Loaded Chicken Caesar Salad Pasta Recipe

Loaded Chicken Caesar Salad Pasta Recipe

Loaded Chicken Caesar Salad Pasta Recipe

I was cleaning out my fridge and pantry, one day, and had a lot of little thing I had to use up. So, here is my take on Loaded Chicken Caesar Salad Pasta Recipe. It was loved by my 15 mth old grandson to my 50 year old husband. The leftovers were just as good! This is just what I used, so substitute as you want!


2 cans of chicken, drained (can totally boil you up some chicken)

2 T. butter

Bacon grease (I used 2 T)


Chicago seasoning

Bag of bacon bits (or fry up your own)

1 bag of Croutons

Bottle of Caesar dressing

Romaine, cut up

Shaved parmesan

Chopped green onions

Bowtie pasta (cooked to al dente, drained, and refrigerated)


In small sauce pan, add butter, bacon grease, both cans of chicken, bacon bits, and seasoning. I heated this through to get the canned chicken taste out and add some flavor.

In large bowl, add 1/2 the COLD cooked pasta, 1/2 the chicken and bacon mixture, chopped green onions, 1/2 the romaine, a good handful of shaved parmesan, chicago seasoning, 1/2 the bag of croutons, and 1/2 the jar of caesar dressing. I used tongs to mix this well.

Repeat the layers and serve. Honestly, I was shocked at how good this was when I tried it. Actually, I made my son-in-law and daughter eat it first in case it was awful LOL. She added a bit more chicago seasoning, which is fine by me and can totally be eliminated if you don’t like it.

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