Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

2021 Update on Reuben Schwartz

2021 Update on Reuben Schwartz

2021 Update on Reuben Schwartz

I recently called Mountain Air Herbs to get some updated info on my favorite Idirodolgist.  So, here is the newest 2021 Update on Reuben Schwartz.

First of all…I DO NOT WORK FOR REUBEN.  I was simply a client of his (well, my family and I).  It has such and impact on me, that I have chosen to share my experience in hopes of helping others.

This is my story, I cannot speak for anyone else’s experience, this is my and my opinion only.  I CANNOT MAKE YOU AN APPOINTMENT.  Sadly, I live about 5 hrs from Hestand.  I have been able to keep up with my friends at Mountain Air Herbs, to help keep everyone updated, as I can.

Mountain Air Herbs

This time, I spoke to the long time manager Carrie Beason.  She, and the owners, are a wealth of information.  They have the supplements/oils that Reuben (now Jake Shirk) do not carry.  If you would like to contact them, you can click here and it will lead you to their website.

They are ENGLISH and not AMISH.  They work closely with the Amish because of their deep love for their Vernon community.  They CANNOT make appointments for Jake (formerly Reuben).  Their hours of operation are Monday and Friday from 8-4 pm and on Saturday from 8-12, so their hours are a bit different from Jake’s hours (formely Reuben Schwartz).

They take cash, checks, and credit cards.  They are very good at telling you what you need off of the list that is provided by Jake (formerly Reuben).  Also, what are duplicates and what you can do without.

Again, they are a wealth of information.  They can answer some questions, but not all the questions.  They do have access to a phone because they are NOT Amish.  You can get all the information from heading to their website at Mountain Air Herbs.

A HUGE thank yout to Carrie Beason for answering all our burning questions 🙂

As for Reuben

Reuben has RETIRED.  Due to an eye injury (ironic, huh) and the death of his sweet wife, Reuben has officially retired.  Jake Shirk has officially taken over.  He has worked under Reuben for about 15 yrs (according to Carrie Beason from Mountain Air Herbs).  Jake is fully capable and prepared to take care of all the needs you may have.

Jake’s services are still free (though donations are accepted).  Also, the supplements/oils do cost money and you can buy using several different options.  You can buy what you need for the moment, you can buy until your next appointment, should you make one.  Also, you can do once a year.

Please bring your bottles back, as they can be recycled and you refilled to save on the environment.  Try and remember your paper that they give you, because they will reference back to that and add to it, delete from it, as needed.

Address and Information

1205 Radure Rd

Hestand, KY  42151

Remember, they ARE AMISH.  They have no access to computers, emails, phone, or electricity, for that matter.  You will need to WRITE A LETTER in order to get an appointment.  A reply letter can take anywhere from 7-10 days.  You can request a better day/time for you, otherwise, they give you the first available.

You can walk-in.  They will always give preference to those with appointments over walk-ins.  They do stay busy, so keep that in mind.

There is no PHONE NUMBER for you to call.  Amish.  They ONLY TAKE CASH.  I would, just for security take about $300 though you may not spend anywhere near that amount.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

I did spend that much because I bought for 3 months.  Again, better safe than sorry.

Hours and Days of Operation Have Changed


Monday and Friday 7:30-3:00

Saturday 7:30-11:00

For Me

I welcome any and all questions, but again, I do not make the appointments.  If you have any stories to share positive or negative, you can leave them on any post.  It is good to have a well-rounded view of holistic care, which this is.

Reuben is a good man, as is Jake.  I got the pleasure of meeting him the last time I brought my children.  Reuben looked at half of us and Jake looked at the other half.  Both men are very kind.  Also remember that they sell their amazing breads, fruits, produce, popcorn, quilts, and other things.  You can get some stuff at the store.  Otherwise, you will see them outside, ready and willing to sell you their beautiful bounty of goodies.


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2020 Update on Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridology

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

2020 Update on Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist


2020 Update on Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

2020 Update on Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Well, today is a 2020 Update on Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist. Since he is Amish, he has no access to the outside world. By that statement, I mean no cellphones, no landlines, no television, computers, ipads, or running water. Communication is done by mail, word of mouth, and horse/buggy.

So, I decided to call my friends at Mountain Air Herbs. I wanted to get the skinny on my Amish friend and the updates on their business. Can I say these are the friendliest humans ever? So kind and so willing to help in any matter. They are not Amish, so they do have access to a telephone.

Get the Details Out

Number 1: I DO NOT WORK FOR REUBEN! There is no way I can make you an appointment. I can only share with you what we learned while we saw him. Honestly, I get several emails requesting that I get someone an appointment, and I read their stories. I reply with this same statement. Also, have the opportunity to encourage and pray for those people.

Number 2:

For an appointment, you MUST WRITE a letter to Reuben requesting a day/time. If you do not request it, they will give you the next day/time available. This process takes about 7-10 days. There is no need to go into details of your condition. They may not know the details of your condition. They look in your eye. I mean my son has Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome. Most doctors have never seen that in their lifetime. I am pretty sure Mr. Reuben had never heard of it.

Side note, Mountain Air Herbs cannot make appointments for Reuben either. They cannot relay messages or give any advice or consultation as to what Reuben says.

Number 3:

He sees walk-ins. Yet, he always gives priority to those with appointments. He does try his best to see everyone. Remember, he also needs to eat and take breaks, occasionally! Please be kind and respectful. Take the time you are waiting and sit on the beautiful porch and enjoy the silence and peace. Seriously, go pet a horse, look around his shop and buy some popcorn or bread!

EDITED TO ADD: I saw Jake about two weeks ago as Mr. Reuben has had eye surgery and is not working right now. I was blown away by the things he told me. Please, make an appointment. The day I went, I did not have one and waited for 5 hours to see Jake. ~ From Michelle Shoemake(r)

Number 4:

Money. Reuben does not charge for his assessment, though he does take donations. He has a box on his desk where you can place cash or change. His herbs/pills/supplements do cost money. That amount varies based on what you buy and how much of it you buy. You do not have to get everything he recommends. Ask. He will tell you which is the most important. Also, he will tell you what you can hold off on until the next visit.

Mountain Air Herbs is down the hill from Reuben. What he does not have, they will have. There are some limited supplies due to their suppliers and Co-vid19. They take cash, card, and checks. They also have a phone and a restroom if you need it.


jake Shirk **Reuben Schwartz (NOW RETIRED), Amish Iridologist

1205 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY 42151

No Phone Number because of Amish and all.


Mountain Air Herbs

1945 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY 42151


Days/Hours of Operation **THIS HAS CHANGED**

Reuben Schwartz

Monday and Friday from 7:30-3

Saturday 7:30-11


Mountain Air Herbs

Monday and Friday from 8-4

Saturday 8-12


Mr. Reuben is RETIRING at the end of 2020. It is time for him to hang up his crucible and flashlight and enjoy his porch. I am very excited for him. He has given a lot of himself, and it is time for him to relax. Rest assured, his business will stay open. His replacement will be Jake Shirk. He has been helping Reuben for about 16 years or so. He knows what he is doing and was trained by the best.

New Update *12.18.20*

This message is from a follower, Doris R. Today, I went to Reuben Schwartz’s place. Today was supposed to be his last day. Back in October, he got some kind of metal in his eye while working at home. He went to the hospital at that time. It is my understanding that he has not returned to his office since. So now, they said he was officially retired. Reuben’s replacement is Jake Shirk. His hours will be the same. He is already back up until March of 2021. That is the update as of 12-18-2020.

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Reuben Schwartz Info

Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Iridology = Yes Please

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Info

Reuben Schwartz Info

Reuben Schwartz Info

Well, well, a well lot has happened since I’ve posted. Here is some Reuben Schwartz Info for people who have questions. First and foremost, I DO NOT WORK FOR REUBEN. I get a lot of questions asking to schedule appointments for him. Honestly, I welcome all the questions, but I do not work for him. Also, remember this is just MY experience with him. There are several people with several opinions, I’m sure. The posts I have made on it (I will link them below) are my personal experience.

Reuben Schwartz, Amish Iridologist

To get an appointment, you must either A) show up and hope to be seen but understand he gives priority to those with an appointment B) write him a letter and request a day/time. They will write you back with the appointment they schedule for you.

He is Amish, friends. There are no phones, computers, or any electronic devices that they use. Also, he is not a licensed physician. He has learned, through the community and his family, the knowledge of Iridology. There is no formal education.

He does NOT charge for his service, though there is a donation box on his desk. The herbs/supplements that he suggests DOES COST money. They are cash only. What he does not sell, you can get at Mountain Air Herbs, down the hill (not Amish owned), and they do take cards.

Hours/Days and Times of Operation

Reuben Schwartz

1205 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY 42151

As of March 2018: Mon,Tues & Fri 7:30-3:00, Sat 7:30-11:00am

Lots to Do

There are lots of little shops set up along the way. I highly suggest you take your time and enjoy Amish Country and all the things they make/create/have to offer. Fresh fruits, veggies, bread, pies so very much. It is one of my favorite places to go. It is a different world and so peaceful.

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Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridology

Iridology = Yes Please


Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Well, I sort of am doing the Amish Iridologist In Pictures.  I do not take pictures of the Amish because they do not want their pictures taken.  This is a respectful thing and I choose to honor what they asked of me.

We stayed in a little town about 45 minutes from Hestand.  When I requested an appointment, I didn’t specify a time.  I couldn’t have made the trip in a day but they gave me an 8 am appointment time.  The drive is about 5 hrs from where I live, so I spent the night.

Frisked at the Dollar General

I went by myself, on this trip.  Later, we all came.  Our hotel was right behind a huge Dollar General store.  Hunter was not well.  Rages were common.  I had to carry him everywhere.  Potty training was non-existent and I was a bucket of nerves.

I thought I would run into the DG and pick up some food to eat on the way to Mr. Reuben the next day.  Hunter was hysterical.  I was exhausted.  We got there, with him screaming, I put him in the cart while he was screaming.  Then, he proceeded to crap from stem to sternum.  All the diapers and wipes were in my hotel room.

Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Never Touched a Thing

I went up one aisle and down another.  Never looked or touched anything.  I couldn’t do it.  Got him up out of the cart, with crap everywhere, him screaming, and my flushed and irritated.  As I walked out the door, the checkout girl asked to frisk me and check my purse.

Anger ensued.  I just looked at her and said I didn’t even look at anything and did she want to smell him or check his crappy diaper or the poop that was smeared all over me?  She checked my purse and said I was fine.  I told her in the morning, she would not be fine because I would be back to talk to her manager.


Sure enough, I went back the next morning but my temper had settled.  I told the manager what had happened and she was mortified.  She asked me not to call the corporate office and she would handle that young lady.  I asked her to please not fire her because she was young and probably needed the job.  Luckily, she didn’t though that is what she wanted to do.  Crisis averted.

Peek Inside

I am going to keep these pictures larger so I can see what is in them.  This is directly to the right after you walk into the door.  That table has papers for the person to fill out to give to Mr. Schwartz.  On the other side of the desk is the hallway to his office.

That giant shelf is across from the tables in the first picture.  This is where they keep some of their homemade goodies that you can buy.  Behind this shelf, is another wall and it has tables set up with more homemade goodies.  All the way to the back is the room where they keep all the herbs and supplements.  If it is super busy, someone sits at the desk you see straight ahead and there are 2 other desks to the left.  This place can get packed quickly.

Amish Iridologist In Pictures Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Peering Out the Window

The house looks relatively new!  It is nice.  There is a full-length front porch with rocking chairs on it for the overflow.  It is out in the middle of nowhere and on a gravel road.  If you are looking straight at the front porch, to the left is the main road.  To the right, there is a garden and a place for the horse and buggies.  If you keep going down the driveway, you will run right into Abraham’s farm.  He is one of Reuben’s 12 children.  Lovely man.  He does leatherwork.

Amish Iridologist In Pictures Amish Iridologist In Pictures Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Getting in Contact

You must write a letter to Mr. Schwartz. Expect a reply back within a couple of weeks.  If you want a specific day/time, put that in your letter.  You do not have to go into detail about what is wrong, it isn’t necessary.  They handwrite you a letter back.  You can just show up but if he is booked with appointments, he will honor those first.  They do not work over!

Reuben Schwartz

1205 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY 42151


They take cash only!  Be aware and bring around $300.  I’m not saying you will spend it all but it is better to have it if you need it.  There are some herbs/supplements that he doesn’t have.  He will mark that on your sheet of information.  You will go down the hill to Mountain Air Herbs.  They can complete your order.  Mountain Air Herbs is not run by the Amish, but they do help Reuben out. They do take credit cards!

Please Note:

I cannot and do not make appointments for them.  We have simply been there 2 times.  Once for Hunter and me.  The second time, we brought all of our children.  I am happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Iridology = Yes Please

2020 Update on Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Info


Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridology

Amish Iridology

Amish Iridology

I get a lot of hits (searches) for Amish Iridology and Reuben Schwartz.  With the amount that I get, I thought I would do a follow up on him.  I will also link below, in Related Posts, the past things I have written.

As always, you are more than welcome to send me specific questions to  I try to answer all emails as they come in unless they go to spam.  If you do not hear back from me in a few days, please resend the email.  Life happens, ya know!

Introduction to Mr. Schwartz

I had heard of an Amish Doctor many many years ago from a friend.  Her husband had gone and they were planning a follow-up trip.  She knew that my husband suffered from knee pain (bone on bone).  She offered to get the cream that he has, at his office, and bring it to me to see if it would help.  My husband thought it was crazy, tried it for a few days but he was not consistent with using it.

That being said, I let the knowledge of Reuben Schwartz flee my mind.  However, the Lord had already planted that seed.  Clearly, I had no plans to have a medically fragile kid.  To have a kid with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, ya know.  I mean, that was not my #1 goal in life.

Then Came my Brother

One day, as I was driving home from who knows where I got a call from my brother.  I won’t give much (any) backstory regarding my brother.  Just know, that he doesn’t usually call me.

My first thought was that someone had died or something was wrong.  Sad, I know.  Luckily, the Lord has done a mighty work in this relationship, now.  Anyway, he LOVES Hunter.  I mean…loves loves LOVES him.  Due to that intense love, he is always listening/reading/wondering how he can help him.

The Phone Call

He was recanting some information that he read and things he thought might help.  I told him that we had tried some of the things he suggested but some we had not.  Then he said that he heard of this Amish guy that has helped people.

That sparked my seed!  I asked him if he was referring to an Iridologist and he said yes.  After many years, my spark of knowledge was getting brighter.  I told him I would call my friend and see what she could tell me.

Calls and Research

So, I called my friend and we talked a bit.  It had been so long, she had forgotten but shared what she was remembering.  Then, I hit the internet.  There are a lot of blogs out there with people with experience with him.  Some are good, some are not good.  That is typical.

At this point, my son was barely walking.  We were doing IVIG, Rituximab, ACTH shots, and all the things.  We had also been to St. Augustine to SonRidge Health and Healing Center.  I mean, I have already stepped out of the box with Dr. Monahan.  In my head, why not do it again.


When we pulled up to the building, my GPS ended up taking me ALL the way down the driveway.  If you do that, you will meet Abraham.  He is one of Reuben’s 12 children.  He lives in that big ole house with his wife and children.

So, as soon as you turn in, the building will be on your left.  It is a newer house.  I enjoyed talking with Abraham 🙂  Once I got there, I had a bit of paperwork to fill out.  Clearly, he knew nothing of my son’s condition.  He doesn’t diagnose things like that.  Since they have no contact with the outside world, then there was no researching.

Once There

You go in and fill out a small bit of paperwork.  They also sell loaves of bread, herbs, spices, and other things so it is fun to look around.  It isn’t a big place, but there is a beautiful full-length front porch you can sit on!

When we got back there, Mr. Reuben said he didn’t know about all the things that I had written about.  Duh.  I was stupid for even writing it all.  It just made me feel better.  He is about 6 ft with a white beard and he smells like melaleuca and love.  His eyes were so kind looking and so was his sweet smile.

Our Discussion

I asked how he got into Iridology and he was happy to explain it.  Iridology has been around for years.  He had seen his great grandfather and grandfather look into people’s eyes and help them.

He thought it was witchcraft but he started seeing people become well.  From that point on, he decided to learn from all he could about the practice.  He was seeing it all add up to a point that he could not deny.  It must be said, he LOVES Jesus, which warms my heart.  One of his sons is in the practice, now.

Something to Note

Reuben is NOT  a medical doctor.  He does NOT prescribe conventional medications.  Also, he does NOT tell you to stop the meds you are on!  He will listen, give advice, talk about diet, and prescribe herbal supplements in liquid and pill form.  Everything he has comes from the Earth.

What he does not have, in his place, you drive down the hill to Mountain Air Herbs on Radure Rd.  If you need herbs or such delivered, you can call 270-487-1334.  They are NOT Amish at Mountain Air Herbs but they do work with Reuben.

The Process

Once in the little office, he gets his crucible and his utility flashlight and gets all up in your personal space.  He looks into your eye and then marks things down on a sheet of paper.

Everything that he saw in Hunter was the exact same thing that we found in his bio-impedance scan.  I was dumbfounded.  Parasites were the main cause of the deterioration of his body.  The whole visit is probably 15 minutes unless you stay and chat as I did.

Our Conversation

For me, he looked at me (again he knew NOTHING about my history) and this is the conversation we had:

Reuben:  “You don’t have a uterus do you?”

Me:  “No sir, I don’t.”

Reuben:  “You still have your ovaries, don’t you.”

Me:  “Yes, sir, I do.”

He pushed back his chair and looked at me with this look of I don’t really want to tell her what I need to tell her.

As he sat there, he looked at me again and started making a motion around his stomach.

Reuben:  “Your ovaries are angry with you.”

**I burst out laughing.  He was so serious.**

He then went on to ask me how my moods were, depression, sleep habits and said that he would give me something to make my ovaries happy again.


The visit is free, but he does have a donation box on his desk.  The herbs/supplements/pills are not.  They can be quite expensive.  The containers they are in are reusable if you choose to make another trip to refill.  Some you do have to buy the whole thing, but others you can just take your empty bottle and you fill it back up.  Mountain Air Herbs is all at cost.  They are very kind and they have so much stuff.  I mean, so much stuff!

Just a quick FYI, the supplements are fine but the liquid is HORRIBLE tasting.  I put Hunter’s in applesauce to help him choke it down.  Now, Reuben can down it like a pro…much like how I eat cheese.  I’m not that big of a man.

Reuben’s Contact Information

Write a letter and just ask for an appointment.  Realize there is NO telephone, internet, computer, cell phones, nothing.  So, once you write the letter and ask for an appointment, they will send you a letter back with a date.

Funny enough, I wrote out this LONG letter detailing everything for him.  I wanted him to know all the things.  In return, I got a one-line letter giving me a time and date.  I thought that was pretty funny.

As of March 2018, his hours of operation are as follows:  Mon, Tues & Fri 7:30-3:00, Sat 7:30-11:00am

Reuben Schwartz

1201 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY  42151

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Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

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Look Deeply Into My Eye

Traveling Home


Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Here is a bit more information on Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist. I had heard of him a long time ago. In the busyness of life, I just let the knowledge slip my mind. Then, my brother brought him back up.

This time, I did my homework. I did some research and found great things about this man. However, getting an appointment is not simple and takes time. Patience is a virtue.

At the point we saw Mr. Reuben, we had been on the Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome journey for almost a year. Sadly, he had been doing badly a few months earlier. He had been in a wheelchair from about April 2018 to June 2018. That June, we had been to our first naturopathic doctor.


I will post more on this treatment in another post. So, by the time we got to Mr. Reuben, he was out of the wheelchair but still tremulous. Frankly, I was curious. The things I read about him were pretty good.

My Experience

I will not write too much about Hunter’s because he is not old enough to tell me his thoughts. However, I will say that two people, thousands of miles apart, one massively educated and wonderful. Yet, the other man not educated and wonderful said the same thing.

Getting an Appointment

To get an appointment, I wrote him a letter. This is the only way to get an appointment and assure you can get in to see him. You can “show up” but those that have appointments get priority. If you show up, you take the risk of not being seen. He is a busy busy man.

If you are interested in getting an appointment, you can email me with questions about my experience. My email is Also, you can write to him (this is a public record) and request an appointment.


Reuben Schwartz

1205 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY 42151

Head’s Up

My GPS took me down the driveway. To a house at the end of the road. The house belonged to Reuben’s son, Abraham. What a sweet young man. His family is pretty sweet, as well. He told me that Reuben’s place is the first place, on the left. It has a full-length front porch. The building is fairly new (compared to the other houses). There is little to no cell signal once you get into Amish country.

Walking In

Pulling up and parking in the grass was my first moment to soak it all up. We got out of the van. There was a couple with several children sitting on the full-length front porch. They have been going to Reuben for years, even before children. Now, they come every year for a quick checkup.

We walked into the office. There were several people there, waiting. See, you can “show up” but the priority goes to those with appointments. He has a predetermined amount of people he sees within a day, so keep that in mind.

Hunter explored the environment around him. While I took it all in and completed Hunter’s paperwork. I had no intention of him looking into my eyes. Mr. Reuben came to the door to call us back to his office. He is a thin, lanky man with a beautiful white beard. His eyes are a piercing blue. He smelled of Melaleuca and love.

Heading to the Office

I asked him how he came to do this. He laughed and said that it had been a part of their community for as long as he could remember. Also, he said that when he was younger, Reuben thought Iridology was witchcraft. He chose to stay far away from it.

As he grew older and continuing to see this miraculous healing (he loves Jesus, by the way), he became intrigued and began studying the practice of Iridology. Once he realized the history of it and the reality of how it was helping others, he dove right in.

Looking Into His Eyes

Now, he knew of Hunter’s diagnosis, though he had never heard of it. Imagine me trying to tell an Amish man to look up your Youtube channel. It was like a blank stare came across his face. You could hear crickets chirping. He politely said he had never heard of YouTube. I laughed. He laughed.

Once he looked into Hunter’s eyes, he said that he was riddled with parasites. Realize I had just been to St. Augustine, and parasites were identified at that session too. He said that he could see parasite scarring (where some had died) and saw active ones.

He smiled and said that my son was not going to die. We were going to get rid of the parasites. With the herbs/supplements we got from him and the high/low-frequency acupuncture and bio-impedance we got from SonRidge, he will quit shaking. I was in awe that both men, brilliant in their rights, said the same thing. Amazing.

Then It was Me

Once again, I took the bull by the horns and asked him to look into my eyes. All he knew was my name. The first thing he said was, “when did you get your uterus out?” I told him a year ago. He said, “well, you still have your ovaries, right?” I asked how he knew that. He said he sees it in my eyes.

Then, he put his crucible and little utility flashlight down and backed away from me. He stared at me for a minute, and he paused. He said: “Uhm, ma’am, your, Uhm, your ovaries…well, they are angry. Do you have trouble sleeping, trouble with your moods, etc.?” I said that I did. Reuben told me he would fix that.

He then asked how long I have had dizzy spells (diagnosed with Meniere’s at 19 yr old), how long I had had high blood pressure, how my stress level was. Reuben knew everything about me. I was blown away by his knowledge.

Herbs and Supplements

They are not cheap, but they last for a long while. What Mr. Reuben does not sell at the office, Mountain Air Herbs is a little shop at the end of that road. I can’t remember the name, but you pass it as you go up to Reuben’s. They have the rest of what you might need. Unlike Reuben’s, they do take a credit card and are super friendly. They will tell you what you need and what you don’t need or give you cheaper options.


Mr. Reuben is FREE. Yet, he does have a donation box in his office. Utilize this if you feel led to donate any money for his time. Also, herbs and supplements are not free. They do not take cards, so bring cash if you should choose to buy anything.

If you go back, you can take your empty bottle. Mr. Reuben’s staff can fill that bottle back up. The Amish are big on recycling and the environment. They also have some veggies/popcorn/jam and other things that they grow and sell in the office.


**I am in no way a doctor. All I know about Iridology I have read/asked. I am not telling you to go the route that we went with naturopathic doctors. Also, I am not telling you to disregard your regular doctor or stop taking your medications. This is 100% my experience in my own body. Also, it is my personal experience and knowledge with my son and his condition. We still seek the care of our regular PCP and Neurologist. Please seek out your doctor’s opinion, research yourself, and make an informed decision. All opinions are my own.**

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Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Looking Into My Eyes

Looking Into My Eyes

Looking Into My Eyes

On the Road Again

Here we go, back to the Amish Iridologist, he is Looking Into My Eyes. As we travel back to Hestand, KY, we meet up with Dr. Reuben Schwartz. I’m so thankful that the trip is not too long, about four hours. I had packed Hunter’s bag the night before. We had the staples, of course. I had a few pullups, wipes, a baggie, some extra clothes, three stuffed animals, a banana, some gluten-free snacks, and two movies. Also, I had told the kids to do their chores before bed to prevent yuckiness in the morning. I also required that they all bathe cause they are kids and smell.


Once morning rolled around, kids ate quickly and got dressed. We hoped in the van, and once we were on the interstate, we popped in a movie. Big Daddy drove, I slept, kids watched a movie. It was a good set up.

Due to the MASSIVE amounts of road construction and the fact that Dr. Reuben is out in the middle of nowhere (quite literally), we were fifteen minutes late. They were waiting on us because it was inching closer to dinner time, and they do not miss their dinner.

His son was there to help, so he took the boys to one room, and I had Hunter and Grayce with me. Mr. Reuben did his thing. He got his little crucible and his utility flashlight. Then, he edged all up in my personal space. The man smells like Melaleuca and love. I kid you not. His eyes are bright, his clothes are fantastic, and his white beard with those piercing blue eyes. Oh, and that smile. He is so engaging and friendly (and honest). It has been such a joy getting to know him.

The Results are In for the Kids

G: He said her “rages” were because her left ovary was not very kind. He saw that she had this issue since before she came to us. He even found her pneumonia that she had before she came to us. There is scarring from it. Her thyroid is causing her weight to be out of control and stress.

N: Stress, thyroid, adrenal gland, digestive system, and drink more water!

D: Stress, digestive issues, and heart issues. These things are probably a biological factor, as Dr. Reuben’s son asked if we had heart issues. We had to, quietly, explain our family dynamics.

J: This boy. There is stress, digestive stuff, not enough water, but he was told to “lay off the sodas.” We laughed and said that he doesn’t drink anything but water and milk. They see pre-diabetic stuff going on in him. I had to have Dr. Reuben look at him. Ethiopians do not typically have diabetes. I mean, he is only twelve years old. Reuben saw the same thing. We are going to be making a follow up with his pediatrician to check his blood work. Mama is not even playing.

Our other daughter was not able to come due to her work schedule.  A few months later, my oldest and her husband went to see him.

Big Daddy and Me

Big Daddy: He asked him how his joints were (collective laughter as we all know how bad his knees are). He asked him how his stress level was. Also, he nailed his thyroid, the fact that he does not drink enough water, or that he eats too much red meat. He also laid out the issue with his heart.

Me: Once Dr. Reuben got all up in my stuff, he slid on back in his chair and said: “good grief, you are under tremendous stress.” I told him that I was as good as I could be. Then I asked what made him think I was stressed. He laughed and said, “Your eye is telling me you are under stress.” I told him of my past two weeks where every night, I have hurt. I either start vomiting or have diarrhea. He said that it was straight-up stress. He said we needed to calm my body down.

The stress that I have dealt with, lately, has been substantial.


I find it eye-opening that all my kids (and us) had stress show up in their eyes. This past year has been nothing but a stress ball for us. I don’t think I have considered the effects Hunter’s condition has had on the children.

How sad, as a mom, I did not recognize that. We are all going to have to sit down and have a family meeting to address this. Our family may need to step back from the few things that we do. We have to pay attention to the mental health of our crew.

I know that I have a lot going on in my life. I have seven children. There are many irons in many fires. The anniversary of my Lady’s death is coming up. My house is in disarray because we are painting. All the things from my living room are now in my bedroom. It is a nightmare. Hunter is not getting any better in school. Also, there is a family member that is breaking my heart.

I have to step back.

It is that simple.

Now, how to do that.

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Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridology



Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Iridology = Yes Please

Iridology = Yes Please

Iridology = Yes Please:  Reuben Schwartz

Iridology = Yes Please!  Thought I was done with the “out of the box” thinking.

Think again!

When you tell a mama that your baby has a progressive degenerative genetic disorder, that you cannot explain, and there is nothing they can do.

Think again!

Our first “out of the box” care was in Florida.  I met a tremendous team led by a wonderful, Godly man.  He did things that I have never seen before and I was floored.

Because I am a woman of doubt, I had him do his “magic” on me.  He nailed everything.  He knew nothing about me but my name.

I can’t even.

Healing began for Hunter and for me that day.  Our minds and our bodies were going to be healing from the inside out.  This was going to happen DESPITE what conventional doctors have said.

Now, bear in mind, NEITHER of these men wanted us off our conventional meds.  In fact, that stressed how important it is to follow the instructions of our regular doctors in regards to our health.

That being said, if God chooses to heal us from the inside out…then we may not need those other meds.

If you are seriously interested in the treatment/care we received in Florida, please fill out the contact form.  Send that to me, along with, your questions and I will get back to you.

Just sayin’.

Now, 2 months later, and we jet off to a small Amish community in Kentucky.  There, I met Dr. Reuben Schwartz.  He is THE man to see.

The drive was lovely and I have an infinity for the Amish community.  My father in law worked with them, side by side.  He helped them.  They helped him.  The same story is true for my daddy.  He has dear friends that are a part of our local Amish community.

Once I got there, I went too far LOL.  I ended up at a farm (well, there are nothing but farms in Amish communities).  I pulled up and there was a man, in his garden.  He greeted me, so kindly.  I asked him where Dr. Schwartz was and he said that I passed his place at the bottom of the hill.  He also mentioned, he was one of his sons 🙂

We had a lovely chat about my kids and Hunter.  He shared with me that his wife had just had twins and that gave them 9 daughters.

9.  Daughters.

Let that sink in.

When I left, I asked him his name.  He smiled and said “Abe.”  I smiled and said my son’s middle name is Abraham.  I explained a bit of Hunter’s story.  He said his name was Abraham, as well.

One day, I will share my story on the promise God gave to me, through Abraham and how we chose that name to add to our son’s legacy.

Part 2:  Driving back down the hill

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