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No Thanks to You

No Thanks to You

No Thanks to You

No Thanks to You. I held such resentment for you. I still have some resentment for the way you treated me. At first, you made me feel like I was a prodigy, that I could do it all. You knew my family and me; their reputation preceded me. I was hired on pretty quickly and showed you all my potential. 

You made me feel special, that I was doing so well. I worked well with you, judges, lawyers, inmates, and jail staff. I was good at my job. I did my best to be impartial, no matter the charge. I never gave anyone reason to believe that I disliked them. I was calm and collected. 


Everyone loved me. 


The jail staff, my co-workers, and the court staff, everyone loved me. I had no complaints. No one came to me or had any issues with me. My co-worker vouched for me so many times because she knew how good of an employee I was. So what I don’t understand is why you turned on me. After you hired your new protege, I fell by the wayside. 


I was still doing exemplary work and detailed assessments, and nothing escaped me. I did well in court, was respectful to all, and did my job. And it was a stressful job, with many things at stake, and I worked without complaint. 


You Promised


You promised me that you would train me further, that I would be attending all these pieces of training to make me better. But you failed. I did not receive those pieces of training. Therefore, I had to learn a lot of things myself. Every time I had an issue, I told you that I did not feel right every time someone asked something of me. 


When she became a supervisor, she also fell in this time. She disliked me for some reason. I tried to be kind, still told her all my issues, and filled her in on essential details. She is so fake. I can’t understand why you listened to her over me. 


Choosing One Over the Other


I never gave you a reason not to trust me. She gave you every reason. It was always my word against hers, and it was always the issue with her. She is a snake in the grass, and I am surprised not more people see that in her. She pretends to be a good person and would play Christian music at work, but I could see that she was faking it. Her actions did not prove she was a good person. 


She went behind my back to you over an issue I struggled with. I knew the protocol. I knew what would happen. She was standing over me, talking in my ear with another person, standing over my shoulder, behind me, waiting for me to call. I may have been short with her, but I did as she requested. 


Honest Truth


I don’t do well when people are behind me. I don’t do well with people barking orders at me and micromanaging me. When I later asked her if there were any issues, she assured me there weren’t. And foolishly, I believed her. Then, like the snake, she went to you without telling me. And that was the knife in the back that hurt me. 

I do not trust very quickly. You and she are two of those reasons. First, you told me that you would help me and train me further, that I could trust you. I relied on you to help me because you said that you would. But you didn’t; you failed in that regard. 


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