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Christmas Baking with my Oak

Christmas Baking with my Oak

Here we are, getting ready for Christmas THIS WEEK!  Let’s not procrastinate.  So, here is my Christmas Baking with my Oak.  Every year, my Oak comes and bakes with me.  We have done this, faithfully, since I moved out when I was 20.  I am sure we have missed a year or so, but I honestly only remember 1 time that we missed.  So, we have been baking for 29 years.

Christmas Baking with my Oak

List of Goodness

We are baking Bobbie Hill’s Nuts & Bolts (yes please and thank you).  This takes the longest as they cook on low for about 2 hrs.  They are SO good and bring me so much joy (and swelling).  Mom always makes (and screws up at least 1 batch) of chocolate and peanut butter fudge.  Crack. I will be making Crack.  It is SO good.  I think we will do some White Trash, Bon Bons, maybe some Oreo balls.  I was going to do Haystacks but forgot to get the noodles.  I have a recipe for a quick chocolate/butterscotch fudge that I may do.  There are other things that we will make, but that is what is coming to my mind.

Delivering the Goodies

We were not able to give the teachers anything because Hunter had a doctor’s appointment that day.  I am going get some cute little containers, wrap up the goodies and deliver them to his teachers.  He will be excited to see them.

My kids eat a lot but we also give away a lot.  This year, I would like to give some to my new neighbors.  I have yet to meet 2 neighbors and I really need to do that.  I’m such a procrastinator.  Actually, not a procrastintor.  Moreso I just don’t want too. I’m really not that friendly and I have massive trust issues.  We have not had a good history with neighbors.  However, the family that we have met are super kind!


I actually prefer that NONE of my family be here when we bake.  Selfishly, I just want some alone time with my mom.  However, my kids are out of school and Bart will be home for part of the day.  My bigs got wind that Jojo is coming and now they are making plans to “pop” by.

Seriously people.  I don’t want you here 🙂  Jojo LOVES it when they all show up.  She loves sneaking sweets to the kids when I turn my back.  All I hear are giggles and people scurrying around.  It makes my heart so happy.

These are memories that will forever be embedded in their minds.  I pray that the Lord allows me to bake with my kids (which will happen on Wednesday) and grandkids one day.  I want to pass this tradition on.

I am so excited!

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