Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Well, I sort of am doing the Amish Iridologist In Pictures.  I do not take pictures of the Amish because they do not want their pictures taken.  This is a respectful thing and I choose to honor what they asked of me.

We stayed in a little town about 45 minutes from Hestand.  When I requested an appointment, I didn’t specify a time.  I couldn’t have made the trip in a day but they gave me an 8 am appointment time.  The drive is about 5 hrs from where I live, so I spent the night.

Frisked at the Dollar General

I went by myself, on this trip.  Later, we all came.  Our hotel was right behind a huge Dollar General store.  Hunter was not well.  Rages were common.  I had to carry him everywhere.  Potty training was non-existent and I was a bucket of nerves.

I thought I would run into the DG and pick up some food to eat on the way to Mr. Reuben the next day.  Hunter was hysterical.  I was exhausted.  We got there, with him screaming, I put him in the cart while he was screaming.  Then, he proceeded to crap from stem to sternum.  All the diapers and wipes were in my hotel room.

Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Never Touched a Thing

I went up one aisle and down another.  Never looked or touched anything.  I couldn’t do it.  Got him up out of the cart, with crap everywhere, him screaming, and my flushed and irritated.  As I walked out the door, the checkout girl asked to frisk me and check my purse.

Anger ensued.  I just looked at her and said I didn’t even look at anything and did she want to smell him or check his crappy diaper or the poop that was smeared all over me?  She checked my purse and said I was fine.  I told her in the morning, she would not be fine because I would be back to talk to her manager.


Sure enough, I went back the next morning but my temper had settled.  I told the manager what had happened and she was mortified.  She asked me not to call the corporate office and she would handle that young lady.  I asked her to please not fire her because she was young and probably needed the job.  Luckily, she didn’t though that is what she wanted to do.  Crisis averted.

Peek Inside

I am going to keep these pictures larger so I can see what is in them.  This is directly to the right after you walk into the door.  That table has papers for the person to fill out to give to Mr. Schwartz.  On the other side of the desk is the hallway to his office.

That giant shelf is across from the tables in the first picture.  This is where they keep some of their homemade goodies that you can buy.  Behind this shelf, is another wall and it has tables set up with more homemade goodies.  All the way to the back is the room where they keep all the herbs and supplements.  If it is super busy, someone sits at the desk you see straight ahead and there are 2 other desks to the left.  This place can get packed quickly.

Amish Iridologist In Pictures Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Peering Out the Window

The house looks relatively new!  It is nice.  There is a full-length front porch with rocking chairs on it for the overflow.  It is out in the middle of nowhere and on a gravel road.  If you are looking straight at the front porch, to the left is the main road.  To the right, there is a garden and a place for the horse and buggies.  If you keep going down the driveway, you will run right into Abraham’s farm.  He is one of Reuben’s 12 children.  Lovely man.  He does leatherwork.

Amish Iridologist In Pictures Amish Iridologist In Pictures Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Getting in Contact

You must write a letter to Mr. Schwartz. Expect a reply back within a couple of weeks.  If you want a specific day/time, put that in your letter.  You do not have to go into detail about what is wrong, it isn’t necessary.  They handwrite you a letter back.  You can just show up but if he is booked with appointments, he will honor those first.  They do not work over!

Reuben Schwartz

1205 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY 42151


They take cash only!  Be aware and bring around $300.  I’m not saying you will spend it all but it is better to have it if you need it.  There are some herbs/supplements that he doesn’t have.  He will mark that on your sheet of information.  You will go down the hill to Mountain Air Herbs.  They can complete your order.  Mountain Air Herbs is not run by the Amish, but they do help Reuben out. They do take credit cards!

Please Note:

I cannot and do not make appointments for them.  We have simply been there 2 times.  Once for Hunter and me.  The second time, we brought all of our children.  I am happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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4 thoughts on “Amish Iridologist In Pictures”

  1. I’m proud for the ppl he has helped .but do extensive research on this man.the Amish dosent even see him .ever saw an Amish person waiting to ? They csll him witch craft.he almost killed me! Put a really hot herb in my mouth took my breath .it was bad all I’m saying

    1. I understand completely. He actually talked to me about that…because I asked LOL. His great grandfather learned of Iridology and he felt it was witchcraft. Yet, over time, he began seeing his community (Amish) getting healed and he decided to dive deeper into what it all was and how it worked. I did see some Amish come in an out to be seen. I also met some of his children. I would NEVER recommend this over modern medicine but I do believe in seeking all alternatives in conjunction with modern meds. Do your homework, be informed, know your body, ask questions, never stop a med without consulting your physician. His herbs are wretched LOL. I had to put mine in orange juice. He would laugh and just down it.

    2. I dont know of any herb that could kill you from being hot. Reuben does not practice witchcraft known of this man my whole life and lots and lots of people go to him. Also yes I have seen amish people in the office before waiting to see him. Reuben has helped many people and he is a great person to the community. He and his family are loved by many and people travel from afar to see him. I’m not related to Reuben or even affiliated with him i just know because its a small town we live in everyone knows everyone.

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