Vacation Days

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Leaving On a Jet Plane to DISNEYWORLD!!!  After a full year, Hunter’s Make a Wish is finally here!  What a process this has been!  After our trip, I will detail the process, from start to finish.  Tonight…I just sit and think.  I think about all the things that are undone.  There is still a small load of dirty clothes.  Also, Hunter got wet but did not get a scrub bath.  Oh, then there is the “is it liquid or not” conundrum.  I am sitting looking at my kids’ boxes (for their keepsakes) and all I notice is that 2 lids aren’t on perfectly.


Big Daddy is working on his bag at 10:39 pm.  I’m thinking about the dishes in the sink, getting video/pictures, and do I wear jeans or leggings on the plane?  Oh, one of the kids puked…is it nerves or a bug?  Will he be sick on the plane, get everyone sick…what if it rains the whole time we are there?  Seriously, my mind is swirling.

Over the course of the week, I got myself and 5 kids packed.  Luckily, my big girls can pack for themselves LOL.  In a stroke of genius and Marie Kondo-ing luggage, we were able to get them all packed in a backpack.  Yay!  I have a HUGE tote bag and a weekender.  Big Daddy has a duffel bag.  Our “checked bag” is full of just extra things and liquids LOL.  We are also checking an empty bag for souvenirs, per the advice of many other Make a Wish family!


I am very thankful that my son-in-law is staying at our house.  You know, I am all about safety!  Also, my dear friend is coming to take care of my animals during the day.  I have all the bases covered!

For now, I channel God’s grace on this trip.  I am putting my OCD in a bottle and am going to physically try to let it all go.  It is hard to not focus on why we are there, sometimes.  I will not do that, this week!  We are not going to stress and we are going to have a great time!

Prayers are TRULY appreciated!

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Vacation Days

Make A Wish Foundation

Make A Wish Foundation.

Make A Wish Foundation

Yesterday, my cell phone rang, and I didn’t answer it.  I do not answer numbers I do not recognize, as I know it is probably a telemarketer and I do not want to deal with that.  If it is someone that needs me, that is not a telemarketer, I know they will leave me a message.  Little did I know it was the coordinator for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Well…this time….this person left a message.

I checked my message and I realized that I truly needed to speak to this person.  Hesitantly, I called back because, on one side, I didn’t want to hear what she had to say.  On the other hand, I did want to hear what she had to say.  I’m sure I’m not the only person to ever think/feel that.


This lady was from the MAKE A WISH foundation.  I had, on a whim, filled out the info for this foundation to see if Hunter qualified.  Sadly, I thought that kids, who had cancer or were terminally ill, got to make a wish for a final trip for themselves and their families before Jesus called them home.

Times Have Changed

Times have changed.  The Make A Wish foundation still does that for terminally ill kiddoes but now (they may have always done this, but it is new to me) they extend this wish to kids who have life-altering diseases.  I had to check my pride, my sanity, and my not admitting that he has a life-altering disease to fill this paperwork out.  Sadly, I cried through the whole thing.  I kept thinking maybe he isn’t as bad as I think he is.  Maybe this is just an “it will pass” type thing.

Medically Fragile

Then I heard the words “your son is medically fragile.”  I heard the words “the longer he stays symptomatic, the more permanent brain damage is done.”  Next was “we want to help him maintain and not lose any more abilities.”  Then, when my 3 yr old son looks at me and asks for his walker because it hurts to walk or he can’t……..that just gut-punches me.

Mounds of Paperwork

I filled that paperwork out about a month ago.  I didn’t forget about it, but I didn’t pursue it either.  Then, I was facing it….the phone rang.  I did not answer it.  There was a moment when I listened to my voicemail.  Then, I felt the warmth of tears filling my eyes.  I called.  Hunter was going to be granted a wish.  I am humbled.  I am sad.  I’m excited for him to be allowed to be a kid without being surrounded by medical staff.  I have all these emotions that I have a hard time processing.

Processing Emotions

I thanked them profusely.  There was a point when I tried to explain to Hunter that we were going to see Mickey Mouse.  Also, I told my other kids, my husband, and my sister.  I should have had more exciting inflection in my voice.  My kids should have been more excited.  Yet, we all knew the magnitude of his condition and that his case was reviewed, and just by reading it on paper, he qualified.

We will get excited, eventually.  I will plan things.  We are SO grateful for the opportunity and it will be so nice to get away for a little bit without stressing about 5000 different things.  I get to meet up with a couple of adoptive families I have come to love through Facebook.  There are so many good things that will come out of this.

God is Still Good

God is good.  I foresaw this ordeal before He created the Earth.  He is showing us another bit of my rainbow and I’m so thankful.  But, I’d rather see my son healthy than to go on a vacation.  Until then….we are heading to Disney.

Thank You Make a Wish and Give Kids The World

Thank you Make A Wish Foundation.  Please know that you can donate your time, flight points, or volunteer your time for this wonderful foundation.  One day, when I get done raising kids…I foresee myself doing all I can to see other families, in my situation, have some joy during their hard times.