January 23 Weekly Menu Options

January 23 Weekly Menu Options

January 23 Weekly Menu Options
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Ha! I got my January 23 Weekly Menu Options posted on Sunday and not Wednesday! Look at me…winning in life. I am hoping that this week returns to a bit of normalcy, but that is always subject to change. Last week was a roller coaster of events and emotions. So, here is to a ‘normal’ week of basketball, doctor appointments, therapy, grandchildren, and celebration!


Ham and Hashbrown Casserole (Yes, again but it is a great main dish and then it is a great side dish. This is my last one from my freezer cooking batch)

Green beans with bacon

Rolls (gluten free for one child)


Happy birthday to my son-in-law! We are hoping he will be ready to celebrate but understand if he just isn’t feeling it. This is his pick and if he decides it is too much, we will probably do burgers or something.





Date night for B and I!  Woot Woot! #dateyourspouse

One of my children will be tackling how to make spaghetti.


Pizza night


Zuppa Toscana


Leftovers. It is a rare day that I have to throw out food because it wasn’t it. We either eat leftovers once during the week or we have it for lunches. There are times when I get totally wild and take leftovers and create a whole new meal out of it.

Case in point, last week, I made chili. The next night I took my hotdogs and put them in the air fryer. Once they were done, I got out hot dog buns (or gluten free buns), laid a slice of cheese on it and threw it in the air fryer. All of this was done while the little bits of chili was being heated through.

When the buns were done, I laid the hotdog on top, layered it with chili, and then topped it with some cheddar. This was shelf-cooking at its finest. I had enough hotdogs for everyone to have two. There were some leftover hotdog and gluten free buns in the freezer, leftover chili, and a bit of cheese. I try really hard not to waste anything.


I don’t cook. Leftovers, find what you can, or starve LOL.

Shelf-Cooking Notes

No notes for this week unless you count my diatribe for Friday! Maybe I will start some sort of posts that revolve around what I do with the bits and pieces of my leftover meals.

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