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First Texas Roadhouse Experience

First Texas Roadhouse Experience

It is Friday.  All day long.  I woke up to my husband handing me a cinnamon roll and a giant cup of coke.


Then the words “D missed the bus.  J got him up.  He chose to go back to sleep.  Oh.  He was downstairs for a least an hour on the same chromebook that wasn’t supposed to leave the school.”

Well, good morning to you too.

I quite literally pulled the covers up over my head.  It’s Friday and Bart is home.  Again, not home to work but home home.  Home to just stare at me at uncomfortable rates.  He is home.

My brother and his bestie showed up to work on my deck, outside.  It is almost finished.  We chatted about all the things that we needed to chat about.  Bart and I were going to go on a “day date.”  I was ready and he was skimming the water off of the pool cover.  I told Bart that I was walking out the door.  If he wanted to attend lunch with me, he’d better get moving because I was not going to wait.

Yep, you guessed it.

I waited.


Because I didn’t want to drive.  Yes, I’m that pathetic.

We get to the restaurant of choice and get seated immediately with our hot rolls and no drinks.  We watched waitress #1 seat and get the drink orders behind us.  We watched waitress #2 talk to a table for a good 5-8 minutes.  Waitress #1 came back to the table behind us with their food.  Waitress #3 came to the table next to us, brought them more food and drink.  Then waitress #4 started chatting with waitress #2 and her customers.  Waitress #5 came back with the tickets of the table beside us.  Then a bus boy came and busted the table next to us.

Bart had had enough.  We had never been to this restaurant and likely he would not ever take me back.  He went and got a manager.  What a beautiful young lady and as she was PROFUSELY apologizing, all I could do was stare at her upper lip.

I am no stranger to a stray hair popping out of my upper lip, or my mole, or one particularly peculiar place of right under my eye.  This, however, took the cake.  She had a moustache much like Mario.

She was so upset and I was on the verge of losing all my composure.  Bart was very serious and explaining his disdain.  Then, a young lady, swooping up behind her came and stood.  She was very embarrassed.  I wanted to comfort her but she looked like the guy off of The Mask of Zorro.

I kid you not.

Once the manager saw that I was fixing to lose all my composure, she kindly stated that it was “Moustache Day” at the Texas Roadhouse.

Alrighty then.

Once they both left, the manager MORE than making it right for us.  An older lady came up to our table.  She said “well, if no one else is going to wait on you, I will.”  We ordered our food and she walked off.  Yet, catching her was the Mask of Zorro girl who was about to throw down because older, un-moustached, lady took her table.

I can’t even.

I think we waited an hour and a half.  My steak was not done enough, so they took it back (I hate doing that because I don’t want them to spit in my food LOL) but left me the cheese fries to munch on.  Mario brings it back, with MORE steak fries and older lady said “you forgot her bacon bits.”

I was like, “Dude, don’t even worry.  I’m good.”  Manager was so upset she made it even MORE right with us.  God love her.  Mask of Zorro came back around and apologized.  She was new, didn’t know her tables and then went on to explain she has a severe, on life support, child in Kindergarten.

We bonded.

I guess we will go back one more time because Mario gave us a gift certificate.  Food was good.  Service was good, once we got it.  All in all, it was a decent experience.  Maybe next time, I can eat my food hot and not out of a leftovers box because we were there forever and five days.

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