Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridology Yes Please

Amish Iridology Yes Please

Amish Iridology Yes Please Reuben Schwartz

Amish Iridology Yes, Please. I thought I was done with the “out of the box” thinking.

Think again!

When you tell a mama that your baby has a progressive degenerative genetic disorder that you cannot explain, there is nothing they can do.

Think again!

Our first “out of the box” care was in Florida. I met an incredible team led by a beautiful, Godly man. He did things that I had never seen before, and I was floored.

Because I am a woman of doubt, I had him do his “magic” on me. He nailed everything. He knew nothing about me but my name. Amish Iridology was something I had never heard of in my life. Amish, yes, but an Amish Iridologist, not so much. Reuben Schwartz is one of the kindest men I have ever met.

I Can’t Even

Healing began for H and me that day. Our minds and bodies would be healing from the inside out. This was going to happen DESPITE what conventional doctors have said.

Now, bear in mind, NEITHER of these men wanted us off our conventional meds. That stressed how important it is to follow the instructions of our regular doctors regarding our health. Dr. Marty Monahan at SonRidge Health and Healing Center and Reuben Schwartz, Amish Iridologist, encouraged us to supplement with what they had but always follow our general doctor’s advice.

That being said, if God chooses to heal us from the inside out, we may not need those other meds. If you are seriously interested in the treatment/care we received in Florida; please fill out the contact form. Send that to me, along with your questions, and I will get back to you.

Just sayin’.

Two months later, we jet off to a small Amish community in Kentucky. There, I met Dr. Reuben Schwartz. He is THE man to see.

The drive was lovely, and I have an infinity for the Amish community. My father-in-law worked with them. The same story is true for my daddy. He has dear friends that are a part of our local Amish community.

Once I got there, I went too far, LOL. I ended up at a farm (well, there are nothing but farms in Amish communities). I pulled up, and there was a man in his garden. He greeted me so kindly. I asked him where Mr. Schwartz was, and he said I passed his place at the bottom of the hill. He also mentioned that he was one of his sons 🙂

We had a lovely chat about my kids and H. He told me that his wife had just had twins, giving them nine daughters.

9. Daughters.

Let that sink in.

When I left, I asked him his name. He smiled and said, “Abe.” I smiled and told them my son’s middle name was Abraham. I explained a bit of H’s story. He said his name was Abraham, as well.

One day, I will share my story of the promise God gave to me through Abraham and how we chose that name to add to our son’s legacy.

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