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Deodorizing Essential Oil Recipe

Deodorizing Essential Oil Recipe

Deodorizing Essential Oil Recipe

Here is another Deodorizing Essential Oil Recipe that has helped take the stank out of my house.  I have 3 dogs (Francis, Lola, and Ted) and 2 cats (Karl and Karen) who live in my house.

They smell.

Much like fish, sweat, and butt gland overload.  It is nasty on any given day.  My kids have chores.  They (we) clean on the house all day long but there are certain smells that like to linger.


I have 4 boys who live in this house (we girls do not smell).  The odor that wafts from their bedroom is a mixture of sweat, feet, and onions.  We keep their doors closed because, frankly, this is why Big Daddy has no eyebrows.  The smell blew them plumb off.

Their feet is an odor I cannot even describe.  I mean, they bathe (once a week because any more than that is a nuisance).  For instance, one boy, I asked why I could see the outline of his shoe on his bare feet.

His response?

Dirt, I guess.  I asked when the last time he bathed was…he proceeded in responding with “I’m not sure, what day is it?”  Seriously, I can’t even.  This too shall pass, I know.  For now, it stinks.


3 drops Lavender

3 drops Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

2 drops Rosemary

2 drops Peppermint

1 drop Lemon

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New Diffusing Recipe DoTerra Essential Oils

New Diffusing Recipe DoTerra Essential Oils

New Diffusing Recipe DoTerra Essential Oils


This morning, when I got up, I went to start my diffusers.  I have the go-to blends that I like to smell throughout the day.  Today, however, I wanted something different.  Something that I hadn’t used or diffused before.  So, here is my New Diffusing Recipe DoTerra Essential Oils.

Citrus Oils

My eye went to Green Mandarin.  I *love* the citrus smell.  Oh, FYI, if you sign up today and put in a 125 PV order, your FREE oil for the month is Lime!  Maybe my eyeball should have gone to Lime LOL.  Oh well.

What Green Mandarin is Associated With Emotionally

In each 15 ml bottle, there are 250 drops per bottle.  In a 5 ml bottle (the Juniper Berry) is 85 drops.  As I read in my Emotions and Essentials Oils book, Green Mandarin helps when an individual is weighed down by emotional scars, self-doubt, fear, or failure.

Spot On

That is spot on for what I am feeling right now.  Well, more of the self-doubt and fear aspects.  See, I’m traveling next week…alone…with Hunter…farther than I have ever traveled.  My anxiety is through the roof.

Luckily, one of my older children is able to go with me, so that relieves some stress.  I just don’t travel without Big Daddy.  He is the navigator, driver, indulger in my oddity fascination, and sound mind person.

Well, I’ll Be Dipped

I just looked up Juniper Berry and wouldn’t you know that it is associated with irrational fears and avoidance.  Hahaha, that plays right into my fears, now doesn’t it.  Realistically, I know that I am fine and this will all be good. I just *strongly* prefer my husband to go with me.

Lavender is similar in Juniper Berry and Green Mandarin.  Hiding, fear, insecure, racing thoughts, tense.  Maybe I should be this recipe in the bathtub and soak LOL.  Or maybe a roller bottle and just slather it all over myself as I am driving.


Today, in my 2 smaller diffusers, I used 2 drops of Green Mandarin, 2 drops of Juniper Berry, and 1 drop of Lavender.  It smells divine in this house.

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Taking the Smell out of Big Daddy’s Nose

Big Daddy and his UBER Sensitive Nose

Here I am, trying to make a feeble attempt at Taking the Smell out of Big Daddy’s Nose.  I have like 5000 kids and 2500 animals that live in my house.  Did I exaggerate?  Uhm, well…have you ever lived with a bunch of teenage boys?  Emotional girls?  Choose to take in every broken animal that is dumped on your lawn?  That is my life.

It is mine by choosing.

We live in a moderate home and it has 4 bedrooms.  All bedrooms have carpet.  That is not necessarily how I want it.  Sadly, it is expensive to rip up and replace flooring.  I mean, I have mouths to feed and debt to pay off!

Memory Issues

One of my children struggles with memory.  I don’t mean like puberty, just a kid, type of struggle.  This is a brain anomaly caused by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD).  This child’s sole job is to take out the animals, bathe them, feed/water them, etc.

That has been reduced down because of some massive issues that we have had.  So, now he just deals with our cats and dogs.  The chickens are left up to another child.  Sadly, he “forgets” to walk the dogs.  So, they do what all animals do.  Use the bathroom on the floor.  Thankfully, in my places, we have laminate flooring.  This is easy to clean up and mopping.

However, there are still the bedrooms.

In lieu of the inability to constantly remember to take the dogs out, I bought a carpet cleaner.  I use it and abuse it.  In fact, I have burned up several of these gems because I am hard on vacuums, mops, spray mops, and carpet cleaners.

My Lady made me a great concoction that I use to scrub the carpets (and said child scrubs the carpets). They may be stain-free (the majority of the time) but the odor (think litter box) can be unbearable.

Taking the Smell out of Big Daddy’s Nose

As added luck, I have a spouse who is UBER sensitive to any and all smells.  He reminds me of being pregnant when I had sonic smelling for 9 mths.  I mean, I could smell and armpit, piece of rotten fish, dirty socks, from 10 miles away.  That is Big Daddy’s sniffer.  Super-sensitive and annoying.

He can come home to a clean house, quiet kids, quiet animals, and supper cooking.  The first thing he does is ask what that smell is.  Seriously.  I want to punch him in the nose when he says that.  Just eliminate his sense of smell altogether.

Side note:

My other mother has no sense of smell.  That has nothing to do with this but there have been times I’ve had to sniff things in her fridge to see if they were bad LOL.  I mean, she cannot smell a darn thing!


I have come up with some REALLY cleaner options and diffuser blends to help with that smell.  Lots of little tricks that help save my husband’s nose (and my feelings).  You must remember that cats do not need to come in close contact with the essential oils of any kind.  Dogs, they are okay, but not cats.

Litter box:

We spread baking soda, litter, baking soda into the box.  We have set the timer for every 2 hrs for it to be changed.  Also, our box has a hood with cat filters.  We change those out every 2 weeks.  I put a litter catcher mat under the box.  It is sprayed down with 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and a splash of Dawn dishwashing liquid.  I do add a couple of drops of Purify essential oil. We use this to clean the mat and the wall around the box.


I vacuum first.  Then, I use an old parmesan container 1/2 full of baking soda.  I add about 10 drops of Purify in it and then top the container off with more baking soda and another 10 drops.  I shake that well.  Then, I sprinkle it on carpets (I put the cat’s up).  Let is set for 10 minutes and then vacuum again.

Carpet Cleaner:

In the carpet cleaner, I fill up the base with water, vinegar, and Dawn.  I also add Melaleuca, OnGuard, and/or Purify.  Usually, about 20 drops because the base is pretty large.  When we spot clean the stain (do that first), we just use water and dawn and scrub the crap out of it.


I have a spray mop.  In it, I put hot water, a splash of vinegar, a splash of Dawn.  Also, I add about 10 drops of one of the following oils.  Melaleuca, OnGuard, or Purify.  This helps disinfect, deodorize, and clean the area.

Diffuser Recipes:

5 drops Lavender, 5 drops Melaleuca, 2 drops Lemon

3 drops tangerine (or wild orange), 3 drops lime, 2 drops lemongrass, 2 drops peppermint

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doTerra Essential Oils Cleaning Recipes


doTerra Essential Oils Cleaning Recipes

By using doTerra Essential Oils Cleaning Recipes, I am able to do many things. I can keep my home super clean, smelling good, and safe for my medically fragile preschooler. Choosing this path helps us all.

Due to the knowledge that my baby is allergic to cleaning products, I have had to be diligent.  Luckily, I stopped using conventional cleaners, a long time ago.  The people, buildings, and offices that I have to take him too still, understandably, use chemical based products.  I get it, I do, but I also have to be mindful of his health.

Most Places We Go

They are pretty good about cleaning their facility with the cleaners I bring.  We really are blessed with great people in our lives.  In the off chance, they don’t, and something needs to be cleaned, I’ve been known to BYOC (Bring my Own Cleaner).  This is why it has been so helpful to think outside of the box and utilize my doTerra Essential Oils and create some cleaning powerhouse recipes.
We carry diluted Onguard with us everywhere.  I also have the Onguard Sanitizing Mist in my purse.  This makes it incredibly easy to spray down carts and know that I’m killing the germs.

All-Purpose Cleaners

For my house, we are SUPER simple.  I bought a large plastic spray bottle, vinegar, water, and my choice of doTerra Essential Oils.  I pour about 1 c. Vinegar in the bottle, top it off with water and add 10-20 drops of oil.  I have used Melaleuca, Onguard, and/or Lemon (be mindful that your spray bottle needs to be glass if you use Lemon).  Those really are my favorites.  You can also use Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Wild Orange is great for grease stains.  I also throw a capful of Onguard Concentrate in there.  This basic setup is what I use for all my cleaning, throughout my house.

Carpet Deodorizer

I put baking soda in a parmesan bottle, and then I mix about 10 drops of Purify in with it.  I shake it up and use it has a carpet deodorizer.  Let it set on the floor for about 10 minutes and then vacuum it up.

Carpet Cleaner

Now, in my carpet cleaner.  I mix hot water, a splash of vinegar, a splash of Onguard concentrate, and Lemon.  Never have I used the premade carpet cleaner solution.


There is also an Onguard concentrate detergent that I will be using to throw in my washing machine, with my Tide (yes, I use Tide).

Glass Cleaner

For glass cleaner, vinegar, water, a splash of rubbing alcohol, and your essential oil of choice.  Spray it on and wipe it off with a newspaper.  That, for some reason, keeps it from streaking too severely.

Air Freshener

My air freshener is witch hazel, water, and usually Lavender.  I spray it as I would Febreze.  For my diffuser, hands down, my favorite is Purify.  Especially in the boys’ room because it smells of dead animals, butt, and a hint of sweat.  Not a whole lot could help the odor in my boys’ room unless I got a blow torch after it LOL


My floors, we used vinegar,  water, essential oil, and Onguard concentrate (are you gathering a theme here)?  This is my life, and I have to adjust to aid in the health of my son.  I will do what I have to do.  I will no longer be filling my home with nonsense and chemicals.

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Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks


Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks


Bathroom Cleaner (32 oz. bottle)

1 T. baking soda (link below)

2 T. Castile soap (link below)

30 drops Tea Tree oil

20 drops Orange oil

10 drops On guard

Warm water to fill to the top.

Spray all parts of your bathroom.  Let sit for about 10 minutes.  Spray again before wiping down.

All Purpose Cleaner (32 oz. bottle)

1 c. white vinegar

4 c. water

20-30 drops essential oil (I add Onguard to this, as well as, something else….usually orange)

“Febreze” (12 oz. bottle)

1 T. Baking Soda

2 c. warm water

15 drops essential oil

Glass Cleaner (32 oz. bottle)

2 c. water

2 T. vinegar

10 drops essential oil


Furniture Cleaner (safe for wood) (12 oz. bottle)

2/3 c. white vinegar (link below)

1/3 c. olive oil

10 drops essential oil (I used Jasmine)

Shake before use.

Floor Cleaner (used on laminate flooring) (24 oz. attachment to steam mop)

Equal parts white vinegar and water

A squirt of Dawn Blue Dishsoap

15 drops of favorite essential oil

Foaming Handsoap (8 oz. bottle)

Empty foaming hand soap dispenser.


2 T. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

1 T. carrier oil

15 drops of Onguard essential oil

Poo-Pourri (4 oz. bottle)

2 T. rubbing alcohol

20 drops any essential oils

Top with water

Spray 5x on the surface of toilet bowl water before going to the bathroom… your business like a boss…..your place will not have the odiferous odor of defecation 🙂

**One thing to remember is to use Glass Spray bottles or Metal spray bottles if you are using any citrus based essential oil.  That oil will eat through plastic bottles.**


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DIY Essential Oils Cleaners


Here are my DIY Essential Oils Cleaners.  This is what I keep on hand, at all times, to clean my home.

Carpet Deodorizer

Empty container (I used an empty parmesan container…washed/dried well)

Baking Soda

10-15 drops of essential oil of your choice (I use purify cause it knocks out the smell of boy)

Mix well.  Shake on the carpet before you go to bed to absorb the most smell.  Then vacuum in the morning.


Room Deodorizer (think Febreze)

Spray bottle (I use those little ones from the travel section at Walmart)

10-15 drops of essential oil (again, I use purify.  Be cautious of using lemon oil in a plastic bottle…it should really only be put in a glass or metal bottle)

1/4 c. witch hazel


Pour in your witch hazel.  Fill to almost the top with water.  Add essential oil of your choice.  Shake before using.


Furniture Cleaner

Spray bottle

10-15 drops essential oil

1/4 c. vinegar


Pour in your vinegar.  Add water to almost the top.  Add essential oils.  Shake before use.


Everyday Cleaner

Large spray bottle



20 drops Essential oils (purify, Frankincense, tea tree, peppermint, etc)

Onguard Concentrate (optional but worth it as an added protection for fighting germs)

Pour 1/2 the bottle with vinegar, add a good squirt (about 2 T. Onguard Concentrate), fill up with water and essential oils (if you have a glass bottle you can use lemon).

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