Embarrassing Moment 2023 Edition

Embarrassing Moment 2023 Edition

Embarrassing Moment 2023 Edition
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Here is my most Embarrassing Moment 2023 Edition. I mean, there are a lot of embarrassing moments throughout my life, but this one was really a moment. To some people, this is minor. I mean it isn’t like the green bean incident of 2021. It certainly isn’t the chocolate bit incident of 2019. One day, I will share those. Well, one isn’t mine to share nor is the urine and boxwood incident of 2014.

I digress.

Leading up to my Embarrassing Moment

Tuesday was an unusual day. It started out normal. The kids were at school, my grandchild was here and B was home working. My thoughts were to get supper started because I knew that I had to go to an away game for one of my children. In my head, I thought I could go ahead and brown the ground beef (5 lbs worth) and I could use that for the taco soup and stuffed pepper soup. Also I realized that it was date night this week and one of my children requested a certain meal that needed ground beef. No problem, I will get that done and split up all this meat. Easy.

Sous Chef

My sous chef likes to sit on my hip and ‘help’ me stir while we say “hot hot.” I mean you have to teach them young, right? So, in one pot, I had my meat, onion, garlic and seasoning going. In another pot, I had some peppers cooking up. I got the meat done, saved out some for my child cooking supper, I got some put in the pepper pan to make the stuffed pepper soup, and the rest I had for the taco soup.

All really was well until…


Yes, my embarrassing moment involves rice. See, I buy bagged rice and I keep it in an airtight container. I needed a cup of uncooked rice for the gluten free stuffed pepper soup. As I poured the rice into my cup, I realized that I had used my instant pot. Normally, I cook rice in there and there really is no issue. However, I was currently using the instant pot and I was too lazy (aka busy) to go get one of the other three pots (yes, I have 4 instant pots).

My thought process was that it couldn’t be that hard to cook rice. I tried calling my daughter and she didn’t answer. Then, I called my mom and she asked if it was instant rice. In all my life and all my years cooking, I have never heard of instant rice. Like does it cook in an instant? How does it cook? Do you ratio the rice versus water? I have questions.

Clearly, I didn’t have instant rice.

Next Up

My mom had no idea how to do regular rice, so I thought well, I am an educated woman, I can do this. What do you think I do? I google it. Google is never wrong. It instructed me to put it in a bowl, with water and put a lid on the bowl. Microwave on high for 8 minutes, remove lid, stir, and put back in for another 3 minutes.

Did you know that if you put a lid on a bowl, place it in the microwave on high heat, that it will explode? Why yes, yes it does. Sad part is is that the rice still wasn’t cooked. I was stressing out because I was making that special for one of my children and I wanted it to be perfect.

Explosion and undone rice. Scared me, scared B, scared my grandchild…winner winner moment for me. I have cooked for over 30 years and didn’t start using rice until the instant pot came out. The only joy I can get from that moment is my mom didn’t know how to do it either.

Saving the Day

In an effort to save the semi-cooked rice, I vented the lid and put it back in the microwave after I cleaned up the huge sticky mess. Thankfully, it was cooked enough to put with the rest of the ingredients. The liquid from the soup helped cook it through even more.

In the end, I still don’t know how to make regular rice without an instant pot. Any suggestions would be great!