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Friday Cleaning Reset

Friday Cleaning Reset

Friday Cleaning Reset
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This is my Friday Cleaning Reset. Every Friday, I have my granddaughter for the first half of the day. During that time, we play, read, talk, rock, and do all the things that a Yayi would do. I love every minute of it. What I love even more is when both of my grands are here for me to love on excessively.

I digress.

Usually around midmorning, I pick a room and start doing some cleaning. She is usually right under my feet or on my hip, but we get it done. There are things I do, monthly, that I do not do on my regular cleaning days. Most people clean on Saturdays or Mondays but that just doesn’t work out for me.


Our weekends are busy with my son’s job, basketball, date night, family, and so on. We also have church on Sunday. Also on Sundays, I have a ‘me’ day. We will go to church and then I come home and stay in my room. For lunch we order out and supper is whatever sounds good or leftovers. I nap, blog, meditate, etc. This is my time to not parent and I enjoy my time.

During the Week

Monday-Thursday is jam packed. I watch my granddaughter, drive to basketball, meal prep, grocery shop, go to basketball games, see my parents, run errands, basketball practice, cook, basketball games, and chauffer my kids to and from basketball and therapy.

Fridays just work out well for me because my boys are not home and I can get it all done. Granted it looks like a cesspool by Monday but I know that it is deep cleaned. The day to day pick up is just a constant thing.

Typical Rundown

On Friday morning, I get supper started. Sometimes that involves a crockpot or an instant pot. There are other days that I just get it ready to put in the oven or lay it all out. Lately, I’ve been moving through freezer meals and just prepping side dishes. I do that every morning though. My husband and kids insist on eating every day.

The dining room is usually my easiest room. I have very few pieces of furniture to dust and a hand full of knickknacks that would need to be dusted. I clean off the table and wipe down the chairs. Also, I redo my letter board with scripture or quotes that make me feel good.

Moving On

After my dining room, I will move to my living rooms. Again, I am a minimalist by nature, so there are few knickknacks and furniture. It is mainly wiping down the couches. I have animals so I’m wiping off the cat hair, food (granddaughter), or spit up (grandson). Febreze is my friend. I wait to pick up the toys until C leaves but when she does, I put all the like things back together because it makes my OCD happy. From there, I do my foyer and sweep down the stairs.

After I do that, I wipe down the doors, handrails, and walls. Normally, I will get a sanitizing wipe and wipe down my steps because I just prefer that method. We have those sticky carpet things on my steps that work well but make sweeping hard. Once all of that is done, I straighten the coat closet and the cat closet.

Finishing Up My Friday Cleaning Reset

By the time I do all of that, I will clean the downstairs bathroom (which is in my kitchen) and then I will tackle the kitchen. In there, I just put things back where they belong, wipe down appliances, clean out the microwave and fridge, and wipe the counters. The dishes, I will rinse out and let my son handle when he gets home. He is in charge of the dishes, his room, and his bathroom. The dishes will get done on Friday but the other spaces he will do on Saturday.

My husband will clean our upstairs bathroom and do the floors downstairs. My youngest son is responsible for his bedroom, taking out the garbage, and vacuuming. We have discovered that is his favorite thing to do, so I let him have at it. We only have carpet upstairs and he does stay out of his brother’s room.

Bits and Pieces

After all of that is done, I get supper in the oven, get my diffusers going, tackle my room, and do some laundry. It really is helpful to get a good base cleaning done for me. I do have a monthly cleaning type of schedule that I do but this is just surface level weekly cleaning. It helps me relax during the weekend. Throughout the week, we continue to pick up and do the dishes but that is usually it.

What is your schedule like?

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