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Epically Bad Day…One for the Books

Epically Bad Day…One for the Books

Epically Bad Day...One for the Books

Epically Bad Day…One for the Books. I mean seriously. My intentions were to do my grocery shopping, cook supper, get the house straightened up, do my nails, wrap presents, and just chill. There was no chill. It has been balls to the wall since about 6:47 am.

If something could go wrong, it did.

I fielded about ten phone calls before 7 am.

Attended a school before 8.

Cried in the Sonic parking lot by 8:45.

Made 1.2 million phone calls.

Got several emergency doctor appointments made.

Accomplished supper, in a round about way.

Picked a kid up from school.

Finished supper.

Cried more.

Got more phone calls from people I didn’t want to talk to.

Confronted some a person.

Finished cooking supper only to realize my anxiety would not let me eat it.

Cried again.

Reached out for prayer.

Spoke the Name of Jesus.

Took a hot shower and cried more.

I am struggling in motherhood.

The thought is that I will never be enough.

PTSD at its finest.

Slept 6 straight hours.

Day is over.


Is going to be better.

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