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Answering the Most Asked Questions about Reuben Schwartz

Answering the Most Asked Questions about Reuben Schwartz

Answering the Most Asked Questions about Reuben Schwartz
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Here I am answering the most asked questions about Reuben Schwartz. This is, hands down, the most viewed series that I have published. Every year, I do an update on Jake Shirk (formerly Reuben Schwartz). There will not be another update, from Mountain Air Herbs, until later this year. I have collected the most asked questions and will answer them here.

Reuben Schwartz and Jake Shirk

1. Do you work for Reuben Schwartz?

No. I do not work for Jake Shirk (formerly Reuben Schwartz). I live several hours away and am simply a client.

2. Is Reuben Schwartz still working?

No. He has retired as of a couple of years ago.

3. Is Reuben Schwartz still alive?

As of the last update, he is still alive and well. Just retired.

4. Who took over Reuben Schwartz’s office?

Jake Shirk. He started working for Reuben a little over ten years ago and has taken over the business.

5. Did you meet Jake Shirk?

Yes. We met him on our second trip. He looked at some of my kids while Reuben looked at the rest of us.

Address/Days/Hours of Operation

6. What is the address of Jake Shirk?

1205 Radure Rd.
Hestand, KY 42151

7. What are the hours of operation?

*As for the 2022 update*

Office Hours: Monday and Friday 7:30-3, CST and Saturday 7:30-11 CST

8. What are the days that they are in the office?

Monday, Friday, Saturday


9. Can you schedule an appointment for me?

No. I cannot.

10. Can I share with them my medical history?

You can share whatever you feel you need to. I can tell you that they are not familiar with complex conditions. There is no access to phones or computers therefore there is no ability to look things up. He listens with a kind type of patience and understanding but then it comes down to what they see in your eye.

11. Can I just show up?

You can show up during business days/hours. However, they will give preference to those with appointments. If they can fit you in, they will. On the other hand, if they are busy that day, you may have to come back or schedule an appointment. If you desire to come back, you can schedule another appointment while you are there to get on the books.

12. How do I make an appointment?

There are a couple of ways to schedule an appointment. A) Write a letter to the address above and request an appointment. The days/hours are listed above and you can specify a timeframe. You will receive a letter, in return, within 7-10 business days with your scheduled appointment. B) You can roll the dice and show up.

Mountain Air Herbs

13. Can Mountain Air Herbs make my appointment?

No. They cannot schedule appointments for you.

14. If I called Mountain Air Herbs can they pass along messages to Jake Shirk?

No. They cannot pass along messages to Jake.

15. How come I can’t call the office to schedule the appointment?

Jake is Amish. They have no electricity, phones, computers, etc. Mountain Air Herbs, however is English, therefore if you bought herbs/supplements from them, you can call or go to their website. Again, they cannot answer questions, schedule, or get messages to Jake.

Communication and Cost

16. Does Jake Shirk have an email address or website?

Jake is Amish, therefore there is no website or email address.

17. How much does it cost?

Jake, himself, is free but he does have a donation box on his desk. We did give him a donation both times we were there. The herbs/supplements do cost money. I would suggest taking about $300 just to be on the safe side. That is on the higher end of what you might need depending on the amount of people that you take (we had a total of nine people). They do use glass (amber) bottles so when you go back, you can take your bottle and it refilled to save on cost. Mountain Air Herbs does not refill bottles.

18. Do they take credit cards?

Jake only takes cash. Mountain Air Herbs takes cash and credit cards.

19. Where is Mountain Air Herbs?

Mountain Air Herbs
1945 Radure Rd.
Hestand, KY 42151

Office Hours: Monday and Friday 8-4, CST and Saturday 8-12, CST

What Do They Do?

20. What exactly do they do?

My personal experience is we went into his office. I told him all the things about my son (nothing about me) and he smiled. Then, I told him that he could research it on my YouTube channel and he asked “What is this YouTube you are referring to.” LOL. I forgot he was Amish for a minute. He used a little glass crucible and a penlight. From there, he got up in my personal space and looked in my son’s eye (and then mine).

He told me all the things, marked a bunch of things down on a piece of paper and I moved onto the front desk where they filled my order based on the order of importance. They did this in order to save me money. There were several things I had to go to Mountain Air Herbs to obtain. I did order a three month supply (to get me through until my next visit), so my cost was more than the average person.

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