Seasoning Recipe Mix

Seasoning Recipe Mix

Seasoning Recipe Mix

This is the Seasoning Recipe Mix recipe I use to season absolutely everything! I tend to use more garlic than anything. Also, I am not a fan of pepper. So, I came up with an excellent mixture of flavors. Occasionally have to use minced onion instead of onion powder.

1 c. kosher salt

1/2 c. Garlic Powder

Onion Powder, 1/2 c.

1/8 c. Pepper

How I use this:

I use an old parmesan container. Therefore, I can double this recipe to make it last longer. I have also used a baggie, Tupperware, or a mason jar. So really, you can use anything. I keep it in my spice cabinet.

Once I get it all mixed up, I shake it up and use it daily. I tend to be an “over garlic” person, so this is a happy medium, and we don’t scare the vampires away.

The other day, I graduated from the parmesan jar to a mason jar. However, I do use the parmesan jar lid. It fits perfectly over my mason jar. This has helped with the mixture not clumping so much.