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It’s Gonna Get Wild Up In Here

It’s Gonna Get Wild Up In Here



I’m just telling you now, It’s Gonna Get Wild Up In Here this week! What I had planned will probably not come to pass this week. Well, that’s not true. Most of it will be the same but with some sharp curves and turns as the week moves on. However, I must prepare myself for the meltdown that I feel sure will come by the weekend.


Usually, I get my grocery order placed and ready to pick up by Monday. Did I do that? No. I sure did not. I have my menu (posted yesterday) but that means nothing. I know what I need, I just haven’t done it. Also on Sunday, I schedule out my work stuff for the week. That means, all I have to do is clock in and clock out throughout the week. How hard is that. I mean I even set my alarm to remind me to do so. Have I done that? No. I sure have not. I’ve pretty much done nothing today. I colored and watched a movie. That sums up my Sunday.


I have a hair appointment (everybody say “hey”). Super excited about that. Hair day is always a good day! Also, a young person needs me to cut his hair. It really is no big deal. I can cut hair but when it is someone new, I cry. Every single time. I mean I don’t do it in front of the person but I will either cry before or after. Let’s all collectively pray that he doesn’t look Amish.

Also, I may have a sweet little person come over. She is needing some guidance and we were a big part of her life for a long time, so she may pop over. If she does, she may go to the basketball game with me. What my conundrum is is when am I going to clean the house because I did not have time to do a Friday Reset.

In between my hair appointment, the hair cut I have to do, my little person coming over, and basketball is when I will clean. Sure, that sounds doable. We will go with that. I had planned on setting out the ham and hashbrown casserole for supper. However, I’m really craving spaghetti carbonara. Yet, one child has requested my roasted butternut squash spaghetti. I can’t have pasta that much during the week…or can I?


This is my son-in-laws birthday. It will be a hard day for him due to some circumstances but we will make sure he knows how loved he is! I am not sure if he will be coming over for his birthday dinner or want to wait. We have another basketball game tonight, so you know…I’m thrilled.

I’m going to have to go to the grocery at some point. Honestly, I don’t know when that point will be. I would like to have my parents over for supper since it is his birthday, but I guess that depends on what day we celebrate on. That reminds me, I have to wrap his presents. By “I” that means my husband cause I don’t wrap things.


Basketball…cause why not. I mean we are wild.

Thursday Errands

We are meeting with a new neuro possibility for one of my kids. He is affiliated with the hospital we have been attending but he is at a satellite office. I have no idea how familiar he is with Opsoclonus Myoclonus but I guess we shall see. At some point, we are going to have to officially change doctors or go back to Pittsburgh where Dr. Thakker is located. She is amazing.

It is getting close to time for his yearly surgeries/scans/checkups and I really do not want to go back to the doctor we had been seeing. There is never anything accomplished or decided. Frankly, she irritates me. Oh and guess what? We have another baseball game. I know you are jealous. Luckily, I have therapy before that game. I may need it.

Friday and Saturday will be Cleaning and Organizing

Basketball and more basketball. Though my goal is to get the house clean on Monday, I will get back on my schedule on Friday to deep clean (again). I know it is redundant but my OCD wants me to be on a schedule. It’s just got to get done. There is no way around it. One of my kids has some therapy appointments. Saturday I would love to clean out the garage and organize it! I am also wanting to work on a capsule wardrobe to minimalize my clothes.