Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

2021 Update on Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz

2021 Update on Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz

2021 Update on Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz

I recently called Mountain Air Herbs to get updated info on my favorite Idirodolgist. So, here is the newest 2021 Update on Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz.

First of all, I DO NOT WORK FOR REUBEN. I was his client (well, my family and I). It has such an impact on me that I have chosen to share my experience in hopes of helping others.

I cannot speak for anyone else’s experience; this is my opinion only. I CAN NOT MAKE YOU AN APPOINTMENT. Sadly, I live about 5 hrs from Hestand. I have been able to keep up with my friends at Mountain Air Herbs to help keep everyone updated.

Mountain Air Herbs

This time, I spoke to the long-time manager Carrie Beason. She, and the owners, are a wealth of information. They have the supplements/oils that Reuben (now Jake Shirk) does not carry. If you would like to contact them, you can click here, which will lead you to their website.

They are ENGLISH and not AMISH. They work closely with the Amish because of their deep love for their Vernon community. They CAN NOT make appointments for Jake (formerly Reuben). Their hours of operation are Monday and Friday from 8-4 pm and on Saturday from 8-12, so their hours are slightly different from Jake’s (formerly Reuben Schwartz).

They take cash, checks, and credit cards. They are very good at telling you what you need from the list that Jake (formerly Reuben) provided. Also, what are duplicates, and what can you do not need.

Again, they are a wealth of information. The staff there can answer some questions, but not all the questions. They do have access to a phone because they are NOT Amish. You can get all the information by heading to their website at Mountain Air Herbs.

A HUGE thank you to Carrie Beason for answering all our burning questions 🙂

Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz Info

Reuben has RETIRED. Due to an eye injury (ironic, huh) and the death of his sweet wife, Reuben has officially retired. Jake Shirk has formally taken over. He has worked under Reuben for about 15 yrs (according to Carrie Beason from Mountain Air Herbs). Jake is competent and prepared to take care of all the needs you may have.

Jake’s services are still free (though donations are accepted). Also, the supplements/oils cost money, and you can buy them using several options. You can buy what you need for the moment. You can also wait and buy it until your next appointment, should you make one. Also, you can do it once a year.

Please bring your bottles back, as they can be recycled and refilled to save on the environment. Remember the paper they give you because they will reference back to that and add to it, delete from it, as needed.

Amish Iridologist from Hestand, Kentucky Address and Information

1205 Radure Rd

Hestand, KY 42151

Remember, they ARE AMISH. They have no access to computers, emails, phones, or electricity, for that matter. You will need to WRITE A LETTER to get an appointment. A reply letter can take anywhere from 7-10 days. You can request a better day/time for you. Otherwise, they give you the first available.

You can walk in. The staff will always give preference to those with appointments over walk-ins. They do stay busy, so keep that in mind.

There is no PHONE NUMBER for you to call. Amish. They ONLY TAKE CASH. I would, just for security, take about $300 though you may not spend anywhere near that amount. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I did spend that much because I bought a 3-month supply. Again, better safe than sorry.

Hours and Days of Operation for Amish Iridologist Jake Shirk


Monday and Friday 7:30-3:00

Saturday 7:30-11:00

Meeting Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz and Jake Shirk

I welcome any questions, but again, I do not make appointments. If you have any stories to share, positive or negative, you can leave them on any post. It is good to have a well-rounded view of holistic care, which this is.

Reuben is a good man, as is Jake. I got the pleasure of meeting him the last time I brought my children. Reuben looked at half of us, and Jake looked at the other half. Both men are very kind. Also, remember that they sell fantastic bread, fruits, produce, popcorn, quilts, and other things. You can get some stuff at the store. Otherwise, you will see them outside, ready and willing to sell you their beautiful bounty of goodies.

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