Chicken Fajitas and Rice

Chicken Fajitas and Rice

Chicken Fajitas and Rice

So, I took a lot of leftovers and sad-looking veggies. From there, I made Chicken Fajitas and Rice for dinner. No picture because when I do something new, I think if it sucks, why would I want to document that? Maybe this will be the year I am inspired to let my good and sucky food shine through photos.


Chicken (I used boneless, skinless thighs because it is what I had on hand.)


Fajita mix (I used 3 packets)

Red, orange, and yellow peppers



Queso Fresco

Flour Tortillas

2 c. uncooked rice

2 c. water

Teriyaki Sauce

Extra virgin olive oil (any oil is fine)


For the rice, I used my instant pot. I placed my 2 c. uncooked rice in, then added a packet of fajita mix, a splash of teriyaki sauce, and my seasoning concoction. Set it and let it go.

I placed my cut-up chicken thighs in a bowl and added fresh garlic, seasoning, a fajita mix packet, and lots of teriyaki. Put the lid on the bowl and shake it up. Placed it in the fridge and let it marinate for at least an hour (overnight or several hours is better, though).

In my electric skillet, I added some extra virgin olive oil. I sliced up a large onion and all my peppers. I sauteed them with some seasoning and a few splashes of teriyaki sauce. Once those were softened, I took them out.

In the same skillet, I cooked my chicken until it was done. Once that was done, I added the veggies and used the other packet of fajita mix. I turned it on low and covered it until the rice was done.

Serve on the rice or wrap up in a tortilla with some queso fresco sprinkled. It was excellent!