January 30 Weekly Menu Options

January 30 Weekly Menu Options

January 30 Weekly Menu Options
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Last week did not go as planned. I mean not even a little bit but here is our January 30 Weekly Menu Options. There will be some rollover meals that I didn’t use last week. On a bright side, by the time I ordered groceries (for last week), I only spent $76. That is a positive. I am determined to order groceries tonight to be picked up tomorrow and get back into my routine. Depression be gone.


Ham and Hashbrown Casserole (rollover from last week)

Glazed sweet potatoes



Cheesy Mexican Chicken

Spanish Rice


Date night for B and I!  Due to the events of last week, we didn’t get a date night but come hell or high water we will this week.

**Kids will eat leftovers.


Pizza night (we didn’t have this past week a homemade pizza but did order Papa John’s because life got in the way)


Zuppa Toscana (rollover from last week)

Saturday – Shelf-Cooking

There is some mystery meat in our freezer. We have no idea what they are, so what I will do is thaw them out and create something around whatever meat that is. Might want to pray for everyone.

Ranch Potatoes

Lima Beans


I don’t cook. Leftovers, find what you can, or starve LOL.

Shelf-Cooking Notes

Please do not do what I do. Label what you put in the freezer! We know one unmarked baggie is ham which I will probably do a chowder of some sort with that. The other two bags, we are literally clueless. If it is stew meat, I can definitely figure out how to do some sort of something with that. My fear is that it is deer meat and this girl doesn’t cook deer meat. Ever.

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