Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Looking Into My Eyes Amish Iridologist

Looking Into My Eyes Amish Iridologist

Looking Into My Eyes Amish Iridologist

On the Road Again

Here we go, back to the Amish Iridologist. He is Looking Into My Eyes. As we travel back to Hestand, KY, we meet up with Dr. Reuben Schwartz. I’m so thankful the trip is not too long, about four hours. I had packed H’s bag the night before. We had the staples, of course. I had a few pullups, wipes, a baggie, extra clothes, three stuffed animals, a banana, gluten-free snacks, and two movies. Also, I told the kids to do their chores before bed to prevent yuckiness in the morning. I also required that they all bathe cause they are kids and smell.


Once morning rolled around, kids ate quickly and got dressed. We hopped in the van, and once on the interstate, we popped in a movie. Big Daddy drove, I slept, kids watched a movie. It was a good setup.

Due to the MASSIVE amount of road construction and the fact that Dr. Reuben is out in the middle of nowhere (quite literally), we were fifteen minutes late. They were waiting on us because it was inching closer to dinner time, and they did not miss their dinner.

His son was there to help, so he took the boys to one room, and I had H and G with me. Mr. Reuben did his thing. He got his little crucible and his utility flashlight. Then, he edged all up in my personal space. The man smells like Melaleuca and love. I kid you not. His eyes are bright, his clothes are fantastic, and his white beard those piercing blue eyes. Oh, and that smile. He is so engaging and friendly (and honest). It has been such a joy getting to know him.

The Results are In for the Kids

G: He said her “rages” were because her left ovary was not very kind. He saw that she had this issue before she came to us. He even found pneumonia that she had before she came to us. There is scarring from it. Her thyroid is causing her weight to be out of control and stress.

N: Stress, thyroid, adrenal gland, digestive system, and drink more water!

D: Stress, digestive issues, and heart issues. These are probably biological factors, as Dr. Reuben’s son asked if we had heart issues. We had to explain our family dynamics quietly.

J: This boy. There is stress, digestive stuff, and insufficient water, but he was told to “lay off the sodas.” We laughed and said he doesn’t drink anything but water and milk. They see pre-diabetic stuff going on in him. I had to have Dr. Reuben look at him. Ethiopians do not typically have diabetes. I mean, he is only twelve years old. Reuben saw the same thing. We will be making a follow-up with his pediatrician to check his blood work. Mama is not even playing.

Our other daughter was not able to come due to her work schedule. A few months later, my oldest and her husband went to see him.

Big Daddy and Me

Big Daddy: He asked him how his joints were (collective laughter, as we all know how bad his knees are). He asked him how his stress level was. Also, he nailed his thyroid, the fact that he does not drink enough water, or that he overeats red meat. He also laid out the issue with his heart.

Me: Once Dr. Reuben got all up in my stuff, he slid back in his chair and said: “good grief, you are under tremendous stress.” I told him that I was as good as I could be. Then I asked what made him think I was stressed. He laughed and said, “Your eye is telling me you are under stress.” I told him of my past two weeks where every night, I have hurt. I either start vomiting or have diarrhea. He said that it was straight-up stress. He said we needed to calm my body down.

The stress that I have dealt with lately has been substantial.


I find it eye-opening that all my kids (and us) had stress show up in their eyes. This past year has been nothing but a stress ball for us. I don’t think I have considered the effects of H’s condition on the children.

How sad; as a mom, I did not recognize that. We will all have to sit down and have a family meeting to address this. Our family may need to step back from the few things we do. We have to pay attention to the mental health of our crew.

I know that I have a lot going on in my life. I have seven children. There are many irons in many fires. The anniversary of my Lady’s death is coming up. My house is in disarray because we are painting. All the things from my living room are now in my bedroom. It is a nightmare. H is not getting any better in school. Also, there is a family member that is breaking my heart.

I have to step back.

It is that simple.

Now, how to do that.




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