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All the Things About Me

All Things About Me

All Things About Me:  My name is Brandi.  I have been married to Big Daddy for over 25 years.  We have 7 children here on this fine Earth.  Also, we have 2 in heaven and 2 who have our hearts.  One of our children married a hairy-legged boy.  I guess that means I’m a mother-in-law *gasp*.  Also, I became a Lolli to my first grandchild, Charleigh Mae.  She is DELICIOUS.  Then, I became an “official” mother-in-law because our other daughter married an even hairier hairy legged boy.  Not to be outdone, this daughter is now expecting my second grandchild in 2022 (enter squeals of delight).  Another daughter has flown the coop, so to speak.  My oldest son has moved out and is a junior in college.  Then, another son will be starting Job Corp soon.  This leaves me (soon) with only 2 children in my house.  There, you have my life.

My Kids

Bug is married to the hairy-legged boy, Ben.  They just had my first granddaughter, Charleigh Mae.  Peach got married to my favorite gypsy and now she is expecting grandchild #2 in 2022.  Gigi is on her own.  Boo is starting his junior year in college, working, and has moved out. Catfish will start Job Corp soon.  Jude is in high school.  Kid started 2nd grade.

Lots of Medical Stuff

My kids have lots of medical issues from anxiety to depression and many things in between.  I have a child with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, Generalized Epilepsy, Functional Neurological Disorder, PMDD, RAD, Autism, and FASD.  There is a lot more, but that is the gist of it all.


Karen is our inside cat.  Lola and Sissy Baby are our last remaining rescue dogs.  Karen is sleek and feisty.  Karen was quite feral when she came but I have tamed her crazy.  She is a honey but is not fond of other people, small animals, or grass.  Karen is a mouser and eats all the bugs in the house.

Lola was rescued from a puppy mill.  She is a recovering poop eater and she learned to bark within 3 mths of moving in.  Her back legs are longer than her front legs, she has no fur on her tail or ears.  She sort of looks like a cross between a bat and a mouse.  Her head is quite large compared to the rest of her body.

Sissy Baby is a tiny Yorkie.  She is very extra.  Attention is the thing she wants the most,                24/7.  She loves her belly being rubbed and laying on people.  Her favorite thing to do is                snuggle and hop.  She has her own pillow and blanket that she travels with.  This is the                  only animal that is a registered emotional support animal.  She does her job well.

My Back Story

I am an adoptive mom.  Our first 3 children were born under the heart and 4 born in the heart.  We have adopted from the foster care system, Ethiopia, and then we adopted a family member.  They are all my joy.  We love to travel.

I have my master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling.  Also, I am a retired homeschooler of my 7.  I graduated with 4 of my children and the younger children will start school in the fall, which is a new venture for all of us.

Jesus is the jam in my jelly roll.  My theme verse is Romans 4:18a “Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping—believing.”

Things that I Love:




Spring and Fall


The smell of freshly baked bread.

Sniffing the hairs off of a baby.

Laughing children





Things that Fascinate Me:

Women who wear white….I just want to walk up and put my giant, dirty handprints right on their behinds.

Women who have an arsenal of objects in their t-tiny purses….hairspray, 500 lipsticks, band-aids, candy, a change of clothes (just in case they are wearing white), Tylenol, diapers, books, notebooks, activities for kids, weapons of mass destruction

High heeled shoes (while walking correctly in them)….apparently, I walk like an old farm horse when I try to wear them.

Women with perfect makeup and perfect hair…would not smear or sway in a hurricane.

Different religions….religion is for man, a relationship is for believers.  Let’s quit nitpicking and hug.

Fleas…they can live up to 100 days; can produce 400-500 offspring, and can jump 150 times their own height.

Fake people…..dude how do you maintain and stay sane?

Belly buttons….what purpose do they serve outside of the womb?

Things that Confuse Me:

Stupid people

Hair in inappropriate places (ie big toes, ear lobes, armpit)


Teenage girls (ie hair flipping, giggling for no reason and the next minute crying uncontrollably)

Grits….are they a potato, rice? And what are their purpose?

Double-jointed people…that is more of a fascination than confusion.

Why boys enjoy their scent so much that they will not bathe or use deodorant.

Corn dogs….why do you want fried bread stuck in a hotdog and then a stick crammed in the end? Seriously?

Skinny people. Frankly, I just want to slap them. Sad, I know.

Insurance companies….why do we pay our premiums, they have to make a claim, and then get dropped because of said claim.

Teeth whitener. It frightens me.

Tube tops…..never wear past the age of 5.

Spandex…..who wants to purposefully sweat?

Chocolate-covered fruit. Chocolate should not be ruined in this fashion.


Chinese finger toy.

Repeat offenders. Tip: if you break the law and the law catches you, chances are the next time you break the law, they will catch you again.

Emotions are confusing and they suck pond water.

Feel free to email me at barefootfaithjourney@gmail.com

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11 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. What a hoot! Your website is very professional. What a sweet endeavor to chronicle your days — and let other people in on your “fun.”
    For His sake,

  2. Brandi, I have not saw your webpage until today..and I absolutely love it. Your humor makes me smile. You are an awesome lady..both of my girls love you so much.

    This blog is definitely in my favorites I will be visiting often.


  3. Great blog! Especially like your Foster Care Placement page… looking forward to reading more 🙂

  4. Hello, I just stumbled upon your page, and have read all your post because the are sooooo good!!! It is like reading a carbon copy story of my own daughters fight with Lyme. She is 24 and we have been battling since she was 12. In your post you mentioned a Kroger encounter that gave you answers you were searching for to help your daughter. Would you please be so kind as to share those with me for my daughter? Blessings

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