that they sell their amazing breads, fruits, produce, popcorn, quilts, and other things.  You can get some stuff at the store.  Otherwise, you will see them outside, ready and willing to sell you their beautiful bounty of goodies.

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