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Vomit and a One-Eyed Rooster

Vomit and a One-Eyed Rooster

Vomit and a One-Eyed Rooster Named Nugget and the Complexities of Life. It is a beautiful fall day. The wind is whippin’ through the trees. Oh, and the clouds are floating around like cotton balls. Then there is the smell of burning leaves outside. Sadly, there is also the smell of vomit inside. Ahhhh, you must love these little moments of life.

Sweet Nothings

As I was in a peaceful slumber, my sweet stud of a husband crawled into bed. He cuddles up with what I thought were the whisperings of sweet nothings in my ear. Alas, it was the whisperings of “Peach just puked in her bed.” He sure does know how to get a girl moving ūüôā Bless his precious pea-picking heart, and he took care of the “mess.” He shook out the chunks off the blanket. Alas, it was close to the patio and onto the boxwood outback. He even washed the blanket for me.¬†¬†

Puker #1 & Puker #2

I went downstairs to check on said puker, which was pretty pathetic. She had a puke bowl and was looking a bit gross. I asked her if she wanted to come upstairs and sleep on the couch. She wanted to. So, we made her bed and settled in for the night. All was well in the world. Everyone was sleeping, and B headed off to work. Then there came a whirlwind in my bedroom. It was Boo. 

¬†“Catfish just puked up some sort of vegetables in his bed!” Alrighty, then that’s nasty. Me, I don’t vomit. I’m a great kind of “after the puke” kind of momma. Sadly, the grody stuff, I’d just as soon forego. I walk into his room. There it is, chunky wads of green beans/corn and some other foreign substance. I’m trying not to complete blow chunks while cleaning this nastiness up.¬†

Vomit and a One-Eyed Rooster

Throwing Chunks

I gathered what I could and took it out front. Seriously, I’m an equal opportunity gal. Since Peach’s chunks were out the back, I thought it would be an excellent choice to throw Catfish’s chunks of vomit out the front. At that point, I shook out what I could behind the boxwood. I walked through the house and realized that my feet were sticking to the floor.¬†

My sweet husband (I am thankful) cleaned out Peach’s bed. He carried the blanket out. In doing so, he was not being uber careful. There were little vomit droplets all down the hall. Oh, it didn’t stop there. They were through the dining room, as well. Also, they were back through the kitchen and onto the laundry room floor. Gross isn’t even the word to describe this moment. I mop, mop again, and then mop for the third time. I thought I had it all cleaned up…that’s what I get for thinking.¬†¬†

4 Down

Since I couldn’t properly get the chunks out of his bed, the mattress, or the floor, I had to resort to the vacuum cleaner. Doctored up his bed, sprinkled baking soda on the mattress and the carpet, and turned around to see Bug, green…not so much with envy, either. She was blowing chunks, as well.¬†

I gave her and D some Phenergan. Then they laid back down. Boo was good, so I let him play the Wii while I laid back down. He took the dogs out and said the “cold air made his belly hurt.” UGH. I had the four sickly kids upstairs resting and the one well one. We cleaned the house and took care of business.

Nugget the One-Eyed Rooster

She was mopping again, and I went out to check the chickens. The four hens and Big Red rooster were waiting for their breakfast and some freshwater. I obliged with joy. I do enjoy my chickens. The boxes my kids and neighbors made were ready for some wood chips. I brought them into the bedroom/bathroom section of our coop. 

There he was, Nugget, aka¬†Einstein. He was perched way up the top of some shelves. I looked at him and realized that something was different. He was missing an eyeball. He has always been the small one of the bunch. The hens didn’t care for him very much, so I’m guessing that they pecked pecked pecked on him.¬†¬†

Vomit and a One-Eyed Rooster