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A Love Letter on Your 50th Birthday

A Love Letter on Your 50th Birthday

What can I say to you, on your big 50th? There is so much and yet I am at a loss for words. However, this is A Love Letter on Your 50th Birthday. We have spent almost 30 years together, in the same space.

You are my safe place. If a random person walked up to you, right now, and asked “where is your wife’s favorite place to be,” you would know the answer immediately. You would look them dead in the eye and say “my armpit.” You, my dear, would be 1000% correct.

Your Presence

I feel so loved when I am in your presence. You are so thoughtful to my myriad of emotions. I am fully aware that one minute I could be laughing and we are enjoying something together…the next minute I could be having a breakdown. You never judge me, yell at me, or make me feel less than.

Listening and Prayer

You don’t try to fix me (anymore), you simply sit and listen. The overwhelming feeling of being heard, loved, and accepted is just what I need on a daily basis. When I go to bed, before you, you think I don’t feel you when you put your hand gently on my leg. I know, in that moment, you are praying for me. Thank you for consistently doing that because it has made my monsters go away and more nights then not, I can sleep peacefully.

Little Things

You poop in the boys’ bathroom so I don’t have to smell it. The times when you would run out of the house to toot because it would make me gag. Always being the man with a plan when it comes to vomit with the except of the hotdogs in the washing machine. You have my coke ready in the morning. If you had pompoms, you would be the biggest, loudest, baldest cheerleader ever. You are my supporter and my number 1 fan. Thank you for making me cookies at 10:30 at night. Also, thank you for not telling me I was fat and bald even though I was overweight and my hair was falling out. Thank you for letting me buy a purse that you knew good and well I wouldn’t carry for very long.


The encouragement you gave me while I was pursuing my dream is something that should be taught to every man who has a partner in life. When I was discouraged and doubting myself, you would pick me up and tell me that I can do it. I am capable. I am strong.

I did the biggest and scariest thing because I knew you were standing behind me, holding me up. When the kids were younger (even now), my favorite time of the day was when I heard the garage door open. I would be standing on the step, just waiting to hug you.


You are what dreams are made of. In every wrinkle on your face and gray hair on your chin (chest and back but whatever), I see our love story written. Your eyes tell our entire love story and it isn’t finished being written. I love you endlessly and forever. Thank you for never leaving me unattended, for standing between me and the bad people, for always having my back, front, and side.

You, Big Daddy, are my forever and always. I love you (and your butt) so completely.

Happy Birthday!

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I Don’t Even Know the Day of the Week

I Don’t Even Know the Day of the Week

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Honestly, I Don’t Even Know the Day of the Week. It has been a whirlwind for the last several weeks. That, however, is not the plot of this post. I have cooked, a lot, as usual. We have eaten a lot. Date nights…not so much. Well, we have had one in the last month, the rest of the time we didn’t. So, here are some of the things I cooked over the last couple of weeks.

The Past Couple of Weeks

Of course, we have had pizza night. One night we ordered in food. There have been a lot of leftovers from birthday celebrations. Since January 24th, we have had ten birthdays. Over the next few weeks, we will have five more birthdays. These are mainly my children, grandchildren and in-laws.

That’s a lot of celebrations.

H’s Big Day

He wanted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, and macaroni & cheese. I kid you not. Did I make it all? Yes, yes I did. Also, for the other people who don’t want side dishes, I made chili and boiled some hotdogs.

I had some chili left in the pot, but not enough to eat leftovers for the next night. We that knowledge, I threw it all in a gallon-sized baggie and put it in the freezer. The next week, I purposed to finish up what was in my freezer. I found that bag of chili. Creative juices begin. I made Spanish style rice and frito pie (sort of but not really). It was very good.

February Celebrations

Every month (more or less), we get together at My Oak’s house and do lunch (or supper) for the birthdays of that month. This time was no different. We gathered, we ate, we laughed, and we (I) cried. From there, Martha sent me home with leftovers. I threw all the veggies in a baggie and, you guessed it, froze them.

With that, I made vegetable beef soup tonight. I didn’t have many veggies from mom but I did find some leftover lima beans in another freezer. Some potatoes were cut up and a can of corn was added to the soup. I marinated stew meat in garlic and worcestershire sauce. It was fantastic.

A’s Big Day

She requested stromboli, so I made three of those and chicken noodle soup. She shares a birthday with my sweet mother-in-law. Dane wanted a taco trifle, so I made that. There was some leftover meat and I prepared that extra and some ate regular old tacos. There was enough leftover to have for the next night. Score for me.

Hitting the Bottom of the Barrel

Bless this bag of salmon’s heart. It has been living in my freezer for way too long. Finally, I decided to cook it. I am not a big salmon fan. I love catfish caught by my husband and son-in-law and Tilapia. We don’t buy it often. So, I made salmon in my instant vortex air fryer and garlic/butter/parmesan rice. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Also, my last freezer meal of the cook fest back in December. Taco bake. I will officially be done with freezer meals. All the odds and ends that I have tossed in my freezer are cooked up. I think there may be a loaf of french bread in the freezer so I will make cheesy/garlic bread out of that when I make lasagna next week. For some reason, I have three boxes, half full, of gluten free lasagna noodles. I can’t stand that, so obviously, I am going to use those up. Oh, lasagna soup… Dang, I love soup.

We will have hamburgers this week and honestly, I can’t remember what else we had the past couple of weeks. I am crawling, slowly, out of my hole, which is a good thing. That post will be forthcoming, yet difficult.


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