My Walk With the Lord by Colla Ro

My Walk With the Lord by Colla Ro

My Walk With the Lord by Colla Ro

This sweet book was written by a woman that was in my church. Another member of our church published it. So, I’m not sure where you can buy a copy of what you want. When I was at a retreat many years ago, I didn’t want to be there. Seriously, being around a bunch of women, I didn’t know who wanted to talk about our feelings. That is not my jam. Yet, on the first day, the person in charge handed out this book. My Walk with the Lord was the book we would use for this retreat. I knew, then, that I was meant to be there because Colla (and Chun, her husband) was a big part of my life growing up. I had no idea she wrote a book.

Colla and Chun

This couple would now be the definition of the odd couple. Chun was this beautiful man from Hoiryoung, North Korea. He was a shorter man, yet his smile and enthusiasm would light up the room. He had a passion for teaching. Chun taught American Government at our local college. I got the privilege of seeing him at church and school. He LOVED the United States.

Colla was a quiet soul. She did handbells with the preschoolers, and she loved that job! I can still remember her booming voice when she would sing. VBS was her jam, and we would march into the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching In.” They were staples at our church and involved in many aspects.

The Book

When I read this, I could almost hear Colla reading it to me. Her voice and the way she presented things. Her faith was so simple and so profound. There was no muss or fuss. It was, ‘I have a problem; I will pray.’ Then, she would sit and wait for God to answer her prayer. After He answered it, whether it was a yes, no, or not now answer, she would praise God and share the good news. My Walk with the Lord and her faithfulness is the core of this book.  

“Lord, I can’t handle this. I give this problem completely to you. I thanked God for leading me to pray through his Holy Spirit. Because of prayer, I was wearing a garment of praise instead of despair.” She goes further to say, “faith does not believe that God can, but knowing he will.”

It encompasses her health journey after suffering from a stroke after she had her third child. Colla talks about the fact that she didn’t drive. She stated that the Lord always had a plan for her. She just needed to wait. Inspiring.

There are so many stories of her faith journey in this book. Also, it shares memories of those people who had passed on (and some still here) that I grew up watching in church as a child. Hearing her perspective gave me a new view of these people and what they meant to her.

My Walk with the Lord

When I am discouraged and overthinking life, this is a book that I pick up and thumb through. Her faith was palpable. She (and Chun) gave of their time, talent, and tithe. They did so with a humble heart and as servants of the Lord. People from Olivet Baptist have left a legacy behind them. 

Chun shared his story of growing up. You could see the love in his face for his family and his country. There was also a distinct sadness in not knowing where most of the family had gone. He was so in love with this great nation of the United States. His passion was electric. Personality-wise, they were so different. Physically, they were so different. Yet, their love for the Lord, their family, and each other was beautiful.

I’m so thankful I went to that retreat. If I hadn’t gone, I would have missed out on this little gem of a book.