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Free Items for Children with Special Needs

Free Items for Children with Special NeedsFree Items for Children with Special Needs

Here is a list of Free Items for Children with Special Needs.  Some of these are found on Meriah Nichols Website.  There are more things listed there, as well.

Ones We Have Participated In

Songs of Love Foundation this one was AMAZING and they are so wonderful to work with!  We just applied for another song for another one of our children.

Weighted Blankets, Lap Pads, and Fidgets go above and beyond to accommodate you.  We did give them a small donation because they made like 4 blankets, 6 lap pads, and several fidgets.  Again, above and beyond.

Make a Wish and if you go through MAW, you can also receive a scrapbook from Crops of Luv.  Wow.  MAW provided something I never thought I would be able to do.  Not only did they take my HUGE family, but they added in Hunter’s biological brother and sister.  Also, my sister and brother-in-law, who raises those kids.  In total, 13 people were going without a blink of their eye!  Crops of Luv…words cannot express the joy my son had at seeing your creativity with his Disney scrapbook.

Rare Bear Program.  This is such a cool thing.  They ask what your child likes and they try to create a bear with that fabric.  It is very well made and very well-loved.

Free Cake from Icing Smiles.  We have just applied to this, so I will keep you posted.

National Park Pass This includes anyone who is in the vehicle with your child.  The child HAS to be in the vehicle.  We have used this quite a bit and it is a lifesaver.

Disney Parks Disability Access Service Card.  They actually gave Hunter a card for the Avatar ride because he wasn’t tall enough to ride it.

Ones We have Not Yet Applied For

Bikes: here’s a comprehensive list from the Friendship Circle’s blog of places to turn to for an adaptive bike. (note: scroll down – the formatting of their post is a little different and it kind of threw me off for a minute).

Bikes, Wheelchairs, Adaptive Equipment, and more: Variety’s “Freedom Program” funds a lot. Check out the program here. Apply for help here.

iPads: Danny’s Wish awards iPads to kids with Autism. Applications are open from Sept-December 31st every year; iPads gave out in April.

Angel Flight: free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need.

First Hand Foundation: providing gas money, parking, and transportation-related to a child’s care, vehicle medications, equipment, and more.

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  1. We were blessed to get a wish with Make a Wish! It was such a fun time and they were so accommodating!

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