Life or Something Like It

Backpacks By Lesle’ Honore’

Backpacks By Lesle’ Honore’. Gracious how this stabs my heart. I am reposting this from Facebook. A friend of mine, Megan. I have never read this before. My son and I are having conversations that address these topics. Yet, I include my caucasian kids in the conversation too. If one can’t wear a hoodie, then none wear a hoodie. It just is what it is.

People in this world will only see my son’s skin color. What a shame. How sad or traumatic of another human to judge my son based on something so trivial. The first thing I see when I look at him is his beautiful eyes and the smile that lights up a room!


We all need to realize Jesus was not a blonde hair, blue-eyed caucasian person. He was middle eastern with dark features and dark skin. Yet, we are all created in His image. It will be a day when we can all love one another!

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Backpacks By Lesle’ Honore’

When black boys are born
We mothers kiss their faces
Twirl our fingers in their curls
Put them in carriers on our chest
Show them to the world
Our tiny black princes
And when they start school
As early as 3
We mothers
Place huge backpacks on their backs

And we slowly fill them with bricks

Etched with tools
Tattooed with truths
Hoping to save them
{Don’t} talk back
Don’t get angry
Say yes ma’am
Say no sir
Don’t fight
Even if they hit you first
Especially if they are white
Do your best
Better than best
Be still
Worker hardest


they get a little older
And we add more
Keep your hands out of your pockets
Don’t look them in the eye
{Don’t} challenge
Don’t put your manhood before your life
Just get home safe
Don’t walk alone
{Don’t} walk with too many boys
Don’t walk towards police
{Don’t} walk away from police
Don’t buy candy or ice tea
{Don’t} put your hood up
I’ll drive you
{I’ll} pick you up
You can’t be free
Don’t go wandering
Come home to me


They get a little older
And we add more
Understand you are a threat
Standing still
Your degrees are not a shield
{Your} job is not a shield
Your salary makes you a target
{Your} car makes you a target
Your nice house in a nice neighborhood
Makes you a target
Don’t put your ego before your safety
{Don’t} talk back
Don’t look them in the eye
Get home to your wife
Your son


They weigh them down.
This knowing
Of having to carry the load
Of their blackness
the world hasn’t changed
The straps just dig deeper into their skin
Their backs ache
But their souls don’t break
Our beautiful black men
When you say
I simply ask
Will your son die with the world on his back
Mine will.

By: Lesle’ Honore’