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Monthly Cleaning Ideas

Monthly Cleaning Ideas

Monthly Cleaning Ideas
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Monthly Cleaning Ideas might help you with your monthly to-do items as well. I may do things you don’t normally do. If you have anything to add to my list, feel free to comment below! Typically, I run through this list the first week of the month. Sometimes I will coordinate these things during my normal cleaning routine but I certainly do not stress over them. Well, my family would disagree. I can get a little OCD when it comes to things being in their place.

My thought process is that if you put something back where it belongs, you won’t really ever have to look for it! Seems simple to me but not the people who live in my house. Granted, I can get a little bit ‘extra’ sometimes. That usually occurs if I am cleaning during a period of time when I am dissociating. I can do that when I am stressed or when I’m working through some issues.


This is not always a bad thing but it is a type of self-protection. I move inward and I process. There are times when I can’t control the events or people around me, therefore, I control the ‘things’ in my immediate area. It is something I have always done and am, on occasion, called out for doing.

I don’t mean the phrase ‘called out’ as a bad thing. It is something that someone notices and it brings up a conversation. Some of the questions can be “What’s going on? Is there something that is bothering you? As XYZ contacted you? Are you worried about something?” Typically I will balk at someone asking me those things. However, from a few people, I can be vulnerable and know that I am safe.

Safety in Numbers

I have learned that there are safety in numbers though I would love to think of myself as self-sufficient. After my Lady died, I really disconnected from everyone. She was my person and I told her almost everything. My confessions were never met with condemnation or Bible thumping. It was met with love, grace, mercy, and a plethora of answers or at least direction.

Over the last few years, I have remembered that I am safe with a certain amount of people. My Oak, my sisters, and a few close friends but most importantly, my husband. That is a story for another day and another time. Today is not that day! Without further chatting, here is what my monthly checklist looks like!

Monthly Cleaning Ideas

  • Letter board
  • Windows and blinds
  • Baseboards
  • Cabinet in dining room (putting things back where they belong)
  • Water plants
  • Wash placemats
  • Clean out litter box (yes, this is monthly because of the type of litter box we have)
  • Straighten up kitchen drawers/cabinets
  • Match bowls with lids
  • Wash blankets, dog beds, area rugs, shower mats
  • Match up toys
  • Wipe down the inside of the fridge
  • Replace all the febreze plug ins
  • Toilet tablets
  • Wipe down the inside of fridge
  • Fill up drink fridge
  • Wipe down cabinet fronts and splash guard
  • Refill all toilet paper, soap, handsoap, toothpaste
  • Boil toothbrushes, brushes, straws, and wooden spoons
  • Clean inside cracks/crevices and under furniture and cushions
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Wash bedding
  • Spray and throw in dryer pillows
  • Light bulb replacements
  • Disassemble fans and clean
  • Pods in garbage disposal, dishwasher, and washing machine
  • Check air filters
  • Organize cleaning closet
  • Put meds where they belong
  • Color code clothes and hangers (aka OCD moment)
  • Sweep porch and deck
  • Bathe dog and clip nails (possible haircut)
  • Haircuts for all the men in my life (yes, I do that monthly, it is a process)
  • Shred/file paperwork

If you think of anything I should add, please let me know!  You can always email at You can also subscribe to my blog to get email notifications of when I post!

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