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When We Last Spoke Review and Giveaway

When We Last Spoke Review and Giveaway

When We Last Spoke Review and Giveaway


Here is my newest When We Last Spoke Review and Giveaway.  When We Last Spoke is an award-winning, heartwarming story of faith, family, and forgiveness, based on a book by Marci Henna.

Trigger Warning  This movie is wholesome yet depicts abandonment, war, and death.

My Thoughts

Let’s set aside that Laura Ingalls Wilder portrays a grandmother in this film for a moment.  Corbin Bernsen, yes, I can see him as a grandfather.  Cloris Leachman, yes, I can see her as a wacky great grandmother.  Yet, Melissa Gilbert threw me off a bit.  Then, there were the fiddle scenes.  I can see her learning what she knew through her Pa in Little House on the Prairie.

I digress.

Let’s Dive Into the Movie

It was so freaking good.  There were moments that were hard for me to watch, as it triggered emotions of losing my Lady.  I cried, more than I probably should have.  There was no sex, no swearing, nothing.

Cloris Leachman was a star in this movie.  Her wit, humor, and beauty was a thing to behold.  I enjoyed the parts that she was in very much, especially towards the end when she was dancing with her family.


This is what we do, in families.  Well, what we should do.  We take care of each other and no one should ever feel alone.  Even during the hardest parts of life, forgiveness, grace, and mercy should always try to be extended to those we love.  Taking care of each other, even when it is hard and we flush our underwear down the toilet.

Excellent movie.

Movie Info

• Watch the film on Amazon Prime or visit our website to find all the ways to view this
powerful movie with the whole family

• Starring Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie), Cloris Leachman, and Corbin Bernsen

• When We Last Spoke recently won Best Picture, Best Narrative, Best Supporting Actor, and
more at the Crown Awards at the National Religious Broadcasters 2021 Christian Media

Trailer:  When We Last Spoke Trailer

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Press Release

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 8, 2021) – WHEN WE LAST SPOKE celebrates big wins at the 2021 ICVM Crown Awards held June 23 in Grapevine, Texas. The film received awards in each of the five categories it was eligible for, including the titles Best Picture and Best Narrative.

The WHEN WE LAST SPOKE cast received three individual awards – the late Cloris Leachman was awarded Best Supporting Actor, the Silver Award for Best Actress was given to Melissa Gilbert and the Bronze Award for Best Actor was awarded to Corbin Bernsen.  “We are so grateful to the wonderful team that helped make this film a reality,” says Marci Henna. “So many
years of love and hard work have gone into this movie. I want to thank the NRB and ICVMs for recognizing us and placing us with such an amazing group of nominees.”

Past wins include “Audience Favorite” at the Austin Film Festival and the film’s official selection at the Heartland International Film Festival.  Following the lovable and nutty family of sisters Juliet and Evangeline, WHEN WE LAST SPOKE gives viewers an insight into the beauty of the Cranbournes as they journey through the ups and downs of their unexpected situation.

Life for Juliet and Evangeline changes quickly after their father James departs to fight in the Vietnam War and their mother, who feels ill-equipped to raise two daughters alone, leaves them with their grandparents, Walt and Ruby, to pursue her own singing career. Together, the family learns how to overcome heartbreak and uncertainty by holding tight to the most important aspects of life – family, friends, love and forgiveness.

Inspired by the novel from Marci Henna, director Joanne Hock and screenplay writers Rick Eldridge and Jimmy Hager pack WHEN WE LAST SPOKE with humor, heartbreak and triumph. Audiences will leave grateful for the gift of family, the relief of laughter and with a newfound appreciation for the often kooky relationships with friends and family.

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When We Last Spoke Review and Giveaway

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