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Fight for the Soul of Your Child Review and Giveaway

Fight for the Soul of Your Child Review and Giveaway

Fight for the Soul of Your Child Review and Giveaway

Fight for the Soul of Your Child Review and Giveaway. This book is by Jimmy and Karen Evans. It is co-written by their daughter, Julie Evans Albracht. “Fighting for the Soul of Your Child” is a powerful guide for parents seeking to nurture and raise their child in today’s ever-evolving world. This book equips parents with the tools and knowledge they need to raise resilient, spiritually grounded, and emotionally healthy children.

As a parent of many children (and now grandchildren), this is a practical guide to help how to pray and live your life in a way that honor’s God. My greatest worry is the salvation of my children and grandchildren. These concepts are not all new to me, but it is so nice to see it all written out, in one place, to remind me of the importance of this decision in their lives.

Key Points

• 1. Empower Your Parenting: Discover practical strategies and insights to empower your role as a parent in shaping your child’s future.

• 2. Time-Tested Wisdom: Benefit from the wisdom of Jimmy and Karen Evans, respected marriage and parenting experts with over 40 years of experience.

• 3. Protect Their Heart: Learn how to safeguard your child’s emotional and spiritual well-being in an increasingly challenging world.

• 4. Effective Communication: Unlock the secrets to open and honest communication with your child, fostering trust and connection.

• 5. Spiritual Growth: Explore ways to nurture your child’s faith and values, helping them develop a strong moral compass.

• 6. Navigating Challenges: Gain valuable insights on handling common parenting challenges, from peer pressure to technology addiction.

• 7. Family Harmony: Discover strategies to strengthen your family bond and create a loving, supportive environment.

• 8. Real-Life Stories: Engage with relatable stories and examples that illustrate the principles discussed in the book.

• 9. Transformative Impact: Experience the transformation in your parenting journey as you implement the proven strategies shared in this book.

• 10. A Lifelong Resource: “Fighting for the Soul of Your Child” is a timeless resource that will guide you through the various stages of your child’s growth.

Fight for the Soul of Your Child Review and Giveaway

Codes and Links

Moms, get this helpful book today! Use code MIN25 at the XO store for 25% off your order of Fighting For the Soul of Your Child today!

Website: LINK

Giveaway Info and Disclosure

Giveaway: 1 copy of Fighting For the Soul of Your Child. Please note that this is limited to US winners only. Please submit your name and email address for a chance to win by 11/11/23. The random drawing will be done on 11/12/23.

Disclosure: Many thanks to XO Publishing for providing a sample of the product for this review.

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CSB Explorer Bible for Kids Review

 CSB Explorer Bible for Kids Review

CSB Explorer Bible for Kids Review


It’s been a while since I have done a review and giveaway with Momentum Influencer Network!  I’m glad to offer a look into this cool new Bible for kids! Here is a CSB Explorer Bible for Kids Review.

For those who have been with my blog for any length of time, you know that I have a love for Bibles. It is comforting to me to be able to read, in many versions, the Scripture that I hold so dear to my heart. Yet this time, I get the privilege of sharing this with my youngest child. My prayer is that Scripture can come alive for my children. As they get older, I pray that that love of Scripture evolves with them as they reach different stages of life.

Here I am introducing the new CSB Explorer Bible for Kids! It has a ton of fun facts, timelines, photos, and more. The Scripture will come alive to children. They have QR codes that you can scan that will provide videos to go along with the Scripture. There are also discussion questions, and activity pages. Also, there are areas of applying the truths and imagery of the Bible to real world experiences that kids face. This Bible is available in hardcover and leather touch editions.

This is an easy to read Bible that is full of amazing color to help a child be engaged in the beauty that lies within the words! It has two tables of content. There is one that is in order and the other is sorted alphabetically. There is also a topical concordance and index of Bible stories.

CSB Explorer Bible for Kids Review


  • Get 50% off your CSB Explorer Bible TODAY by using the code EXPLORERGIFT50. This is valid for 50% off retail price for up to 1 copy of the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids. This is only available at LIFEWAY.COM.


  • Here is an interview that Jean Thomason did with Andy McLean. Mr. McLean is the Bible Publisher with Holman Bibles.
  • Here is the link to the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids homepage.


Giveaway: A name will be drawn for 1 (one) copy of the Lifeway Explorer Kids Bible. Please like or comment on any social media post (on this blog, Facebook, or Instagram) to be eligible to win by 12/12/2022. If draw your name, I will reach out to you to get your information. If you do not respond by 12/14/2022, I will draw another name. I will submit the name to the company for them to send out your Bible.

CSB Explorer Bible for Kids Review


Many thanks to Lifeway Christian Resources for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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Tyson’s Run Review and Giveaway

Tyson's Run Review and Giveaway

Tyson’s Run Review and Giveaway

Here is a brand new review and giveaway from the Momentum Influencer Network.

Don’t miss this feel-good story of faith, courage, grit, and unlikely alliances for a teen on the autism spectrum. You will come away inspired! Have you ever found yourself trying to get the approval of a parent? If not, you likely know someone who has. That’s where Tyson, a teen with autism, finds himself as he watches his hero father lead the high school football team. Tyson’s Run is not only relatable but also a beautiful picture of the rewards of dreams, determination, and relationships when we don’t quit.

The cast includes Major Dodson as Tyson, Barkhad Abdi as Akilu, Amy Smart as Eloise, Rory Cochrane as the coach, Layla Felder at Shannon, and more. Fun side note, if you ever watched Mike and Molly, you will recognize the “mayor” of this movie, Reno Wilson. In addition, four-time Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams recorded if You Believe an original song just for Tyson’s Run.

A Movie We Can All Relate To

Tyson’s longing to be accepted by his father leads him to push himself further than anyone might have thought possible. Ultimately, it is a heart-warming story of overcoming odds, changing perceptions, and of love winning.

When fifteen-year-old Tyson attends public school for the first time, his life is changed forever. While helping his father clean up after the football team, Tyson befriends champion marathon runner Aklilu. Never letting his autism hold him back, Tyson becomes determined to run his first marathon in hopes of winning his father’s approval. With the help of an unlikely friend and his parents, Tyson learns that anything is possible with faith in yourself and the courage to take the first step.

My Thoughts

This movie had me all in the feels. The family has a child who is on the spectrum. I want it known that not all kids on the spectrum are the same. Every single child is different, and they are all capable and wonderfully made. I have two kids on the spectrum, so I believe that statement. A marriage can face struggles when having children with any issues is difficult.

“According to the documentary film “Autism Every Day,” divorce rates for families with children with autism are as high as eighty percent (80%), and for families of children with all disabilities, that number has been touted as high as eighty-five to eighty-seven percent (85-87%).” This statement is from the documentary film Autism Every Day. In our family, we have two kids on the spectrum, two kids with FASD, a child with epilepsy, a child with single-sided deafness, a child with multiple mental issues, a child with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, and then there are all the other things. My marriage is destined to fail, according to that statistic.

This movie tackles the challenging moments between a husband and a wife just trying to do their best for their child and to set them up for success after they are gone. I get it. I mean, I get it on a personal and profound level.

Mix that in with public school and bullying, a “geriatric” pregnancy, and life…you get the struggles of this family. I also have a son from Ethiopia, so seeing the role that Barkhad Abdi plays makes my heart happy. He is a Somali-American, and he is a beautiful and talented man.

This movie must be shown in all the schools, across the board. Bullying is never good and can affect the life and well-being of those considered “less-than.” Suppose you are different than others; congratulations to you! This is not a deficit! You are capable of everything and even more, because you are so in tune with yourself and have compassion beyond compare.

To my husband, even in the hard times and the times we have tried to give up, you are my heart and my person. I am blessed to be walking down this hard road with you. Please don’t give up on me, and I won’t give up on you.

Important Information

You can buy your digital copy or DVD of Tyson’s Run anytime.

Also, you can check out more information on their website.

Official Trailer: Tyson’s Run

Giveaway Rules and Disclosure Information

One digital copy of Tyson’s Run. Please note: this is limited to US winners only. Many thanks to Collide Distribution for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Life or Something Like It

Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Upcoming Changes to the Blog are in progress. For one, I’m going to possibly have that boy in an arrangement with my second daughter do some behind-the-scenes work. That means he is going to do things I don’t know about.

An addition will be either a category or a page dedicated to book reviews. I have been reading a lot lately, and I want to share with you what I’m reading to see if it piques your interest. I usually stay away from fiction, though I can stomach a few John Grisham books, and then there are a few classics that I love. Mainly therapeutic books, brain healing (from trauma), Holocaust books, and so on.

I am definitely going to make a page dedicated to Momentum Influencers Network. I have been working with them for years. I want a space dedicated to the reviews and giveaways they offer. This is such a good company, and 98% of the time, they have great opportunities.

Another “piece of business” thing is I am in the process of taking pictures of my kids and grandchild(ren) off social media platforms. This is a personal decision because I never want people to think I’m exploiting my kids for profit (I make nothing). Still, my adult children can give me informed consent, but my young boys cannot. If I have one standard for one kid, it goes for all my kids. I will still talk about them, but I want to respect their privacy.

As for my blog content, I’m on the fence about whether or not to take down posts regarding H’s health or my adoptions. I may go in and rewrite certain things…I want people to know how good God is in everything He worked out about those subjects. Yet, I want to be sensitive to all parties involved.
Now, this will all take time as I’ve been writing for a long, long, LONG time. I don’t even know if anyone reads my blog. My blog is more of a journal for me and an outlet. Recipes are a given; my mental health and my faith journey will still be here, and I will still write about it. Also, I will be accepting guest bloggers on a case-by-case basis. I may even start my FB group back up. It was deleted when I deleted all my social media accounts a year or so ago. I may try and see if there is interest in that. We shall see.