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Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Parents and Kids
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Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

Backyard swimming pools are the pinnacle of summer fun.

They’re also deadly.

While fatal pool drownings are on the decline, more than 350 children still die in swimming pools every year. It only takes a second for a child to slip away and into danger, which is why it’s so important that families practice pool safety.

If you have a backyard pool, here’s what you need to know about enjoying it safely.

Securing a Backyard Pool

When buying a home with a swimming pool or installing a new pool, take these steps to make it kid-safe:

  • Install pool fencing at least four feet high with self-latching and childproof gates.
  • Pool safety covers are another option. Safety covers are designed to support a person’s weight and are different from normal pool covers.
  • Use pool alarms for added safety. There are several types of pool alarms available.
  • Keep swimming pools in good repair. In addition to leaks and cracks, some pools can collapse from damage.

Swimming Skills for Kids

Children are safer when they know how to swim. Here’s what parents need to know about teaching kids swimming skills:

  • Kids are ready to start swimming lessons around age four or five, experts suggest.
  • Swimming skills every child should have include getting in and out safely, turning around, floating, and breathing.
  • Children should also learn how to tread water and swim moderate distances.

Pool Safety Rules for Parents and Kids

No matter a child’s swimming ability, there are some rules every family should follow when it comes to backyard pools:

  • Even strong swimmers shouldn’t swim alone. Always supervise children in and around water.
  • Don’t treat floatable toys as safety devices. Instead, use life jackets for inexperienced swimmers.
  • Keep pool toys out of sight when not in use so children aren’t tempted to enter the pool area.

What to Do in a Swimming Emergency

Finally, parents should understand what to do in a swimming pool emergency. Here’s how to respond if your child has an accident in your backyard pool:

  • Learn how to recognize the signs of drowning.
  • Know how to safely rescue a drowning person without putting yourself in danger.
  • All parents should know how to perform CPR. A variety of organizations offer CPR training.
  • Always seek medical help after a swimming accident to prevent dry drowning and other complications.

Swimming may seem like harmless summer fun — and done safely, it is! However, backyard pools are also a hidden danger in your home. Make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep your children safe around backyard pools so you can prevent a tragedy.

Guest Blogger:  Alex Robbins

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CSB Life Essentials Bible Giveaway

CSB Life Essentials Bible Giveaway

I love Bibles.  Clearly, I have a whole shelf dedicated to them.  In addition, I have different versions.  Not only do I love Bibles, but also I pull from them all when I do a study.  Here is the CSB Life Essentials Bible Giveaway and review.  I will draw a random winner on May 1, 2020.  This is Bible is valued at $44.99.  To enter the giveaway, please like or comment on this post.  In addition to any of my social media platforms.  You can find them linked on the right sidebar!

Without a doubt, this will be a great addition to your library!

CSB Life Essentials Bible GiveawayCSB Life Essentials Bible Giveaway



Product category: Bible
Title: CSB Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible
Campaign focus: Life’s ‘essentials’; God’s Word is one of life’s essentials.
Publisher: Lifeway Christian Resources
Publish date: 3/15/20
Bible Translation: Christian Standard Bible (CSB)


In the CSB Life Essentials Study Bible, renowned Bible teacher, Dr. Gene Getz guides readers through Scripture.  He does so by expounding on 1,500 life principles found throughout the Bible. Distilling these truths into life principles, Dr. Getz helps readers remember.  Also to apply the Bible’s wisdom to everyday life.The CSB Life Essentials Study Bible integrates a multimedia digital study system.

It comes with more than 250 hours of in-depth video teachings from Dr. Gene Getz on these essential life principles (accessed through smartphone-accessible QR codes). Questions follow each principle to inspire personal reflection or group discussion. Finally, a topical index and cross references for all 1,500 life principles is included.  In addition, each book introduction provides a list of corresponding life principles found in that book.

Features include:

  • Commentary and application questions on 1,500 life principles
  • 250 hours of free in-depth video teaching to accompany each life principle
  • Two-color interior design
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • Presentation page
  • Two-column text
  • Topical subheadings
  • Black-letter text
  • 9-point type
  • Textual footnotes
  • Concordance
  • Full-color maps

Additional Information

The CSB Life Essentials Study Bible features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB). Above all, the CSB stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning.  Importantly, it does so without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture’s life-transforming message.  In addition to this, it gives the ability to share it with others.

Social Media Links


Translation Info





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Erica Duncan LMT

Erica Duncan LMT

Erica Duncan LMT

Meet my sweet friend, Erica Duncan LMT.  We met about 10 years ago in a mutual friend’s salon.  When we met…sparks flew!  She, Kirstin (hair-apist), Sam (Walmart expert), Heather (sister-in-law of the hair-apist and walmart expert), Lilith (parent of the hair-apist and walmart expert), and I were instant friends.

There were many days we would all gather up and just hang out.  I had just moved to the area and was pretty much a loner.  These ladies were (are) all a little off their rocker, so I fit in like a glove!


I quickly learned that Erica was a massage therapist.  Instantly, I was fascinated.  Yet, I thought that was a luxury and only rich people get massages.  I.  Was.  Wrong.  She can watch me walk in a room and nail whatever issues I have without even telling her.

I may say “I want a deep tissue massage” and she may say yes, but I see/sense this and this and let me just do my thing.  Magic happens.  She is affordable and runs specials quite often.  Even though we are friends, she is professional, discreet, and makes anyone feel completely comfortable in her space.

My Mom

I bought her a gift certificate (yes she does those!) for Christmas.  It took her a year to book an appointment because she was embarrassed and scared.  This was new to her and she had never met Erica before.  Plus, she had lost the physical gift certificate and Erica still honored it!

Once she was finished with her massage, my mom called me and raved and raved.  Granted, she nervously chatted the whole first time but that is okay too!  Erica will chat as she works and it doesn’t take away from what she is doing.

She now books appointments every 2 weeks because getting a massage has helped her so much.  Her knots are better, her stress level is down, and she just enjoys the therapeutic side of massages.

Her Description of Me

Concrete is a word she has used.  Toughest person she has touched is a phrase she has used for me.  I have giant knots due to the stress of raising a large family and having a special needs kiddo.

She always works within my budget and my schedule.  Always, she is understanding of my life and when I have to cancel.  Joy.  She is talented and she brings me joy!  Migraines have disappeared.  Dizziness has gone.  Knots are still a work in progress but we are making progress.

If you Live in the Area

These are the specials that she is running for the month of November 2019.  This is a great time to utilize her gift certificates for the holidays!

$75 for a 90-minute massage (regularly $90) – includes hot Himalayan Salt Rocks (dreamy)

Regular Prices:

  • 30 minutes – $35
  • 60 minutes – $60
  • 90 minutes – $90

Massages Include

  • Therapeutic Massage focusing on those with chronic pain
  • Cupping
  • Scraping
  • Himalayan Salt Rocks
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Pain Management
  • Pain Relief
  • Essential Oils

For more information or to book an appointment go to:  Erica Duncan, LMT Visibook or check out her Facebook Page

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