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Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Upcoming Changes to the Blog are in progress.  For one, I’m going to possibly have that boy that is in an arrangement with my second daughter do some behind the scenes work.  Literally that means he is going to do things that I have no clue about.

An addition will be either a category or a page dedicated to book reviews.  I have been reading, a lot, lately, and I want to share with you what all I’m reading to see if it peeks your interest.  I usually stay away from fiction, though I can stomach through a few John Grisham books and then there are a few classics that I love.  Mainly, therapeutic books, brain healing (from trauma) books, Holocaust books, and so on.

I am definitely going to make a page dedicated to Momentum Influencers Network.  I have been working with them for years.  I want to have a space dedicated to the reviews and giveaways that they offer.  This is such a good company and 98% of the time, they have great opportunities.

Another “piece of business” thing is I am in the process of taking off pictures of my kids and grandchild(ren) off social media platforms.  This is a personal decision because I do not ever want people to think I’m exploiting my kids for profit (I make nothing).  Still, my adult children can give me informed consent but my young boys cannot.  If I have one standard for one kid, it goes for all my kids.  I will still talk about them, some, but I want to respect their privacy.

As for my blog content, I’m on the fence about whether or not to take down posts in regards to H’s health or my adoptions.  I may go in and rewrite certain things…I want people to know how good God is in all the ways He worked out things in regards to those subjects.  Yet, I want to be sensitive to all parties involved.

Now, this will all take time as I’ve been writing for a long long LONG time.  I don’t even know if anyone even reads my blog LOL…it is moreso a journal for me and an outlet so to speak.  Recipes are a given, my mental health and journey, my faith journey, all of those will still be here and I will still write about.  Also, I will be accepting guest bloggers on a case by case basis.  I may even start my FB group back up.  It was deleted when I deleted all my social media accounts a year or so ago.  I may try and see if there is interest in that.  We shall see.

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes to the Blog”

  1. Hello Brandi! I’m still enjoying your blogs, I don’t often comment, because I feel I don’t have much to offer. I often save up three or more so I have time to sit and really read them, not just rush through.
    I’d really be interested in your review blogs. I read a lot, especially this year….I rolled out of bed and fractured my pelvis on the left side. So, I’ve spent three months just healing. Tough, let me tell you.
    I keep you in my thoughts and prayers as the Lord brings you to mind. I miss your widsom. I must take responsibility for all that. I haven’t kept in contact. That is a major problem with me. I’m working on it….
    Love ya!

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