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Meatal Stenosis and Tornadoes

Meatal Stenosis and Tornadoes

Today (the 15th) we headed back to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for another visit to the doctor.  This time, we had to go on the last day of school before Christmas break.  It was a bummer for Hunter to miss his Christmas party but you gotta do what you gotta do.  Meatal Stenosis is a complication from a circumcision (normally).

Heading Back

Vanderbilt is about 2 1/2 hours from where we live.  Actually, closer to 3 hours because of traffic and road construction.  It is boring but usually, Hunter can get in a movie once we get “on the big road” and that occupies him.

I, on the other hand, work on not dissociating and keeping my eyes on the road.  Driving to Nashville used to be fun and exciting. Now, I associate it is with trauma.  I have to keep my windows rolled down or the air blowing on my face or I will completely zone out.  That is not a good thing.

Constructive Things to Do

I have begun listening to audiobooks and podcasts as well.  That helps.  Sometimes, I will put my earbuds in and put on a movie that I have watched 100 times.  I don’t look at the screen because I can quote the movie and play the scenes in my head.  Oddly, that keeps me focused.

This time, however, my eyes were drawn to the tornado damage along the way.  It blew through this area and left devastation in its path.  I have never seen anything like it.  My kids, who live in a neighboring town, came because it had passed here and was headed their way.  Power, water, and electricity were out, so they stayed the weekend.

Mayfield, KY where my husband and son-in-law work was destroyed.  I am so thankful my boys were not at work.  My son-in-law works on the top floor, the ceiling is in his office.  I cannot believe this building, as old as it is, is still standing.

Meatal Stenosis

However, this is across the street.

Meatal Stenosis and Tornadoes

This is the courthouse…..I can’t even.  So many lives lost.  So many homes gone.  Sigh.

Moving Along

We drove a total of 7 hours for an 8 minute doctor’s visit.  That is always my idea of fun.  The doctor was so nice but Hunter was not.  He did not want to be there and has struggled, behaviorally, all day long.

We had to stop all the things and have a chat about why we were there.  That it was okay to be scared but not okay to be mean.  Dr. Adams was there to help him, not to hurt him.  We moved onto the “good touch bad touch” talk.  How he was safe because I was in there and would not let them do anything that would hurt him.

He calmed down…briefly.

Luckily, the diagnosis was quick.  I understood why it happened and what the procedure was and we both explained it to Hunter.  In and out.  Back to other movie he brought and food.  He will have a simple surgery in a few weeks.  We are hoping that this will be the end of pain and other things that he has dealt with.

Another day.  Another doctor.  Another diagnosis.

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