Weiner Wink Memories

Weiner Wink Memories

It has been a minute or two since I have blogged.  I have a lot to say but the words in my head will not trickle out of my fingertips.  So, today we shall chat about Weiner Wink Memories.

It’s pretty simple.  Take a piece of biscuit dough (some fancy people use crescent rolls) and flatten it out.  Then, take a piece of cheese (Kraft) and lay it on top of the biscuit. Next, take your hotdog and slice it down the middle (not all the way through).  Finally, roll it up and bake it at 350 for about 10 minutes.  Enjoy.

Treasured Times

My mom would make Weiner Winks I think most people call them Pigs in a Blanket) when I was a little girl.  It was such a treat!  We would get those little bitty biscuits, REAL Kraft cheese (1/2 slice per wink) and hotdogs.  It was an exciting night for us kids.  Almost as exciting as grocery day when she would get a bag of Doritos and a REAL coke for hamburger night (again, a 1/2 slice of cheese per burger)!

As I am typing this, I have a grin from ear to ear!  It really is the small things of life that can bring such joy.  We didn’t have a lot of money, yet we didn’t want for anything.  Martha and Pop never let on that we were in need of anything.  Such good parents.  I adore them.

Passing it All Down

As of late, my son-in-law has dubbed Wednesday “Weiner Wednesday.”  He and Big Daddy grill brats, Oscar Meyer Weiners, and whatever else floats their boat.  Apparently, tonight is 50 cent corndogs (vomit) at Sonic…so they wanted to do that.  For us “non-corndog people,” I am making weiner winks with the itty bitty biscuits and a FULL slice of cheese!  It tickles my soul that a childhood favorite of mine is such a thrill for all my kids.  My big kids are even coming!  Makes my heart smile.

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