About My Family

About My Family

About My Family

Here are all the details About My Family, pets, likes, dislikes, fascinations, and confusion.  Starting with my all-time favorite person, Big Daddy.

Big Daddy

  • My favorite human on the planet
  • He has a butt to die for 🙂
  • His eyes are the bluest of blues
  • He measures his goatee
  • Diehard Cubs fan
  • Has a fondness for food
  • Didn’t learn to shoot a gun until his 40s when he changed careers
  • Beautiful singing voice
  • He may look mean but he is a softy
  • Has made me a homemade pizza every week (with few exceptions) our many years
  • Now, *he* has swag
  • Was a Long Snapper for Murray State University…paid for his education
  • He rarely says no to me
  • He does not dust….ever.
  • Loves to travel
  • Took him 20 yrs to find the job of his dreams
  • He has never dated anyone but me
  • Detests pickled beets
  • Has a deep passion for Jesus
  • He has a giant heart
  • Can do anything he sets his heart and mind too
  • He has my heart and then some

Victoria & Ben

  • My firstborn
  • Graduated a year early with her Criminal Justice degree
  • Cannot burp
  • Laughs at her own jokes
  • Never stops talking
  • Talks faster than the speed of light
  • Looks like her mama
  • Acts like her daddy
  • LOVES Jesus
  • Fluent in sign language
  • Graduated from high school (homeschool) and *almost* enough credits to get her Associates Degree
  • Brilliant
  • Cannot work a Rubik’s cube
  • Pack.  Rat.
  • Dances like no one is watching
  • Music lover
  • Wise beyond her years.
  • Loved beyond reason


  • He is an odd bird
  • Eats soup with a fork (I kid you not)
  • Smells everything
  • Owns *way* too many pairs of shoes
  • Obsessed with all things guns/knives
  • Says “rolls bales” of hay instead of “round bales”
  • Does not care for movies
  • Will not eat green things
  • Not a veggie lover
  • Slightly fascinated with Sauerkraut and Weenies
  • Skeptic
  • Mumbles when he talks to his parents
  • Morning person but turns into an angry elf about 11
  • Honest
  • Prefers cats
  • Likes to control everything in life
  • Loves my daughter well


  • My Secondborn
  • Does not like odd numbers
  • Looks like her daddy
  • Acts like her mama
  • Marches to the beat of her own drum
  • Passionate about animals
  • Loves Psychology
  • Avid Music Listener
  • Sneaky
  • Bold
  • Loves with her whole heart
  • Does not like to cry
  • Swimming is her sport
  • Jesus changed her from the inside out
  • Speaks her mind
  • Lacks tack (much like her mother)
  • Drives a bit like a grandma
  • Loves to bake


  • Our first adopted child
  • Aspires to sing, act, do hair and nails
  • Can braid like a beast
  • Avid reader
  • Likes to write songs
  • S.T.U.B.B.O.R.N.
  • The shortest one of the family standing at a whopping 5’1″ (only when she wears thick soled shoes)
  • A bit of a challenge
  • Loves little kids
  • Always anxious to go to church
  • Meets no strangers
  • Infectious smile
  • Can clean a bathroom like a beast
  • Enjoys cleaning floors with toothbrushes (go figure)
  • Stinks at math (she gets that from me)
  • Likes to color
  • Loves black coffee
  • Had her ears pierced with an ice cube and a needle at the ripe old age of 5 (seriously)


  • My last biological child
  • My first son
  • He melts my heart
  • Loves legos
  • Enjoys jokes…even if they are only funny to him
  • Excellent catcher in baseball
  • Snake Wrangler
  • Has a deep love for The Temptations
  • Learning to be a warrior for God
  • Is an overcomer
  • This boy can eat and then eat some more
  • He has a kind heart
  • Loves history
  • He is the cat whisperer
  • Only child with braces
  • Still loves to snuggle
  • Loves his 3 whiskers on his chin


  • My Second Adopted child
  • Has a soft spot for the elderly
  • He loves mohawks
  • Only child with dyslexia
  • Warrior for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder
  • Can dump a box of legos and create ships and guns with moving parts
  • Imaginative
  • Loves, loves, loves history and science
  • This pose sums this child up….even a rock becomes an adventure
  • He is super sensitive
  • He has short term memory loss
  • Aspires to be in the military, a policeman or a firefighter
  • Was baptized with his younger brother, Jude
  • He had a carat earring, in one ear, when he moved in with us.
  • Did not talk till he was 4
  • Has the ability to bring anyone joy
  • He is also an eater….like of everything including wallpaper, pool noodles, rocks and legos


  • Our third adopted child
  • Our only child from Ethiopia
  • Has a total of 11 siblings in America and in Ethiopia
  • Was originally named after his biological father and his paternal grandfather
  • Noah gave him the first name of Israel
  • He.  Is.  An.  Eater.
  • Amazingly good at all sports
  • He loves to read
  • Also, he has the greatest smile ever
  • He could be a chef in the making because he loves to watch me cook
  • Diligent about his chores
  • He taught Daniel how to tie his shoes
  • He was the only child who was trilingual (Wolayitan, Amharic, and English)
  • Does not know a stranger
  • Loves the color orange
  • He says he has “black man’s swag”…I simply agree
  • The only child who has single-sided deafness…we didn’t know for the first year


  • My fourth adopted son
  • The youngest biological son of my niece
  • He has Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome
  • Loves superheroes
  • He thinks he is older than what he is.
  • Has a total of 8 siblings
  • Loves to play with playdoh
  • He loves to swim but hates to take a bath
  • Has a fondness for his Mamaw
  • Knows he is cute and uses that to his advantage
  • He wants to be a sidewalk when he grows up (no typo)
  • Has a deep love for sweet potato casserole
  • He believes he is the 5th Ninja Turtle…now he is the blue Power Ranger.
  • Likes to put pencils and other objects behind his ear
  • Was terrified of stuffed animals for the first year he lived with us
  • Still loves to be swaddled at nap and bedtime.
  • He has been the easiest child I’ve ever had
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