Mama’s Old Fashioned Tacos

Mama's Old Fashioned TacosMama’s Old Fashioned Tacos. My Martha would make this, as we could afford it when we were children. The memories attached to this dish are even better than the actual dish. It floods back family, food, and togetherness—one of my favorite recipes EVER.

Mama’s Old Fashioned Tacos

2 lbs beef
1 lb ground pork (or sausage)
Fresh garlic

Cook and drain. Add cumin and chili powder.

In a skillet, put some water and another pan in it. In that other pan, add 1 stick of butter, a big thing of Velveeta (the real stuff), and 1 c. water (to start). Cook that on low until melted. Add some pepperoncini juice to that until it has a bite to it. I usually use about 1/2 a small jar of juice. When your cheese is thinned out, add some chopped-up pepperoncini’s.

Buy taco-flavored Doritos, put them on the bottom of your plate, and add your meat and cheese sauce. Some people put lettuce, sour cream, and/or green onions on top.

A lot of times, I will make rice to put over the chips. I make it in a beef broth to give it flavor.