Weekly Menu March 19

Weekly Menu March 19

Weekly Menu March 19
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Weekly Menu March 19 is up and ready. I have not taken time off of cooking because these people insist on eating every single night. Honestly, a lot has gone on and I’m just not with it. So, with this week, we are taking it easy (we meaning I) and it is going to be survival of the fittest.


Chew on your own tongue and call it a night.


Lasagna. Now, this isn’t my super cheesy and expensive lasagna but it’ll do in a pinch. I had 3 boxes that were 1/2 full of gluten free noodles. Why? I dunno. Honestly, I need to eliminate the word ‘why’ from my vocabulary. Also making some garlic bread (gf for one of my kids).


Pizza night. It has moved due to some big changes in our house. I think this will be pizza night for the next unforeseeable future.


Cheeseburger soup. It’s always a winner.




Today is my Oak’s birthday AND my sister is coming to town! My siblings and parents are meeting up at a little local place to celebrate the greatness of her existence.


Today is the reception celebration for my baby boy child. He got married last summer and this is their planned day. I will be getting my hair done, helping however I can and celebrating.

Side Note:

Tonight (the 18th), I had 2 bags, 1/2 full (cause why not) of tortilla chips. We also had some leftover cheese sauce and some meat. It has been a busy day cleaning house and just putting my life back together. Still, these people insist on eating every single night.

Since it isn’t “chewing on our tongue” Sunday, I had to do something in between cleaning up pee and laundry. I got out my big cookie sheet and sprayed it well. From there, I poured on the chips and sprayed those with cooking spray. I tossed them around with chili powder and spread them out.

In a bowl, I got my ground beef, added seasoning, chili powder, and a bit of water to help it stick. I poured that over the chips. Then, I added my cheese sauce. Got that in the oven and baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes. In the mean time, I cut up some lettuce to pour on top. One pan meal means easy clean and very few leftovers. Those will be eaten tomorrow for lunch by my kids.

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