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CSB Holy Land Bible Review and Giveaway

CSB Holy Land Bible Review and Giveaway

CSB Holy Land Bible Review and Giveaway

This CSB Holy Land Bible Review and Giveaway is absolutely stunning.  Plus, it smells good 🙂  I love things that smell good.  My kids asked me if I was going to read it or sniff it.  I choose to do both.  Honestly, I do not know what it is about a new Bible, but it makes me want to dive in.

This year has been a struggle for everyone on the planet.  So much uncertainty, pain, confusion, and fear.  Our family has had a lot of “hits” so to speak.  It has almost taken the starch right out of me, as my Granny would say.  Yet, the Lord says in His Word that Fear is a Liar.

I want to dive back in and learn how I can overcome fear and worry.  What a great way to start with a brand new, beautifully illustrated Bible!  To win, please like or comment on any of my social media posts (or this one) and it will enter you to win.  Please do so by, my birthday, November 13, 2020!  Good luck.


Product category: Bible
Title: CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible
Campaign focus: Be visually immersed in the setting of God’s redemptive story
Publisher: Lifeway Christian Resources
Publish date: 9/15/20
Bible Translation: Christian Standard Bible (CSB)


The CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible is a visually immersive Bible reading experience featuring over 1,200 images, maps, and illustrations to provide greater insight and understanding of the people, places, and events of scripture. Book-specific introductions provide the setting and circumstances of writing for each book, and every image includes a descriptive caption to help better understand what is pictured.

CSB Holy Land Bible Review and Giveaway CSB Holy Land Bible Review and Giveaway

Features include:

  • 1,200+ images, maps, and illustrations
  • 275 full-length commentary articles
  • 40+ “Digging Deeper” call-outs

By clicking on “Bible” you will find a link to a sampling of this beautiful book.  Also, HERE is the Table of Contents, if you are interested.  If you would like to see an OVERVIEW of this Bible, be sure and click on the link provided.

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