Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Here is a bit more information on Reuben Schwartz, Amish Iridologist. I had heard of him a long time ago. In the busyness of life, I just let the knowledge slip my mind. Then, my brother brought him back up.

This time, I did my homework. I did some research and found great things about this man. However, getting an appointment is not simple and takes time. Patience is a virtue.

When we saw Mr. Reuben, we had been on the Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome journey for almost a year. Sadly, he had been doing badly a few months earlier. He had been in a wheelchair from about April 2018 to June 2018. That June, we had been to our first naturopathic doctor.


I will post more on this treatment in another post. So, by the time we got to Mr. Reuben, he was out of the wheelchair but still shaky. Frankly, I was curious. The things I read about him were pretty good.

My Experience

I will not write much about H and his diagnosis because he is not old enough to tell me his thoughts. However, I will say that two people, thousands of miles apart, one massively educated and wonderful. Yet, the other man, not formally educated, said the same thing.

Getting an Appointment

To get an appointment, I wrote him a letter. Doing this is the only way to get an appointment and ensure you can get in to see him. You can “show up,” but those with appointments get priority. If you show up, you take the risk of not being seen. He is a busy, busy man.

If you are interested in getting an appointment, you can email me with questions about my experience. My email is Also, you can write to him (this is a public record) and request an appointment.


Reuben Schwartz

1205 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY 42151

Head’s Up

My GPS took me down the driveway. To a house at the end of the road. The house belonged to Reuben’s son, Abraham. What a sweet young man. His family is pretty sweet, as well. He told me Reuben’s place is the first place, on the left. It has a full-length front porch. The building is relatively new (compared to the other houses). There is little to no cell signal once you get into Amish country.

Walking In

Pulling up and parking in the grass was my first moment to soak it all up. We got out of the van. There was a couple with several children sitting on the full-length front porch. They have been going to Reuben for years, even before children. Now, they come every year for a quick checkup.

We walked into the office. There were several people there waiting. You can “show up,” but the priority goes to those with appointments. He has a predetermined amount of people he sees within a day, so keep that in mind.

H explored the environment around him. At the same time, I took it all in and completed H’s paperwork. I had no intention of him looking into my eyes. Mr. Reuben came to the door to call us back to his office. He is a thin, lanky man with a beautiful white beard. His eyes are a piercing blue. He smelled of Melaleuca and love.

Heading to the Office

I asked him how he came to do this. He laughed and said it had been a part of their community for as long as he could remember. Also, he noted that Reuben thought Iridology was witchcraft when he was younger. He chose to stay far away from it.

As he grew older and continued to see this miraculous healing (he loves Jesus, by the way), he became intrigued and began studying the practice of Iridology. Once he realized the history of it and the reality of how it was helping others, he dove right in.

Looking Into His Eyes

He knew of H’s diagnosis, though he had never heard of it. Imagine me trying to tell an Amish man to look up your Youtube channel. It was like a blank stare came across his face. You could hear crickets chirping. He politely said he had never heard of YouTube. I laughed. He laughed.

Once he looked into H’s eyes, he said he was riddled with parasites. I realized I had just been to St. Augustine, and parasites were identified at that session too. He said that he could see parasite scarring (where some had died) and saw active ones.

He smiled and said that my son was not going to die. We were going to get rid of the parasites. He will quit shaking with the herbs/supplements we got from him and the high/low-frequency acupuncture and bio-impedance we got from SonRidge. I was in awe that both men, brilliant in their rights, said the same thing. Amazing.

Then It was Me

Once again, I took the bull by the horns and asked him to look into my eyes. All he knew was my name. He first said, “when did you get your uterus out?” I told him a year ago. He said, “well, you still have your ovaries, right?” I asked how he knew that. He said he sees it in my eyes.

Then, he put down his crucible and little utility flashlight and backed away from me. He stared at me for a minute, and he paused. He said: “Uhm, ma’am, your, Uhm, your ovaries…well, they are angry. Do you have trouble sleeping, trouble with your moods, etc.?” I said that I did. Reuben told me he would fix that.

He then asked how long I had had dizzy spells (diagnosed with Meniere’s at 19 yr old), how long I had had high blood pressure, and how my stress level was. Reuben knew everything about me. I was blown away by his knowledge.

Herbs and Supplements

They are not cheap, but they last for a long while. What Mr. Reuben does not sell at the office, Mountain Air Herbs is a little shop at the end of that road. I can’t remember the name, but you pass it as you go up to Reuben’s. They have the rest of what you might need. Unlike Reuben’s, they take credit cards and are super friendly. They will tell you what you need or don’t need or give you cheaper options.


Mr. Reuben is FREE. Yet, he does have a donation box in his office. Utilize this if you feel led to donate any money for his time. Also, herbs and supplements are not free. They do not take cards, so bring cash if you choose to buy anything.

If you go back, you can take your empty bottle. Mr. Reuben’s staff can fill that bottle back up. The Amish are big on recycling and the environment. They also have some veggies/popcorn/jam and other things they grow and sell in the office.


I am in no way a doctor. All I know about Iridology I have read/asked. I am not telling you to go the route we went with naturopathic doctors. Also, I am not telling you to disregard your regular doctor or stop taking your medications. This is 100% my experience in my own body. Also, it is my personal experience and knowledge of my son and his condition. We still seek the care of our regular PCP and Neurologist. Please seek your doctor’s opinion, research yourself, and make an informed decision. All opinions are my own.




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  1. My husband has cancer and we would like to see Mr rueben. We recently heard about him from a couple in our area. Thankss for you story. Pat

      1. It did get rid of the parasites that were wreaking havoc. That being said, there is scarring from them. Reuben did not see “activity” that last time (which was seeing him 3 mths after the initial visit). He did see scarring. His symptoms ebb and flow continually.

  2. how did you go about sending him a letter? just an informal letter requesting an appt with date/time options? did you have to wait for a letter in return to confirm appt?

    1. I have the address listed. It took about 2 weeks to get a reply. Yes, I just asked for an appointment. Be sure and add good times for you if you are going to try and do this in a day. We stayed overnight because they gave us an early morning appt. Good luck!

    1. Yes, it is!!! Thank you for writing this. I will add it to this post. I think this was the first post Inhas done on Reuben.

      You are right, they are steep. One thing I did notice was when I asked they told me different options to keep my cost as low as possible.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and mention them!


  3. Brandi
    Thanks for this post our 16 year old has an appointment Jan 10th. We are hopeful he can help. Our son has been wheelchair bound for a little over 2 years now. The medical field was never really able to help or find out the root of the problem so in March 2019 we started taking him to a holistic clinic where they started treating him for multiple things thru detoxes, supplements, diet change, HBOT etc. We have seen small changes but these have been very expensive for the little progress made we are hopeful he will walk again and hopeful he will be able to help him

    1. Good luck to you! Prayers for your son and your family. We have also been the holistic route. First with SonRidge Health and Healing Center in St. Augustine, FL (twice) and then with Reuben. We still do modern medicine with monthly IVIG, high dose steroids, and other things that have been done and are to come. He is out of a wheelchair, now, which we are very thankful for.

      1. He confirmed everything that our holistic doctor said. He was riddled with parasites and has lots of scarring. Our number one goal, the first time around was to get rid of the parasaites. We accomplished that and now we are dealing with the scars that they left. My son still has OMS and he is still symptomatic but not NEAR what he was when he first got sick. Between modern medicine, our holistic dr in St. Augustine, Reuben, and of course all the credit goes to God…my son is out of wheelchair 🙂

  4. Jeff I’ve been to see Rueben on se eral occasions overs the years. He is awesome. This is Wanda that had the Herb Store in Town on the square.

  5. Hello, my name is Judy. I went to Reuben over fifteen years ago after going to my gastroenterologist for several months , after being turned inside out . This Dr. told me five different organs were inflamed. I was throwing up every time I ate . He told me I would have to go to Vanderbuilt and have my pancreases taken out !!! The appointment was a little over a month away when someone told me about Reuben . I went and without knowing anything about me , he said I had ate so much sugar he couldn’t get a good reading . He named the same organs that my Dr. did . He told me every surgery I’d ever had also that I worried a lot ! I told him I use to but I handled them pretty good now . He just smiled !! I bought every single thing he prescribed ! Over three hundred dollars worth . I took everything exactly like he said ! Not an easy task !! Some tasted bitter, some like grass and some like nothing I’ve ever tasted before in my life !!! I actually got a little worse before I started getting better. The psyllium hulls he gives everyone before you start everything else scraps the sides of your Colon ! A cleanse like you’ve never had before ! There was some bleeding , but common sense told me it was scraping off years of build up ! I also had a weight on my chest that went away that I didn’t know was there ! I dealt with things so much better . I never felt this good as a child , teenager, or young adult ! I didn’t need my glasses again for a long time . When I went to Vanderbuilt I took my x-rays and the Dr. there wanted to take his own . He came back into the room and told me , he didn’t know whose x-rays I brought, but there was NOTHING wrong with me !!! Thank You Reuben Schwartz ❤️

    1. I am happy to tell you 🙂 The first time we went, we got all the recommended herbs/supplements and we took them (my son and I because we went alone the first time) faithfully until our next appt. At our next appt, we took EVERYONE 🙂 Hunter had a marked decrease in the parasites that were in in they all died. That was confirmed with our holistic dr as well. The scarring is still there but the parasites were not and that has helped him tremendously. Realize that we still continued our holistic treatment once a year and modern medicine. I believe the combination of them all has helped him.

      For ALL my kids, the followed through with the regimen that was provided for them, as well. We have only been to Reuben twice as it is hard for me to gather all my ducks and drive them 4.5 hrs away. I do plan on going back to follow up with him on my other children as soon as we can.

      Some people see him consistently, some once a year, some only once and just order their supplements through Mountain Air Herbs. Some people it has helped and some it has not. I can only speak for myself and my family.

      Thanks for asking and good luck. Oh, just an FYI the liquid supplements taste horrific. Reuben can down it like a champ, I have to hide mine in an obscene amount of orange juice LOL

  6. I’ve got to schedule an appt with him! I pass his place each time I visit my amish friends who live down the road from him. I only get down there 2-3 times a year bc it’s 3-4 hours drive for me and as a caregiver, I’ve got to find dependable coverage.

    He’s well known across the state of Ky!

  7. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have done a lot of research and hoping he will be able to help me with my dizziness. I have been to all different types of Dr.’s and had all the test I can get done except for an MRI. Nothing could be found causing my problems. I am super claustrophobia and will need to be put asleep to have one done. I’d rather not go that route.

    Also, hoping that someone reads this that has been to see him with similar issues and if it help them out any…

    1. Lisa, I can relate. I was diagnosed, originally with Meniere’s Disease when I was 19. I had had a head injury due to a car accident. I found that Meclizine would help, but it made me so tired, so I just suffered. The vertigo was debiliating. It was brought on by stress, onset of a illness, lack of sleep, etc. One day, I went to a chiropractor and he said that he was going to try something called the Epley Maneuver to “readjust my crystals” in the ear. That was a game changer. I did that for about 2 weeks (and then continued with chiro when I would have a spell). I have had ZERO dizzy spells for over a year. I recently had a horrible bout due to stress, lack of sleep, weather change. I immediately went for a couple of weeks and I am better. I encourage you to try that! Good luck to you. I know how hard this is.

  8. I’ve been seeing Rueben for over 20 years…I’ve also seen Jake and Nathan…I go about every 3 months. I actually went a week ago Saturday… Then I took my friend this past Friday…He’s very smart and intelligent…He has articles in several of my herb books

  9. Just went this morning! I loved the experience! He was spot on the diagnosis without haven been told ahead of time. He saw a tumor on my thyroid, issues with my ovaries, digestion issues and pancreas. I also needed to do a liver cleanse. I got all the products he suggested and will be back in 2 months for a f/u. Can’t wait to see how I start feeling! I take Metformin for my diabetes type 2. He recommended an herbal mixture tea. I wear a freestyle libre meter in my arm and I interested in seeing how much it helps decrease my blood sugar compared to metformin. .

    1. The first time, I gave details. When I got there, he sort of laughed at me because he was clueless as to what Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome was. He said that he really doesn’t need details. He just reads the eye. When we went back, I told him nothing and, for the most part, he pretty much nailed it.

  10. I’m going to see Mr Schwartz next week but am confused as to whether the road is Radure or Raydure? When I put it in gps it says Raydure Rd Just checking before I get there and have no service. Thank you!

  11. I went to Reuben Swartz place today. Today was supposed to be his last day, but ack in October he got some kind of metal in his eye, while working at home…He was taken to the hospital at that time…Its my understanding that he wasn’t returned to his office since then. So now they said he was officially retired…Reuben’s replacements name is Jake Shrick…His hours will be the same…He is already back up until March of 2021…..That’s the update as of 12-18-2020..

    1. Great blog!! Thanks for sharing!! I have high hopes for my visit next this coming Friday.

      I have autonomic nervous system dysfunction, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, and really low blood pressure which brings lots of dizziness and nausea etc. My symptoms are actually pretty similar to Meniere’s so your story is very intriguing.

      Regarding things at their clinic now – I quickly got a letter back a couple weeks ago which did confirm Reuben’s retirement and that Jake is seeing patients in his place now. I believe he is backed up until April, but cancellations do happen. I asked for first available, and I feel like it made a big difference.

      All the best to all of you!

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