Large Family Happenings

Christmas Happenings Ashley Style

Christmas Happenings Ashley Style

It is Christmas 2021 and here we are in the midst of Christmas Happenings Ashley Style.  Christmas is the time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  What a beautiful time to stop and reflect on what our Savior has done for us.

My Family

My family is so amazing, so complicated, and so beautiful.  Today, we got together, as we do the Saturday before every Christmas.  I so enjoy this time because we all come together and my sister was able to travel and be here.

There were several we were missing but the ones that were not there, were not forgotten.  They were missed terribly.  My parents have created a beautiful legacy that will live far beyond what I can even imagine.

Christmas Miracles

This Christmas was filled with peace, laughter, love, and miracles.  First and foremost, my daughter is expecting our first grandson in May.  Then, my uncle survived a procedure to put a stent in.  It has been a long journey and he has been in the hospital for 100+ days.  My brother in law does not have cancer in his bones!  The BEST thing is that…

Drum Roll


That is a post to come because my emotions simply too much for me to handle.  I am in awe of this journey we have been on and the fact that the Lord heard our prayers and did what He does best.  He did so IN HIS TIME not ours.


This picture is the captures completely my parents love story.  It has been almost 60 years.  There have been lots of ups and downs along the way.  Mental, emotional, physical things have happened. There were a lot of years we didn’t think they would even stay married.

Yet God.

He saved my father.  Restored their love story.  My mother’s faith…guys…I can’t even.  That is, again, for another day because I’m not emotionally prepared to put those words to paper yet.  This.  This marriage is a beautiful miracle.

My Sisters

The love I have for these women is so pure and unconditional.  There have been fights, tears, hurts, miscommunications BUT there has ALWAYS been love, support, grace, mercy, forgiveness, stability.  At the end of the day, we have never left each other’s sides.  Let’s not forget our brother, who does NOT like to have his picture taken.  He is loved.

Grands and Greats

This is a fraction of the complete picture.  Due to kids who have to work or live far away, this is the bunch that was able to make it.  Not pictured:  Leigha and Nick; Morgan (and baby Iva); Amber, Sean, and Dalton; Paige; Aaron and Aiden; Joe; Alex, Kristin, Holt, and Ivy; Kelly and Graham; Maritess and Miqueas; Isaac and David; Jonathan and Sweet Sarah; Grayce.

Let’s see…gotta write this out.

Kids and Spouses:

Shane & Gayla

Joe & Kim

David & Tera

Bart & Brandi

Grandkids and Spouses

Heather & Chad

Leigha & Nick


Corey & Morgan



Amber & Sean

Alex & Kristin

Kelly & Graham


Jonathan & Sweet Sarah



Victoria & Ben

Alyssa & Arkie





TwoFer (Grandson and Great Grandson)


Great Grandchildren

Iva Grace (Corey & Morgan)

Kaleigh & Jack (Paige)

Aiden (Aaron)

Dalton (Amber & Sean)

Holt & Ivy (Alex & Kristin)

Miqueas (Maritess)

Charleigh (Victoria & Ben)

Apollo (Alyssa & Arkie)

Now, that’s a legacy….the story continues.

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