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So Very Sick


So Very Sick
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So Very Sick

Good gracious, I have been So Very Sick.  What started out with a bladder infection, ended up with a co-vid19 scare (other people scared of that, not so much me).  Honestly, I have never gotten a bladder (or kidney) infection until about 2 years ago.  Since my bladder sling, I’ve had 3 and they suck.

I have discovered that taking Cipro is like eating a tic-tac.  A tic-tac that makes your pee orange.  #GoodTimes  As luck would have it, I have a dear from who is a Physician’s Assistant and when I contacted her, she was ready to help.  Since I knew that Cipro didn’t work, we moved to Macrobid.  Take it 2x a day, with food, for 12 days and it will clear it up.  I did as I was told.  Considering I trust only a handful of humans…she is one that I trust.

Do You Have a Doctor You Can Trust

It is easy, for some people, to trust those in authority, especially when it comes to our health.  Me, however, not so much.  I have an amazing doctor, that I have known for a long long time (think probably 10 years) personally and professionally.  He has heard and seen some really difficult things in my life and the lives of my family.  I have been known to show up at his house LOL.  He’s a good one.  When I can’t see him, his associate is a PA and is as brass and ballsy as I am.  We have a good relationship and I’m sort of honest with him.  The nurses there, I have an amazing friend/professional relationship.

I say all of this to say that I’m perfectly happy with my health care providers.  Yet, there are some things I never ever talk to them about.  They will never get near my girl parts and I will not discuss those parts with these men.  I mentioned it once and I giggled at the beads of sweat forming on his forehead.  He would do whatever I needed…I just wanted to make him squirm.  We both got a good laugh out of it.

Girl Parts Doctor

I did meet a great dr who did my hysterectomy and my bladder sling.  So kind and I used about 80% of my words with him.  He was good and did a great job on my surgeries, but he left that practice.  Then, I remembered my friend who dabbles in a little bit of everything.  One, late night, we were texting about a book I wanted her to read.  I divulged my pain and some other “girly” issues I was having and she was a wealth of knowledge.

She is just who I needed at that moment.  God is good like that.  She fixed me up.  With my bladder infection, she prescribed Macrobid.  She knows my drug allergies and this is not one of them.  We thought it was safe and would take care of the issue.

Here’s the Thing

Since I went to our holistic dr in St. Augustine, my body is different.   I have had more sensitivities to meds then I have EVER had before.  These are meds I have taken for years and now, they make me feel “off”.  Also, my hair falls out, I am lethargic, grouchy, and so on.  The anti-depressant I took made me throw up for about 9 hrs.  This is a med I had been on for several years before going to the holistic dr.  So.  Freaking.  Strange.


With this going around, every single time I sneeze or cough people duck for cover.  Listen, I have allergies.  Really bad allergies…to cats…I have 12 cats, so 1 + 1 = 2.  This time was different.  I was down with the bladder infection, but it was manageable.  I took my first dose and I started feeling nauseous.  Almost like morning sickness.  I powered through that moment.  Honestly, I was just thinking that I didn’t take my meds with food.  I was diligent after that.

I took it on a Wednesday night and Thursday morning I was dry heaving for the next 6 hours.  It was awful.  I had nothing on my stomach and couldn’t keep anything down.  There were no other symptoms until my fever hit.  That’s when my mom, other mom, and husband got worried.  I had been nowhere, so I could not have been exposed.  My symptoms were not consistent with Co-Vid19 symptoms and I was too sick to move.

I contacted my EMT friend, who has been treating a ton of these cases and my PA and neither of them had a concern.  Plus, I was fine the next day. Tired, but fine.  Then Saturday, I was great.  I didn’t take the meds on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday morning.  I did take it Saturday night.

Giant Mistake

Come Sunday morning, everything returned.  Dry heaving, stomach ache, and fever.  This time, I added in shortness of breath.  When I inhaled, I whistled.  Once I could keep liquid down, I took a zofran and a breathing treatment.  Also, tylenol every 4 hours.  Sunday was horrible.  Monday I was simply exhausted and by Tuesday, I was fine.  It has taken me time to get my appetite back up.

We checked and I have all the symptoms of having a Macrobid allergic reaction.  So, on a bright note, I had suffered through enough of the meds for my bladder infection to be gone.  Also, I lost about 4 lbs.  On a crappy note, I don’t really know what to do if (when) I get another bladder infection.


I’m going to get some cranberry gummies, I have been taking probiotics.  Also, I’m drinking more water with lemon and cutting down on sugar.  I don’t know how helpful that will be but it can’t hurt to try to prevent it.  I’m very thankful it is not Co-Vid19.  I have had friends that have had it and it is no fun.

Wash your hands, wear masks, be mindful of elderly, immuno-compromised, and young people.  Take care of yourself.  I am on the mend and I’m thankful for that.  Still, I’m resting more and really trying to listen to my body.

Hopefully, I can get back into blogging.  Got lots on my mind…just a matter of if I can get it eloquently out my fingertips.

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Medical Issues

Wisdom from a 3 Yr Old

Wisdom from a 3 Yr Old
Meet Hunter

Here is my Wisdom from a 3 Yr Old.  The day after I came home from my hysterectomy, he was missing his mama because I had been upstairs resting.

Every night, before bed, Hunter crawls up in the bed with me and we snuggle.  This particular night was no different, but I warned him that my belly was hurting.  To help in his understanding, I showed him my band-aids on my belly.  I told him he needed to be gentle.

In his wisdom, my sweet baby looked up at me and said: “Mama, we need to put some oils on your belly to feel better.”  Uhm, yes we do, sweetness……I have officially become an oily mama with an OMS baby who LOVES his oils.

Love that I’m teaching him about alternative ways to help heal and nurture our bodies with natural solutions instead of synthetic medications!  He does not hesitate to ask for oils when he is feeling bad or hurt.  That blesses my heart.  He has his own little prediluted roller bottles that he has access too 24/7.  In the Wisdom from a 3 Yr Old, he chose wintergreen for me to have on my belly 🙂

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Medical Issues

So I had a Hysterectomy

So I had a Hysterectomy

So I had a Hysterectomy.  A hysterectomy is a little slice of hell with a side of pain.

Laparoscopic Surgery

The surgery was laparoscopic.  They took my uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes.  They also evacuated the large grapefruit sized fibroid that was taking up residence in my uterus.  While they were “all up in my stuff”, they also helped my bladder out a little bit.  She needed a little assistance to stay up and where she belongs.

Rockstar Doctor and Nurses

My dr and nurses were rockstars.  I was not apprehensive one bit.  One thing I remember is them saying that they were giving me happy juice.  I didn’t feel like that was necessary because I was not nervous, scared of freaking out.  Though, I was a bit dizzy.  I believe that is because I was laying flat and my Meniere’s was kicking in.  The next thing I remember is being done and back in my room with my husband and my mom.

My sole goal…was to pee LOL.  I attempted that feat and let’s just say it was a failed attempt.  My poor mama has been with me through LOTS of unsavory times in my life.  I’m so thankful for her and her attempt at getting me to pee by running water LOL.  Headed back to my little room….did some checks and such and then I forced myself to pee so I could get out of that hospital.

Heading Home Same Day of Surgery

Yes, I left the day of my surgery.

No, Big Daddy was not thrilled.

I left with a bandaid on either side of my belly button and then on top of my belly button.  I also had 2 “catheters” that were inserted one on each side.  It held this numbing medication that kept my belly numb from Friday till when I pulled the second catheter out yesterday.  I was not sure it worked.

There was one ball that was deflating at a normal rate.  However, the other was not.  I had to go in on Sunday and come to find out, it was clogged.  Thankfully, they fixed that.  I pulled one ball (when it deflates, the medicine is gone) out on Monday night.  However, the other I pulled out on Tuesday night.  I thought it was clogged again because it was not deflating and I really really REALLY wanted a shower.

So…I took it out.

Within about 10 minutes, I realized that the ball was indeed, working and now I was hurting.  Like not just a little tug or a little pain….like, I could not stand up straight kind of hurting.  I got my shower….and then I went back to bed.  The things I have noticed so far……I pee a lot and it is orange (thanks to the Pyridium that helps my bladder from having spasms), take stool softeners to help but do not take too many or you will never leave the bathroom.

Take your meds…..for the love of all that is good and holy….take them. I have cut my painkillers in 1/2 and I’m trying to only rely on my 800 mg ibuprofen.  Laying on your side…just don’t.  Really, trust me.  Where big clothes and get some undies a size up.  There will be swelling and tight drawers are no fun.

Still Fat

You will not lose weight overnight LOL….yes, I thought that and it was a stupid thought.  Every time you get up to go and pee…walk walk walk.  Even if it hurts to walk around.  You will cry.  Not necessarily out of pain, though it is not fun…just my emotions are all over the place.  I cried at a youtube video.  Simply could not pull it together.

Give yourself grace.

I had the least invasive surgery, but it is still MAJOR surgery where organs (plural) are removed.  1 week of nothing but rest (only climb stairs twice a day), week 2 join the rest of your crew but sit on the couch.  Do not lift.  Climb.  Dance.  Run.  Exercise.  After week 2, you just need to take it easy for the next 4 weeks.  6 weeks of a whole lot of nothing.  If you do not listen to your body…rest when you can….you will have scar tissue and that is something that you will pay for…forever.

So….I’m resting.  My family is waiting on me.  I’m showering, napping (some), sleeping at night (little), and eating…some.

Here’s to hoping I feel way better sooner rather than later.



Medical Issues

Getting Ready for My Girl Party

Here I am Getting Ready for My Girl Party.


I, hope, I am getting a hysterectomy on Friday!  So, Getting Ready for My Girl Party.  About a month ago, I went to the dr, with some issues.  I am one who struggles with admitting that I don’t feel well.  Power through, that’s my motto.  I also use the phrase “I’m fine” a lot.  Sadly, I have not been to the dr in a couple of years for my physical. However, I also have not been to the girly dr for about 5 yrs because, frankly, I thought I was crazy.

Pap Smear:  Not So Bad

I went, I conquered and no one touched me.  Win Win.  I did, however, raise the concerns of my dr and he convinced me to come back, early and stay all day long.  All.  Day.  Long.  Staying at the girly dr all day long is much like the 7th level of hell.  Plus, it was hot in there….like residing in Satan’s armpit, ya know.  In fact, they had nice people, nurses, and office. Sadly, I do NOT want to be there for that length of time.

Constant Pee

I got there at about 10 (I procrastinated).  Then, I went straight for this torture chamber of an office that detects whether I pee unwarranted or not.  Hell, I could’ve told them that.  I can’t walk, talk, laugh, sneeze, cough, turn over in bed without peeing a little bit.  It drives me bonkers.  Most women who have had children, vaginally, have this problem.  We all know the art of talk talk talk…..stop…..cross our legs…..sneeze…..pause to make sure you have stopped the flow….resume talking.

This Test:  Not My Idea of Fun

I got through the first level of hell when that was done.  I was done.  It was so bad, at one point, the sweet nurses who were torturing me moved out of the way cause I got tickled and they were prepared for urine to shoot across the room.  I crap you not.  (side note:  there was no crapping on my part LOL…praise God.)

Up Next, Blood Work

I got out of there and I headed to get my blood work done.  Then, I just realized I do not have the results from that…might need to call.  I had a mini break, so I thought about getting a tattoo while I waited, across the street.  They, sadly, were not opened.  I ended up treating myself to lunch.  When you have all of Calloway County up in your business, one deserves to go out to eat.

Back to the Dr

Finished there and headed back to the dr.  I had an ultrasound on my uterus.  Luckily, I knew the lady doing it so it made it much easier.  I have not had an ultrasound since I was pregnant with my son 16 yrs ago.  It was strange.  She put the stuff on my belly (shout out to the person who invented the slime warmer, it was glorious) and she put that thing on there.

Is That a BABY in There?

She paused.  I sat straight up with a look of sheer panic.  Then, I peed.  I guess the blood running out of my face was an indication that she needed to speak.  At that moment, with a look of shock and awe in my face, I screamed.   “Is that a BABY’S HEAD in my uterus??!!  I swear on my life if you turn that thing around and I see eyes and some tiny hand waving at me…I’m heading to meet Jesus.”

Nope:  Just a Giant Fibroid Tumor

Then she laughed and said that no, it was not a head, but it was the size of a 23 weeks fetus. I have a fibroid tumor.  Well, good freaking grief.  She congratulated me on my upcoming hysterectomy.  I left there…ready to vomit and I headed back to the gyno.  There he was, with a new torture device and that sucker had a camera attached to it.

Hysteroscopy Time

I got in the “position” for a pap smear and I quickly realized that there was plastic EVERYWHERE.  I thought he was going to kill me and then wrap me up and dispose of me (I’ve been watching the Blacklist).

Then………he raised my bed to towards the ceiling.  Creepy and what happened next….well, let’s just say….hurt like nobody’s business.  He was doing a hysteroscopy to “scrape” the inside of my uterus to check for cancer.  He also inserted that camera that was the size of, I’d say, Canada.  Then, he had the AUDACITY to tell me what he saw.

I Might Have had a few Words

As I was coming up off that table, I looked at him and said “listen….unless you want a wire hanger shoved up your spot and twirled around while we are SLOWLY discussing it, I’d suggest you get what you are going to get and get that thing out and put away.  I’m about to shove my foot up your nostril.”

He did what he needed to do and he profusely apologized for it being “uncomfortable.”  Uncomfortable is like stubbing your toe, accidentally eating a fly that was in your McDonald’s french fry holder, or stepping on a rusty nail.  This was NOT uncomfortable.  This straight-up hurt.

Candy Makes Some Things Better…Just Not this Thing

He let me regroup and eat some candy to temper my anger and then he gingerly came back in.  Then, he said that my tumor was huge.  Amazingly enough, he recommended a hysterectomy.  He also said that my urine thing was off the charts and I just peed unprovoked all the time….like massively.  Uhm, ……I sort of already told him that.

On the other hand, I just had to say, I got my mammogram within the next few days!

All this being said, I’m getting my stuff out on Friday.  I’ve given myself a pedicure and took off all my polish.  I also gave myself a manicure.  Freezer meals are done.  My mom is coming.  She will take care of my kids.

I am SO beyond ready.

In all honesty, girls, if you have your girly parts, take care of them.  Realize that by taking care of them, you are taking care of you.  Do not be stupid like me and suffer in silence, there is no reason too.  There is no shame and you are NOT crazy about how you feel.  You are important.  In addition, eat well.  Exercise.  Get plenty of rest.  Go to the girl dr, the regular dr, the eye dr, and the dentist regularly!

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