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Cracking the Hermit Crab Death Secret

Cracking the Hermit Crab Death Secret

Cracking the Hermit Crab Death Secret

Cracking the Hermit Crab Death Secret. Well, our frisky little Earl, whom we bought for Peach on vacation, bit the dust yesterday. RIP Earl.

He was an active little sucker till the end. He was our own Houdini and will be missed (cough, wink).

I knew something was amiss when I let him and Bob out of their cage for their afternoon exercise. I found Earl’s leg but not attached to his body.

He was still moving around, so I just assumed that was normal (a stupid thing to do).

What Exactly IS Normal?

While the kids were at Martha’s house, I grabbed the cage to feed/water Earl and Bob. Well, I picked Earl up, and his other leg fell off.

Once again, I thought this was normal (I had never had crabs before).

I turned the shell over, and out came Earl, dead, smelly Earl.

In my sadness (insanity), I insisted that Big Daddy and I go to the ‘big’ town and get Peach another crab.

We did, his name is Ed, and he is still alive.

I’m redoing their terrarium and had them sitting on the kitchen table, and before I knew it, Bob fell off the table. Those little suckers can book it.

All in all, they are both alive for the time being.


We got both of these crabs while in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Which is not far from Gatlinburg.

Never will I ever assume anything about crabs or their body parts.



Vacation Days

Top 18 Lessons Learned About Camping in Gatlinburg

Top 18 Lessons Learned About Camping in Gatlinburg


Top 18 Lessons Learned About Camping in Gatlinburg

Here are the Top 18 Lessons Learned About Camping in Gatlinburg. I hope it helps you if you decide to head that way.

  • If you stand under a tree after a thunderstorm, and you shake said tree for effect, you will get wet.
  • There are 31 Cracker Barrels between Benton and Gatlinburg.
  • Bug said 5,985,375,956 words ON THE TRIP DOWN THERE!
  • Rats on the sidewalk do not constitute wildlife.
  • When you see boxer briefs lying outside your camper, please don’t assume it is your husband’s and pick them up.
  • When your awning isn’t tied down, it will blow over your camper during a thunderstorm.
  • Pirates DO NOT live in Pittsburgh.
  • Teen girls will cry randomly and without warning.
  • BEWARE: twitterpated animals are everywhere (the ducks beside your camper, the chickadees in the KFC parking lot, and even the skunks on exhibit). Be prepared to body slam your teenager when she is arguing with the younger four children over the fact that the animals are not fighting. They are ____________.

Camping in Gatlinburg

Having your first vacation with your whole family can be exhausting. Yet, having children experience the Gatlinburg attractions and Pigeon Forge is the most fun. It was a learning curve on these vacation days!

Part 2

  • Camper upholstery is very ugly, but the fact that it is durable and can stand up to copious amounts of ketchup makes up for that fact.
  • Yes, there are real Indians in the world.
  • If you run out of room in the trunk of your vehicle, feel free to duct tape the remainder of your items on the hood of your car.
  • When searching for a “free” hermit crab, prepare to hear “want crabs?”. It is an innocent question.
  • You will never meet a stranger while camping.
  • Urine. It happens in the camper (sans toilet) or off the mountain.
  • Campers will always tell you which rope, knot, and tree to use when tying up your children.
  • Opening the gate to the swimming pool and moving out of the way can cause black eyes.
  • Ducks quack at 3:30 in the morning.