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Digital Organization: Phone

Digital Organization: Phone

Digital Organization: Phone

It is a new year and a fresh start. So, why hold onto things. We all need a new beginning from time to time. To me, organizing is freeing. So, as I purge/donate/organize my life, I will let you know what I’m doing. Maybe it will inspire you. So let’s begin with Digital Organization: Phone.

My phone is NOT my lifeline.

I try not to carry it into places with me, and I don’t obsessively scroll for hours. It has been becoming more and more apparent how addicted we all are to our cell phones. It is sad.

I sit in places and look around. Everyone has their nose in their phones. They were scrolling endlessly. People are constantly comparing themselves to others. They do this because everything seems perfect in the little squares of life. Therefore, we fall into the trap of never being enough.

In Christ, you are enough.

Text Messages

The first thing I do is work on my text messages. How many times do you see a text and think you have responded. Then you realize you didn’t respond to that message. I am so guilty of that. Every night, I go through them and respond to what I need. Then, I put in my calendar what needs to go in there.

Next, I delete all my text messages. If it is something important, I will copy/paste it into a “Note” app. I will transfer it from my phone gallery to my tablet. I am pretty diligent about deleting my messages daily. The visual clutter drives me completely insane. I get overwhelmed.

Next up, I go through my contacts.

Delete, delete, delete. I have very few numbers on my phone. There have been moments when someone has randomly texted me. I ask who they are ūüôā Most of the time, I have a general idea of who it is.

Then, I go through my apps.

I delete the ones I do not use or have never used. It takes up so much space. Organize the apps you have. On my “home” screen, I have my garage door app and a calendar. That is it. For the rest, I take the icons off my home screen. Again, visual clutter irritates me. You can combine apps into folders on your home page. In combining, you can streamline what you see.

Digital Downloads

When I check my email, sometimes I have to download something. Go through your files to find the downloads file. Delete that mess. You don’t need it. All it does is slow your phone down.¬†

Digital Phone Pictures/Music

Pictures I transfer to my tablet, then I delete them off the phone. I do not store music (except for what a friend sends me).


Put your phone down and talk face to face. Do this while you make eye contact. Engage in society to make a difference. There was a time before cell phones. One could go to Walmart without everyone knowing. In the beginning, I spent WAY too much time on my phone. It was a novelty. I remember when Facebook began, and I was enthralled. Sadly, I also missed out on my children. My nose was so far up my phone that I couldn’t see the humans standing before me. They are so much more fun.