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Keep the Season Merry and Safe

Keep the Season Merry and Safe


Keep the Season Merry and Safe with Innovative Takes on Holiday Gatherings

Keep the Season Merry and Safe. The 2020 holiday season poses new challenges for parents trying to balance family life and health concerns. However, it is still possible to enjoy some seasonal socializing with caution and creativity. Families who have experienced stress or loss over the past year may significantly benefit from the opportunity to laugh, interact, and even celebrate. Whether you plan an online meet-up or a small in-person party, a little innovation can go a long way. This goes towards keeping the spirit of the holidays alive during difficult times. Barefoot Faith Journey invites you to consider the following methods to celebrate safely.

When health concerns are paramount, online might be best.

The easiest way to keep a gathering safe is to host it remotely. By now, most of us are familiar with many online interaction technologies. With applications such as Zoom, Skype, and Facebook Messenger readily available, families can choose which best suits their personal preferences and tech capacities. Communication and planning are crucial to hosting an excellent remote party, so everyone knows when and how to join.

Families used to online meet-ups for work, or school responsibilities might consider making their virtual gatherings more festive by adding costume themes. For more minor children, think about themes from superhero movies or their favorite animated series. Older children and adults might find a period dress a fun way to step out of every day. If everyone prepares snacks and beverages in advance, you can chat. Also, maybe even play games and enjoy some holiday treats.

Online Activity

When engaged in online activity, ensure you protect yourself and your devices against cyberattacks. Use a secure network, set up strong passwords, and avoid clicking on dubious links. Also, be aware of downloading applications you haven’t carefully vetted. And never give away private personal information online unless you know you are dealing with a secure and trusted source.

If it is safe to do so, consider hosting a small in-person event.

Depending on the weather and public health regulations in your area, you may be able to host a holiday event. Even if it is just for a few close friends and family, always check the recommendations for your state and county. Do this before making plans. Invite people you can trust who will abide by precautions and communicate clearly with you about potential risks. In general, outdoor gatherings are safer than indoor ones. Ask your guests to bring masks and set up a small hand-sanitizing station near the exit and entry point. Everyone should provide their food and drink and avoid sharing utensils as much as possible.

Colder Climate Ideas

To create a comfortable outdoor space, firepits and outdoor heaters might be good options for colder climates. Just be sure to follow your area’s rules and recommendations for fire safety. Add fairy lights and tiki torches for ambiance, and plan games or entertainment that don’t involve interpersonal contact.

Indoor parties might still be possible, but remember to take precautions.

For those in areas with reduced risk, indoor gatherings are still possible. All guests should have already been sharing a quarantine bubble when meeting up inside, minimizing outside contact. Traveling over long distances for social events is generally discouraged, but those who feel it is safe or necessary should heed these travel safety tips suggested by experts. Avoid unnecessary physical contact when gathering with others in your quarantine bubble. Also, check temperatures beforehand, and remember to wash your hands frequently.

It has been a challenging year for many of us. You can still celebrate the holidays with friends and family; this year requires a little more creativity. Even if you have to arrange your events a little differently this time around, remember, some things haven’t changed. The holidays are still a time to celebrate the relationships that enrich our lives.